Taco Truck Tortas

Howdy-doody eaters!

That was kind of a weird greeting. Let’s move on.

There’s a taco truck that parks down the street from my house every night — the La Azteca truck, for any locals who are interested. It’s actually right across the street from my Crossfit box and there have been many nights during running WODs that I’ve very seriously considered just running right over and getting some tacos.

Leon and I have been there a few times. We walk down with Charlie and sit in the folding chairs. The food is pretty great. It’s not like our regular dollar tacos, but since the truck is owned by the same restaurant the food is just as good.

Charlie has pretty bad manners.

Charlie has pretty bad manners.

And it only took us a couple of visits to establish our favorite dish — the torta with chorizo.

It’s this ah-maze-ing sandwich made with ground meat, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and refried beans.

The torta.

The torta.

The refried beans really make the sandwich. They take it from being a lame ground meat sandwich to being a serious thing.

One of us has gotten it every time we’ve gone to the taco truck. It’s that good.

(The fish tacos, which I think is what they were originally known for, were good, but not phenomenal.)

Fish tacos.

Fish tacos.

And while I’m not normally one to try to re-create my favorite restaurant dishes at home (because they’re really never as good and it takes away my excuse for getting take out), I figured that this sandwich was an easy one to make myself.


Ground chorizo, red cabbage slaw with lime, jalapenos, plain yogurt, and refried beans on a small loaf of wheat bread.

Red cabbage slaw.

Red cabbage slaw.


Ehh, not as phenomenal. I could have gone with a firmer, less doughy bread. The slaw was good, but I think I should have gone simpler and stuck with lettuce and tomato. But even with those little misses, m’gosh this was a delicious sandwich.

This is one serious sandwich.

This is one serious sandwich.

A really, really delicious sandwich.

So delicious that I literally inhaled in. It was messy and beastly and amazing. Not quite ah-maze-ing, but close enough. And it still gives me an excuse to walk down to the taco truck.

taco truck torta6

Your turn, eaters:

Do you like to re-create restaurant meals at home?

What’s your favorite kind of food truck?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Good Groceries

G’day eaters!

This week is kicking my butt a little. As in, I fell asleep as soon as I climbed into bed at 10pm last night. I tried so hard to stay awake, but I failed miserably.

(Side note: my mind is in such work mode that I almost typed “10p” instead of “10pm,” because that’s how we write times at work. And I spend a lot of time writing out times.)

Link up your WIAW posts below! <3

New to the party? [click here] for more info on our Wednesday shenanigans! 

So here’s yesterday’s food.


Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and cheese, with an apricot on the side.

Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and cheese, with an apricot on the side.

I felt the need to eat somewhat healthy yesterday since I barely even thought about vegetables while at the beach. Also, I was dying to eat an apricot.

Apricots are one of my favorite fruits, but I never buy them because they’re so expensive. And because half their weight is air and a pit.


Sadly, these apricots weren’t too great, which only reaffirmed my thought that I like them dried better than fresh.


Nachos made with tortilla chips, TJ's black bean dip, avocado, Wholly Salsa, jalapeños, Cabot cheddar, and hot sauce.

Nachos made with tortilla chips, TJ’s black bean dip, avocado, Wholly Salsa, jalapeños, Cabot cheddar, and hot sauce.

As I was unpacking groceries on Monday I was dreaming up this lunch. I love breakfast nachos and having fresh avocado, homegrown jalapenos, and black bean dip from Trader Joe’s makes them all the better.


Bean and chicken bake.

Bean and chicken bake.

I got the idea for this recipe from Kath’s blog. I was drawn to it because it’s so versatile and we always have chicken in the freezer. Here’s my scaled down version with white kidney beans, grape tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, and a bone-in skin-on chicken thigh and leg.

Bean and Chicken Bake

Yields 2 servings

1 can beans, drained and rinsed

2 c vegetables, chopped

2 T fresh herbs, chopped

1 T oil, plus a little extra

1 T acid

2 chicken pieces

salt and pepper

Mix the beans, vegetable, herbs, oil, and acid in a baking dish with salt and pepper.

Rub oil over the tops of the chicken and add salt and pepper. Place the chicken in the baking dish on top of the bean mixture.

Bake at 425F for 35-45 minutes, depending what parts of the chicken you use.

