WIAW: Good & Bad Habits

‘Ello eaters!

I got some AWESOME new today…that I’m going to share with all of you tomorrow.

I know I’m a tease, but I can’t give it all away at once. A lady makes you work for it.

Since this is the last week of WIAW where the theme is “fall into good habits” I figured it was high time I talked about habits.

If you just look at the pictures here it looks like I have pretty good habits. The food is healthy and has a good balance of carbs, fat, and protein. But for me, eating healthy meals is an easy habit. It’s what happens outside the pictures of the healthy meals that the real habit struggles happen.


Oatmeal with chia seeds and pomegranate arils, topped with pb, chocolate avocado pudding, and sprinkles, with a side of coffee and bacon.

Sure, this looks like a typical, fun bowl of blogger oats. And it definitely was! But it doesn’t show you that I kept oversleeping until I missed both my chances at Crossfit for the day, which I didn’t intend on doing at all and which I was really bummed about when I saw later that the workout was a front squat bridge and working up to max weight cleans.


Salad with leftover cranberry chutney, butternut squash and mushroom risotto, and the last of the turkey.

Does this salad mountain look just like something you would pay a lot for at Whole Foods? Aren’t I so healthy for eating salads and so thrifty for making it myself?

Yes to both of those things, but that doesn’t show you the couple of bites of pumpkin pie I ate as a snack only to find mold on it. It also doesn’t show that I took Charlie to the dog park instead of taking him for a long walk and then doing homework (while trying to train him not to climb my chair hoping to get in my lap so I don’t have to make it a habit of going to a coffee shop every time I need to do homework).


Spaghetti squash stuffed with venison meatballs and marinara and topped with cheese.

Look! I’m eating spaghetti squash to control my carb/gluten intake and yet I’m relaxed enough to put some cheese on top.

All of those things are true. It’s also true that I ate a Balance Bar for a snack, which is an expensive habit I really need to break. Just like it’s true that I got the Biscoff cookies out with the intention of eating one, but I ended up eating four.

Luckily, though, these pictures also don’t show that I did, in fact, floss yesterday, meaning that I’m slowly making a habit of flossing at least once a week.

So not all my habits are bad, right?

Your turn, eaters:

What are some habits you’re proud of?

Do you know the proper time to floss — before or after brushing?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Lots of Candy

Hiya eaters!

I hope last night wasn’t too heavy for you. Sometimes I just get in a mood.

But right now, I’m in the mood to celebrate. I just finished making the hat for my costume. I’ve eaten a lot of candy. I’m about to go out and drink free beer from a bar. (How this bar is making money having a free keg of beer almost every week is beyond me, but that’s irrelevant.)

So let’s go.

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
Breakfast #1:

365 creamy pb and an apple.

I skipped Crossfit on Monday to further recover from Saturday’s WOD, so I was ready and raring to go yesterday.

Also, someone once told me that if you store oil separating nut butter upside down after the initial stir you won’t have to stir it again. So far it’s worked for me.


Strength WOD.

Yesterday’s WOD was good and bad.

Good, because I reached a new deadlift PR of 133#.

Bad, because my right lower back started hurting really bad (and it is definitely still hurting now). my coach thinks it might be my sacrum. Any stretching/healing recommendations?

Breakfast #2:

Savory oats with swiss chard and black bean dip topped with two fried eggs and avocado.

You can’t tell, but under those eggs are a 1/3 c serving of savory oats made with lots of swiss chard and a spoonful of Trader Joe’s black bean dip.


Later I took Charlie, my dog, on his long walk for the day. During this walk he sniffed and lunged after almost every leaf we passed.

I love fall leaves and ivy hills.

Which was a lot.

And then he proceed to freak the eff out over this rabbit statue. We’ve passed it plenty of times before, but this time he just did not like it.

The object of my dog's fear.

He had his butt hair up and everything, which is how you know when he’s really upset.

Notice the raised neck AND butt hair.

