The Way it Is

I’m not your average ‘Baby.
Food is my passion. I narrate my meals like a cooking show and entertain aspirations of being a competitive eater. Grocery stores are my playground and I rarely make a recipe without doing at least an hour of research. I name my food babies.
I workout almost everyday. I’m more than slightly obsessed with my arm muscles and don’t mind inconveniencing other people while I do walking lunges. Rap music makes me feel like I can lift more and I sing along when I’m doing planks.  When I was 17 years old I learned to ride a bike. When I was 19 I bought my first bike. Her name is Ashley and we’re madly in love.
I don’t know much about much, just enough to make weird pop culture references. And enough to take strange selfies on Photo Booth.
Ask me anything and I’ll happily answer or make up a funny story to distract you.

So while I may seem strange or like I spend too much time alone in front of my computer, I promise you’ll love me if you met me. 


  1. eatpraytri says:

    I learned to ride a bike when I was 33! And her name is Sugar and we are also madly in love!!

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