This dinner ended up being delicious, without being too wintery. And it was a great way to use up our small stash of tomatoes, since neither Leon nor I eat raw tomatoes.


Throughout the day I kept dipping my hand into a tub of Trader Joe’s animal crackers and sipping some of my homebrewed kombucha.

And there you have it — a pretty normal day of eats. If I was more sensible about my snacking I would have kept my hands out of the cookie jar and instead made myself a solid afternoon snack, but that didn’t happen. Not yesterday. not today. And I won’t have time for it tomorrow, either.

Maybe Friday?

Your turn, eaters:

What are some of your favorite groceries that you rarely buy?

Are you a snacker/mini-meal person or a grazer?

Later eaters!

Birthday Tacos!

Hi eaters!

How did Monday treat you?

Mine was less than stellar, but I’ve risen above. A glass of wine and an hour spent planning my next couponing trip (it’s almost Super Double Week at Harris Teeter!) sure helped me rise above.

Also, I’m still glowing from a really nice birthday weekend.

I would love to tell you all about putt putt and my birthday wound and my pretty friends and beers at Natty Greene’s and reading for pleasure (I’m currently reading Dreaming in French, by Alice Kaplan and I loveloveLOVE that I have time for pleasure reading now!) and all the other fun things. But other than dinner, I only have pictures of my birthday wound and my birthday donut.

Car selfie in the parking lot at work.

Car selfie in the parking lot at work.

That little bump in the middle of my chest is where I got stabbed by my sunglasses. They're surprisingly sharp and it bled a surprising amount.

That little bump in the middle of my chest is where I got stabbed by my sunglasses. They’re surprisingly sharp and it bled a surprising amount.


And then there was dinner.

For dinner, my friends Peach and Janet came over and we went downtown to Crafted. If you remember, I went there for the first time over Christmas.

Well, it’s gotten a lot more popular since then, so there was an hour wait when we got there at 7pm. And while I’m normally not one to wait that long, I was in no hurry and Natty Greene’s was within walking distance, so we put our name in and went down the block to grab a beer.

After just over an hour we were seated and it was ah-maze-ing!



We split the Dirty South Nachos, which were housemade sweet potato fries topped with pulled pork and some kind of cheesy cream sauce.

Janet likes to be creepy in the background of my pictures.

Janet likes to be creepy in the background of my pictures.

For my entrée, I went with the Fixie, which was beef brisket, pineapple, sweet chili sauce, and coconut aioli.

O’m’gah, so freaking good. The pineapple and the sweet chili sauce was a bit much on the sweetness, and I could always do with a little more spice, but it was still a delicious little combo.

22 birthday5

Everyone else raved about their tacos, which was nice because we’re typically a $1 taco crowd.

Next time, though, I’m definitely getting the stuffed avocado appetizer. Something about avocado, chorizo, and queso together with tortilla chips sounds like straight up mouth sex.

And that’s all I’ve got.

What about you, eaters:

Do you like big, raging parties or small gatherings for your birthday?

Do you like more sweet or spicy?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Beerface

Hiya eaters!

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with coupons yesterday. It’s a lot to take in, but even if you just take in a little bit you’ll be guaranteed to save money.

And who doesn’t like saving money?

As my job situation changes I am becoming very conscious of every penny I spend.

(I really need to stop being cryptic about my jobs. I promise, I will very very soon.)

And speaking of work, yesterday was my day off. As I mentioned on Monday, I get every Sunday off. My other day off comes on Tuesdays. I’m not crazy about the day off-work-day off sandwich, but it’ll do.


Apple and pb. But now that it’s plum season you can expect to start seeming pretty pictures of gorgeous fruit soon.

That reminds me that I need to get sunflower seed butter. It goes so well with stone fruit.


I went to my beloved 9:30am class and it was great.

A little running.

Some great work on pistols and GHD sit ups.

A bunch of split jerks.

And I made some really good progress on my wall ball shots.

I have this weird thing where I am completely capable of throwing the 10 lbs wall ball up to the 10’ target IF the target is on the wall. But if it’s to our front targets, which are just wood boards essentially floating in air, I can’t hit it. Sure, I can throw the ball plenty high, but it doesn’t make contact with the target, which is a no rep.