I, of course, thought it was hilarious.


Pork roast with baked apples.

Oh, I love leftovers. I heated the pork and apples up with some of their juices plus a little butter and it was delicious. Then I let Charlie lick the plate, because it would have been impolite if I’d licked the plate.


Reese's and Almond Joy.

I made the mistake of, a couple of days BEFORE Halloween, buying a 125-piece assorted bag with Almond Joy, Cookies & Crème, Whoppers, Reese’s, and plain Hershey’s.

And now, since my ferocious guard dog has scared off the two sets of trick-or-treaters we’ve gotten all night, I’m probably going to end up eating it all.

Wish me luck.


Baked potato soup with all the fixins'.

Kath’s post yesterday really got me craving potato soup, so that was dinner last night.


4 mini packages of Whoppers, totaling 12 Whoppers.

These were eaten in an attempt to procrastinate cleaning the kitchen. It didn’t work.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you buy trick-or-treater candy that you like or the things you don’t like so you won’t eat it all?

How do you like your eggs?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Cheesy

Hellooo eaters!

I’m smack dab in the middle of another busy day and I’m trying to keep myself pumped up and going.

Ya know, #SoProductiveItHurts.

So let’s do this…

Breakfast #1:

Self explanatory.

Do you know what this means?

It means I finally bit the bullet and went to Crossfit at 6:30am on a day when I worked 10am-3pm and then went to class from 4pm-8pm. And I’m so glad I did because…


I don’t remember anything about Crossfit yesterday except for the fact that I DID KIPPING PULL UPS!

I did several pairs of kipping pull ups. And I was so shocked and excited when I got that first one that I almost jumped down off the bar.

It was freaking awesome!

Breakfast #2:

Savory oats with spinach, cheese, chia seeds, and a fried egg.

Can you tell that my fridge is getting bare?

Oh well, this was tasty and pretty darn close to Zone balanced.

Snack #1:

A carrot with sunflower seed butter. Half a cheese on rye sandwich. Assorted Jelly Bellys.

I didn’t get to take my break and eat my snack until much later than I had hoped, so I went with the carrot and sunflower seed butter and DIDN’T scrape the container clean in hopes of not ruining my appetite for lunch.


Leftover seitan chili with cheese.

Leftovers are my favorite, especially when I can use someone’s microwave to heat them up.

Ya, I don’t have a microwave.

Snack #2:

After my second cup of coffee and my first class I scarfed down my mini cheese on rye sandwich with a side of Jelly Belly. Then I spent two hours playing with text on Photoshop.


Baked chicken breast stuffed with balsamic Swiss chard, and roasted red and sweet potatoes.

This was already in the oven by the time I got home from school, which was beyond wonderful.


A sliver of cake and an extra hot cup of tea ended my night and warmed me up a bit in my extra cold house.

Did I mention the gas for our heat isn’t getting turned on until Monday? Yeah, this cold business is getting old.

Side note — Did you see how I managed to work cheese into most of my meals/snacks yesterday? I only missed breakfast #1, snack #1, and dinner. Oh, and dessert. Does that make me a winner?

Your turn, eaters:

Do you eat dessert at home?

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? How many is too many? Same question about cheese.

Later eaters!

WIAW: Like A Whore In Church

G’morning eaters!

I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

I also wish I was drinking this cup of delicious French press coffee sitting on a stool in my kitchen watching Kathy Lee and Hoda get drunk on the Today Show.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Oh well. Let’s get down to business.

Breakfast #1:

A peach and sunflower seed butter.

The whole produce and nut butter thing is really working for my pre-Crossfit snack, so I’m sticking with it. And since I went shopping Monday we actually have fruit in the house, which has been missing for about a week. That’s a real travesty, especially during the summer when the fruit is so good and so plentiful.


GNC egg protein in my NEW blender bottle.

Yesterday we worked a ton on cleans. I have a love-hate relationship with them. when I nail that nearly perfect one, I absolutely love them. I also absolutely love them when I can feel myself making progress on them. but I hate them every other time.

Breakfast #2:

Two fried eggs over spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and half a pear with sunflower seed butter.

Weird? Yes. Healthy, satiating, and only 2 Zone blocks? You betcha!


365 brand plain low fat yogurt with a bit of GNC chocolate egg protein mixed in and topped with half a peach, a few raw oats, and sunflower seed butter.

I forgot to press my tofu this morning so it would be ready for lunch and I’d already eaten eggs, so I went with the last easily available protein source in the house — yogurt and (GNC chocolate egg) protein powder.

Then when Leon came home from work a few minutes later I ate a slice of Spam.

A slice of Spam, pre-frying.

Yup, don’t ask questions. Just accept it.


S'more Balance Gold bar.

I was somewhere between hungry and bored snacky, so I housed this bar in no time flat. I really need to move my bars to work so they remain purely a work snack.


Hawaiian kabobs with miso quinoa.

Kabobs (which I pronounce “ke-bah-bs”) are such an awesomely easy and balanced dinner, and perfect for summer because they take no time on the grill. And this combination was pretty dang good, so I’ll post the recipe tomorrow (or next week).


A graham cracker with sunflower seed butter in the middle.

I’ve been craving sweets like a whore in church lately.

Except that metaphor doesn’t work. Or maybe it does if you think of a whore in church as inexplicable and unwelcome. Then it makes sense.

So that brings my total fruit count for the day up for almost 2 peaches and half a pear. And my total sunflower seed butter consumption up to four separate sittings.

Don’t pretend you’re not impressed.

Your turn, eaters:

What’s your favorite fruit?

Do you have any tips on how to avoid boredom snacking? I’d love to hear them.

Later eaters!

WIAW: In Paris!

Bonjour eaters!

Two “bonjours” in three days must mean that I’m really getting into Parisan life.

Honestly, despite the fact that I don’t speak French (or maybe because of it), I absolutely love Paris. Of course, London will always hold a special place, but Paris is a close second.

And since I promised you some Paris happenings, how about I give you a whole day of it.


I ate a Clementine and drank a half portion of protein powder before busting out some floor exercises. Would anyone be interested in seeing a no equipment apartment-friendly (read: no jumping) circuit workout?


Yogurt, oats, clementines, strawberries, chia seeds, Linwood grounds.

Not being one to waste food, I packed up most of the unopened food from my London flat and brought it across the Chunnel where it will become breakfast for a week.

Espresso with soya milk.

Side note — French press coffee in France is probably better than anywhere else. Also, everywhere in Europe that I’ve been soy is called “soya,” and in French “bio” means that organic.


Mother, Aunt, and I hit the streets with the intention of exploring the islands — Ile-St-Louis and Ile-de-Cite. Unfortunately, springtime in Paris means a ridiculous amount of rain. So exploring (and pictures) was sparse.

Squinty eyes.

We did hit Notre Dame and Shakespeare & Co, though, which are quickly becoming my Paris staples. I’m not complaining, though. Both are lovely.


The three of us are a healthy bunch and the rain had mostly stopped, so we were willing to walk for salad.

Mixed greens, avocado, grapefruit, corn, artichoke hearts, tomatoes (I didn't eat) and a mustard-y dressing.

Yes, we walked almost 20 minutes in the rain and across really windy bridges for salad. That’s commitment.

Side note — I ended up smashing a good bit of that avocado on baguette slices. I love avocado (and the health benefits!), but too much of the texture makes me gag. Luckily, crusty bread is the perfect accoutrement to creamy avocado.


Musee D'Orsay used to be a train station and this is inside the clock.

After some more getting lost in the rain, we quickly ran through Musee D’Orsay, which has an incredible collection of impressionist paintings and sculptures.


I wasn’t overly hungry, but I was feeling snacky and am trying to limit unnecessary bread. Unfortunately, this banana had no taste past the first bite.