After a couple pointers and a wall ball tabata, I could seem some very nice improvement.


Breakfast nachos with sprouted sweet potato tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, salsa, and cheese.

Breakfast nachos with sprouted sweet potato tortilla chips, scrambled eggs, salsa, and Cabot cheese.

Honestly, you should know by now that I’ll take any excuse I can to 1) eat with my hands and 2) eat Mexican food.

I should have added some cilantro from my garden to really spice it up.


Alfresco sausage with mustard, and Yoplait greek yogurt with a big plum.

Alfresco sausage with mustard, and Yoplait greek yogurt with a big plum.

I never claim to eat normal foods. But even though this was a weird lunch (and I didn’t eat it until almost 4pm because I never got hungry), it hit all the right tastes for me.


While Leon was grilling dinner, I got a little hungry, so I sipped on a beer. Not the most sensible snack, but it was hot and I was thirsty.

Now please enjoy the assortment of pictures I took of myself while I was drinking that beer.



It’s been a while since I posted a good Kara-drinking-alcohol picture.


Grilled steak and grilled corn.

Grilled steak and grilled corn.

Doesn’t this dinner look fancy? Anytime there’s a giant piece of grilled beef I feel fancy.


I popped a couple of peanut M&Ms into my mouth and called it a day.

Your turn, eaters:

When do you normally eat lunch?

What’s your favorite topping for nachos?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Magical Mexican Soup

G’day eaters!

I want to start off by saying a big ole Congratulations to Jenn, the host of WIAW, for getting knocked up!

Everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant. It’s awesome and all, but…

I really hope it’s not contagious.

Pre Crossfit:

Half an apple. A lot of pb. A vanilla whey protein shake.


#PROOF of my 105# floor press PR!

#PROOF of my 105# floor press PR!

PRs are my favorite.


Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and avocado, and a pair of cuties.

Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and avocado, and a pair of cuties.

This is my new typical breakfast.

Yup, I’m still on the scrambled eggs and cooked veg breakfast.

Side note — these are the smallest, cutest clementines I’ve ever seen. I finally feel like I’m getting “cuties,” not like those small-ish oranges I’ve been calling “cuties” all these years.


A Cobb salad of sorts — bib lettuce (my favorite!), rotisserie chicken, bacon, bell pepper, cheddar, avocado, and balsamic dressing.

A Cobb salad of sorts — bib lettuce (my favorite!), rotisserie chicken, bacon, bell pepper, cheddar, avocado, and balsamic dressing.

Look! I did something “healthy living blogger”-like and made my lunch the night before while I was making breakfast. Let’s ignore the fact that I ate it at home.

Another pair of cuties.

Another pair of cuties.

Having it ready was still mighty handy.


Let’s play the game where you don’t scold me for buying a giant bag of Twizzlers because it was $1 and I won’t pretend I only ate one serving.


This meal knocked my socks off! That’s real talk, eaters. Real talk.

A pork tamales and a pair of salsas, because I was indecisive.

A pork tamales and a pair of salsas, because I was indecisive.

First, I made the pork tamales over the weekend as part of my thesis. And while they were good on the day I made them, they were so much better a few days later when the exhaustion of making them had worn off.

Second, this soup was pure magic. I wanted to make some sort of lazy tortilla soup so I mixed a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes and then leftover “broth” from the tamale meat (which was the pork cooking water pureed with cooked garlic and cooked onion). I added a little bit of spice and pureed the whole deal again.

The most magical of all Mexican soups, topped with cheddar and tortilla chip crumbles.

The most magical of all Mexican soups, topped with cheddar and tortilla chip crumbles.

And by the grace of the Mexican food gods (who I imagine have heads made out of grilled cheese sandwiches) it ab-so-freaking-lutely rocked!

The end.

Your turn, eaters:

What was the last winging-it meal that turned out magical for you?

What’s your favorite candy?

Later eaters!

A Gloriously Lazy Weekend

Hiya eaters!

This weekend has been beyond ah-maze-ing!

Leon and I realized that we haven’t had a weekend where one or both of us wasn’t working or we didn’t have something to do since September! And it’s not that we don’t love being busy and having fun things to do on the weekends.