Or maybe that’s luckily because I wasn’t actually hungry and stopped after a few bites.


We didn’t feel like another meal out, so I ran to Monoprix (a grocery and clothing store, like a Marks & Spenser or really classy version of a Target with fresh produce) and picked up pre-fab odds and ends.

Seaweed salad, quinoa vert (meaning "with green vegetables"), bread and brie, baby carrots, and wine.

It made for a good, light, snacky dinner, which is exactly what I wanted.

And then I had another glass of wine and a few bites of cookie.

And it was a tres bon soir. (Translation: a very good night.)

What about you, eaters:

Do you have any Euro-tips to offer? Maybe something Paris-related that I should do or eat?

Do you snack when you’re not actually hungry?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Writing a Paper

‘Ello eaters!

Today has been fan-freaking-tastic!

My bosses are away on holiday all week. And being left unsupervised has made me super productive.

For some reason I get nervous that my boss is watching me and thinks I’m not on task since so when they walk by I spas out and quickly click over to my email.

Yup, I realize this is weird.

So, when I’m left unsupervised with a task list I go into hyper drive and crank out (what I hope is) awesome work.

Feeling productive really is the key to job satisfaction.

And now, to completely flip from productive member of the workforce, let’s talk about what all I ate on Monday when I was trying to write a paper for the first time in months.


Fried eggs over buckwheat oatmeal with tons of kale and chipotle ketchup.

This is what happens when I’m out of bread and I so don’t regret it. I actually want it again.


Coffee and research.

I drank a whole bunch of coffee while doing lots of research on the doubts surrounding Shakespeare’s authorship. There are a lot of doubts, hence all the coffee…and the few Cadbury mini eggs.

Lunch 1:

Leftover chicken and lettuce on a tortilla.

I needed something to tide me over while I took a gym and groceries break. These tortillas got really dry really fast, but I guess that’s normal when there are no preservatives.

Lunch 2:

Lettuce, yellow bell peppers, carrots, cabbage, steamed purple sprouting broccoli, smoked tofu, and BBQ sauce.

I am so proud of myself for my salad consumption lately. These are getting a bit old, though.

Oh, and I ate these on the bus on the ride home. I felt a food panic setting in.

Popchips are awesome sauce. But not saucy.


When I finally reached the point where coherent sentences were no longer possible, and I couldn’t even write another bullet point of my outline, I cooked dinner.

Curried chicken soup.

This is a little something I whipped up using the chicken broth and bits from my Easter chicken. I’ll post the recipe soon, I hope.


I was still pretty wound up after dinner. Something about the pile of dishes and the unwritten blog post just wouldn’t let me relax. So I threw my hands and my feet up and gave in.

Wine and a slice of multigrain bread.

This works every time.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you ever worry your boss is watching you?

How much coffee/caffeine do you drink a day?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Goes Orange!

Hiya eaters!

Today started my workweek. This is the fourth week of my internship. I actually realized yesterday that tomorrow is the exact middle point of my time as an intern.

I don’t like that idea. But I’ve already decided that tomorrow I’m going to treat myself to either a fresh juice or an afternoon cookie to cheer myself up/celebrate that I haven’t crashed and burned as an intern.

I’m pretty excited about that.

But now is not the time to plan for the future. Now is the time to talk about the past. By past, I mean earlier today.

Because for once, WIAW is all about what I actually ate Wednesday!

(This is only partially because I forgot to take pictures yesterday.)

And because I’m already rocking the boat by actually posting about Wednesday, I’m also going to rebel against this whole green food thing. Instead, I’m eating orange food.

Take that!


Everything that's in this bowl, plus a small squirt of honey and sprinkles. And a carrot.

This may seem weird, but 1) at least it’s not eggs, 2) my hunger has been out of control lately so I wanted to add something fibrous to try and tame it.


"Cassava Crisps are a great alternative to traditional potato crisps."