But this weekend we did ab-so-lute-ly nothing that we had to do and we didn’t have any semblance of a schedule and it was glorious.

I also didn’t stress about taking lots of pictures, so there are some holes.

Oh well, my pants have holes in them too, so obviously I don’t mind.

On Friday Leon and I got off work and immediately got in of bed. We didn’t leave bed except to eat and pee. It was pretty fabulous. And the venison steak Leon cooked for dinner wasn’t half bad either.

Saturday Leon and I had big plans to get our first Christmas tree!

This is not where we got our tree.

We picked up our Christmas tree from Leon’s work where they were selling trees as a fundraiser, which just happened to be close to the farmers market. So of course, we swung buy.

We picked up half a peck of apples (for a school project that I’ll definitely be sharing with you eaters), a dozen eggs (for only $3!), and a pound of chorizo sausage, among a few other things.

Obviously, this shopping trip made me very happy.

Once we were loaded up on food Leon and I walked over to the other side of the farmers market to eat at the Moose Café, a home style Southern lunch place.

How Southern are we talking?

Biscuits and apple butter Southern, of course.

And to keep the comfort food coming, I went with “Grandma’s Meatloaf” with a side of French cut green beans, roasted butternut squash, and cornbread.

The squash and cornbread weren’t too exciting, but that meatloaf was out of this world.

Is it wrong to love meatloaf? Too bad, because I do. I really really do.

After lunch and a trip to the dog park where Charlie played until he almost didn’t have the energy to walk back to the car, we came home, drank spiked cider, and decorated the tree.

An Instagrammed tree and cinnamon ornaments.

I didn’t get a picture of the tree because our lights were dead and I wanted to wait until it was all a-glow. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get a pretty picture of the tree because, when I got home from a party later Saturday night, this is what I came home to.

This was roughly half of the ornaments that were on the tree at that point (we still have about a dozen glass ones that we luckily hadn’t put up yet). And unfortunately, I don’t think my attempt to embarrass him worked.


Oh well, he’s still a puppy, right…?

At least he was extra cute and cuddly when Leon and I were being lazy bums this morning. So we rewarded his cuteness (which might be his only redeeming quality) with plenty of pizza crust from the pizza we picked up for lunch.

Finally around 2pm I got my big butt out of bed and headed downtown to do some Christmas shopping at the Holiday Hand to Hand Market.

The Hand to Hand Market is a craft fair that happens about twice a year in Greensboro. Today’s was the biggest one yet and there were a ton of great vendors.

My goal this year is to give mostly local/DIY Christmas gifts, so I was happy that I was able to pick up a few gifts.

I was also happy to get some ideas for craft projects that I can do myself.

Is it bad form to take pictures of crafts with the intention of making them later? Probably, but sometimes I’m just not willing to pay $18 for a wine bag (especially when I have a ton of craft store coupons).

With the help of a few tomatoes from the farmers market, Leon made a huge pot of salsa to get rid of the dozens of hot peppers we had leftover from our CSA. So we cooked up some of the chorizo, baked some corn tortillas into chips, and plopped it all atop big beds of CSA greens and called it dinner.

This spinach was so delicious.

This totally makes up for peppermint vodka, almond M&Ms, sour cream & onion chips, and being an extraordinarily lazy bum all weekend, right?

No? Well then I better go drink some water. Because if salad doesn’t erase bad habits, water sure does!

Your turn, eaters:

Your weekend — busy or lazy?

Do you have ANY advice at all about how to keep Charlie from chewing things when we’re not home?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Heavy Cream for Survival

Hiya eaters!

As you read this I will either be speeding down the highway (but not more than 5 miles above the speed limit because speeding is bad, right Papa?) on my way to the Dirty Dirty (AKA my hometown of Macon, Georgia) or I’ll be sitting at the kitchen counter, eating chips and salsa with my mom while some crappy Bravo TV show plays in the background.

Either way, I’ll be super freaking happy!

I haven’t been home since April and I haven’t seen my mom since…the very end of May when she drove up to drop off furniture.

And then on Saturday I’m going to have fun times with my absolute best friend, Coco!

Can you tell I’m super freaking jazzed?

Because I am!

But since I’m writing this at my kitchen counter wearing my dry workout clothes (because I was too slow to make it to Crossfit on time) with a very empty suitcase waiting for me in my bedroom, I’m going to make this snappy!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
Breakfast #1:

Carrot and pb.