Just about everyday around 11 or 11:30 I get hungry. Today it was at 10. I don’t know why sitting at a desk makes me hungry when being up and about like I normally am doesn’t. But luckily my office is stocked with really handy, tasty, healthy, not too filling, satiating snacks.


Hummus, red bell pepper, and lettuce on multigrain wholemeal bread.

I pack my lunch almost everyday and then eat it at my desk. This is partially because my building doesn’t really have a place to sit and eat, and partially because eating while I work makes me eat slower and thus I feel less snacky in the afternoon.

Orange stuff on the side.


Usually I make up for my desk-lunch by going out for an extended coffee walk later. This is my way of getting a complete break from the office, getting a wee bit of fresh air and exercise, and not having to drink the instant coffee that everyone over here seems to find acceptable.


That track is from a spoon. There was also some Adora muesli and a piece of dark chocolate.

I skipped my usual snack (a mug of dry cereal) so after getting home and skyping with Mother, I was hungry.

And what do you do when you’re hungry? Eat a couple of bites of everything in sight, duh.


Fish tacos. Recipe to come.

For the life of me, I can’t find good Mexican food here. Granted, I’m not trying all that hard, but after having a couple of unacceptable Mexican meals here I’ve pretty much stopped wasting my precious dinning dollars pounds on the search.

The end.

What’s up with you, eaters:

Did you eat anything weird today?

What was the dominating color?

G’night eaters!

Browned Butter Breakfast

G’day eaters!

So I’m going to cut to the chase — Did the fancy oatmeal I posted yesterday look fantastic?

Because it was. And so for the last day of this unofficial Breakfast Week, I figured I should take it out with a bang. And what’s more bang-y than magically making browned butter healthy.

Well, not exactly healthy, per say, but all the other really healthy ingredients definitely balance out one tablespoon of butter.

Browned Butter Vanilla Custard Oatmeal

1 T butter

3 T (buckwheat) oats

¼ c muesli

¾ c milk

1 egg

1 T vanilla paste/extract

1 T ground flax

1 T liquid sweetener (like honey or agave), optional

Brown your butter. Having never browned butter before, I referenced this post about it.

Once the butter is brown, remove the pot from heat and stir in the oats until all the butter is soaked up. Then return the pot to just below medium heat and add the muesli, milk, and egg. Whisk the mixture vigorously until the egg is evenly incorporated.

Increase the heat to medium and continue whisking. Once the mixture has thickened just slightly, about 3-5 minutes, add in the vanilla, flax, and any desired sweetener.

Continue whisking until the mixture has noticeably thickened, about another 5-8 minutes, and then lower the heat to medium-low. Then whisk until the oats are as thick and custardy as you like.

Serve hot. Preferably on a lazy morning. With a hot drink.

It's like a complete breakfast. But it tastes like dessert.

Really eaters, this bowl of oats is everything you could possibly want.

It’s got just enough chew so you don’t feel like you’re eating baby food. It’s got just enough natural sweetness (without additional sweeteners), smooth creaminess, and lovely vanilla hints to make it feel like you’re eating dessert.

And it’s got enough carbs, fat, protein, and flavor to leave you satiated through hours of lounging around the house. Or through hours of actually doing work, whichever you prefer.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you like healthy takes on desserts?

What do you do when you have a lazy morning?

Later eaters!

WIAW: I Don’t Like Celery

Hi eaters!

I am feeling extra exhausted today. I started my day off not wanting to get out of bed and then I ran around all day and then I ate too much chocolate so I feel sick and then I almost fell asleep on the bus home.

So, words will be sparse through today’s WIAW.

I hope you don’t mind.


Browned butter vanilla custard oats. And coffee.

I wanted something lazy and luxurious. And I wanted to try my hand at browning butter.

Then I wanted fruit to balance out the carbs.



Formerly a full salad with lots of vegetables.

This was a salad that I forgot to take a picture of. Now it’s just proof that I don’t like celery.


M’mate Cate found a flier for pizza delivery, which we haven’t seen the whole time we’ve been in London.