As I mentioned yesterday, Crossfit sucked. BUT I worked hard the entire 30 minutes of the AMRAP, so I can’t be too upset.

Breakfast #2:

Scrambled eggs with Swiss chard and "spicy salad mix" with cheese, and a Clementine.

I know I said I was getting sick of this breakfast, but it was almost good yesterday with a switch in greens and a little cheese.

Also, first Clementine of the season.


A Pure Protein bar I swiped from Papa. (Thanks!)

I ate breakfast late and had work from 1-5, so there was never a good time to eat again. I grabbed this bar and ate it at work.

Snack #2:

A cheese-stuffed burger patty with A1 sauce wrapped in a Swiss chard leaf, and a few animal crackers.

My stepmom gave Leon and I a big bag of leftover cheese-stuffed burger patties from the party and I have been loving them in these little greens wrap/glove.


A half eaten "tostada" thing — blue corn tortillas, Trader Joe's black bean dip, peppers and onions and hot peppers, ground beef, and Wholly Guacamole.

This dinner ended up being rather traumatic because I apparently got the vast majority of the hot peppers. That would have been fine back in the day, but my heat tolerance has dropped dramatically. And then a big hunk of hot pepper hit me right in the back of the throat and I was almost down for the count.

But then I remember that we had some heavy cream in the fridge, so I chugged a bit of that. (Which was gross, especially after having not drank straight dairy in close to a decade.)

A shot glass for heavy cream.

I thought I was fine after that, but the peppers kept coming so I ended up with a shot glass of heavy cream to sip on.

Yup, I am in fact winning at life. Thanks for asking.


I shoveled some chocolate chips straight into my mouth. They were tasty.

The end.

Your turn, eaters:

How high is your heat tolerance?

What’s your favorite kind of green?

Later eaters!

End of The Week

Hi eaters!

Tonight marks the end of a very stressful week.

Huge school projects and work kept me almost ridiculously busy. I won’t complain too much because I know any of you eaters that work full time jobs would laugh at me. But I will say that having to juggle and adapt two conflicting schedule demands, which often kept me busy and out of the house for 10 or 11 hours at a time, was brutal.

So brutal in fact that working out, which is usually my number one stress reliever, would have been another large added stress. So I only went to Crossfit twice (with plans to go tomorrow).

But I ate lots of salad. Drank plenty of water. Resisted my urge for cake pops every.single.time I was at Starbucks (which was a lot).

So tonight, after my last class got out at 8pm, I came home, took Charlie for a walk, and then Leon and I ordered Mexican.

We got a huge box of assorted enchiladas and a chorizo-queso dip that might actually be deadly.

Don't mind the knives. We kind of just keep them out.

We ate a ton and it was wonderful.

5 kinds of enchiladas.

And now, m’dearest dear eaters, I am going to drink. I am going to drink $1.50 domestics and $1.75 craft/imports from the bar down the street.

And tomorrow I am going to sleep in and go to the 10:00am Crossfit class. And then I’m going to a candy store because I really really want to. And then…I don’t know.

I’m currently choosing to ignore the fact that I still have homework to do tomorrow. And that I might have to work a shift tomorrow (we have these “on call” shifts). And that I definitely have to work a shift on Saturday, which will cause me to have to miss Crossfit. And that next week is shaping up to be more of the same.

Instead, I’m focusing on the cheese in my belly, the beer I’m about to drink, and the candy I’ll eat tomorrow.

#HotDamnHooray, to say the least!

Your turn, eaters:

How do you motivate yourself through stressful times?

What do you always get when you go to a candy store? (Don’t pretend it’s been so long you can’t remember. We probably wouldn’t be friends if that was the case.)

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Without A Fridge

Hiya eaters!

I didn’t blog last night because yesterday was a thoroughly crappy day. And now you get to hear all about it.


It all started on Monday morning when I realized that our fridge wasn’t as cold as it normally was. So I cranked the thermostat down and went on my merry way. Late in the afternoon when I went to reach for a snack (read: peanut butter), I realized it was a little warmer than it had been in the morning. So I cranked the thermostat even further down and went on my merry way. Sunday night when it came time to make dinner I realized that not only had the green beans that I’d bought just days earlier go completely, white-fuzzy-mold bad (a sign of things to come), but that the fridge felt nearly room temperature.