I love pizza. Cate and I love not having to leave to get food. And with our friend Chelsea over for the night we could split an extra large (which is the somewhere between an American medium and large, FYI) and save money.

Veggie pizza.

While this obviously wasn’t the best pizza I’ve had, it might have been the best pizza I’ve had in London.


You know what an apple looks like, right?

If not, click here.

The end.

Wow, I think this was literally the shortest actual post I’ve ever written. Hot damn hooray.

Now it’s time for dinner.

Your turn, eaters:

What do you love for take out?

What’s a vegetable you don’t like?

G’night eaters!

Seven Steps to an Expert Yogurt Bowl

G’evening m’sweet eaters!

How is your Sunday wrapping up?

Mine is fabulous and just tinged with bleh. Fabulous because I just had the BEST treadmill interval session OF MY LIFE. I got up to 6.4 many times for many minutes without breaking 193 BPM (heart beats per minute). That’s incredible for me!

The only bit of bleh is because I waited so late in the day to go to the gym, which meant that Whole Foods (and all other stores) were closed by the time I got out of the gym. So I only did half my grocery shopping, but I’ll rectify that tomorrow.

And I will gladly trade some delayed groceries for the ah-maze-ing feeling I got from that run. #Fitfluential

But enough of my exercise endorphin-fueled rambles. Let’s talk breakfast.

If you read my WIAW posts then you know that I mostly eat eggs with some kind of green and bread for breakfast. It’s hit all the macros and keeps me satiated (usually) until lunch.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like mixing it up. And by mixing it up, I literally mean “mixing it up.”

Enter: the yogurt bowl.

And just like with my eggs, I have a very specific way I go about making my yogurt bowls.

Step 1: assemble the ingredients.

Some people just open a little cup. I have to make things complicated.

Step 2: portion out my yogurt.

I think I eat about a cup.

I buy a big tub because it’s cheaper and I only eat plain yogurt.

Step 3: fruit.

I'm picky about what fruit goes in my yogurt bowl, but citrus is always a winner.

Step 4: Carbs and whatnot.

It may look like sawdust, but I promise it's not.

Usually I just add raw oats (because I’m not a granola fan, gasp!), but over here in Euro-town everyone eats muesli. Muesli is similar to granola, except it’s either raw or toasted oats, a bit of dried fruit and/or nuts, and no sugary syrup.

Look! I'm re-creating the picture on the box.

This Alara kind is extra lovely because there isn’t even a hint of cardboard flavor.

In addition to my oats, I always like to have some sort of ground superfood. At home, that usually takes the form of ground flaxseed. But here, I discovered this Linwood bagged mix of ground flax and nuts and other goodies.

Both of these are fabulous and not too expensive, so I’m pretty much in love.

Step 5: flavor!

Since I buy plain yogurt I usually have to add something to counteract the tartness. Sometimes it’s a bit of honey, but my ‘mates always end up stealing my honey, so instead I’ve been using vanilla paste. It doesn’t have that alcohol-y aftertaste so it really is wonderful in yogurt.

Step 6: soy milk.

I realize it’s weird that I drink soy milk even though I eat dairy. But I’m just going to go with it.

Step 7: mix.

I’m not going to show you this step, because really, it’s not attractive. But it’s tasty. Oh so tasty.

So while this may seem like a lot of steps, it’s quick and easy and hits lots of macros and food groups and taste buds.

What more can you ask for from a bowl of yogurt?

Oh, and even though every goes all gahgah for Chobani, I always have been and always will be a loyal FAGE ‘Baby.

My one true yogurt love.

And that don’t have to give me free stuff to say that. (Though, FAGE dears, some free yogurt would be lovely!)

Your turn, eaters:

What kind of yogurt do you eat?

Do you mix anything in or keep is pure?

G’night eaters!

PS- This is the first of three breakfast posts I’m doing this week, so I am officially declaring this Breakfast Week.