How nearly room temperature was the fridge? Well, we did a little experiment to find out.

We keep our house at 78 degrees. Coconut oil is a solid below somewhere in the 74-76 degree range. So I put the coconut oil that I keep in my pantry in the fridge. I checked back right before going to bed and…surprise surprise…it was almost exactly as liquidy as before, meaning that our fridge was no more than 3 degrees colder than our house.


As you can guess, that negatively impacted my day on Tuesday.


A Really Extra Awesome Smoothie with pb instead of avocado and no greens.

I was going to add spinach to this smoothie, but it had all gone limp and slimy.


A nectarine (which I now realize I don't like as much as peaches), string cheese, and pb.

Have I mentioned that I kind of hate room temperature fruit? And don’t even get me started on room temperature cheese sticks.

(FYI, we did put our ice bucket from the freezer into the fridge, but that didn’t do much good.)


My favorite flavor of Balance bar.

It was easily 2:30pm by this point. I’d barely eaten anything. I hadn’t done anything with my day except try and fail to read for class and buy new fabric for my pillows. (I’ll show you the finished product once I’m done.) AND despite calling my landlord’s office exactly 11 minutes after they opened in the morning, there was still no repairman in sight.

Oh, and every time I opened the fridge I found more things that had gone bad. So I bought a 10lbs bag of ice, threw it in, and vowed not to open the fridge for the rest of the night.


A flavor of Balance bar that I only kind of like.

Yup. Again.


I left for class in quite a mood. Leon said he’d pick something up to cook for dinner, but even that bugged me. So I texted him later asking if he wanted $1 tacos, and luckily he said yes.

I got a chorizo “Mexican style” taco (which means a corn tortilla, cilantro, radish, raw onions, avocado, and lime) and a pastor Mexican style taco. I also ate my weight in chips, queso, and salsa, and washed it all down with a beer.


Sprinkles to the face!

After a day like yesterday, all I wanted were sprinkles. We didn’t have anything to put the sprinkles on (our yogurt went bad), but that didn’t stop me.

So moral of the store is: Don’t sell your mini fridge when you move from a dorm to an apartment.

Also, sometimes things suck. I did the best I could without making it another point of stress, so I don’t feel too bad about the amount of junk and processed crap I ate yesterday.

And today’s another day. Hopefully the repairman will finally come.

Your turn, eaters:

How do you stick to or deviate from your healthy habits when shit hits the fan?

What’s your favorite taco filling?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Scattered, Sporadic

‘Ello eaters!

All this Olympic talk I’ve been hearing has got me really missing England.

Oh, I want to go back so bad.

But that’s neither here nor there. (Actually, it is there.)

Breakfast 1:

Homemade cherry muffin with a schmear of sunflower butter.

Leon made cherry muffins the other day. With AP flour. I forgot how tender and soft things baked with not whole wheat flour can be. Maybe not the best pre-Crossfit fuel, but it was early and I wasn’t thinking clearly. Oh, and it was tasty,


I also drank my usual pre-Crossfit (GNC chocolate egg) protein out of my ghetto blender bottle. My last blender bottle had to be thrown out after I accidentally left it dirty for a couple of days and the smell from opening it nearly killed me.

Does anyone know how to keep those things from absolutely reeking?


We did “Diane”: 21-15-9, deadlifts and handstand pushups. Instead of handstand push-ups I did dumbbell presses with 20# weights.

Breakfast 2:

A slice of leftover pepper and onion pizza topped with two fried eggs and hot sauce.

The way I see it this is like the fried eggs-toast-salsa breakfast I used to eat, but more fun.


I only worked 5 hours yesterday, which felt like a dream. During work I ate a Vanilla Almond Pure Protein bar because that’s one of the only Zone-friendly bars I’ve found.

Do you know of any other Zone-friendly bars that taste good and don’t cost $2 each?


Does this count as lunch if I ate it at 4:30pm? The bar held me off through the rest of work, a little shopping, and a quick “it’s about to rain” walk with the pup, so I wasn’t ravenous.

Leftover tempeh curry made using Trader Joe's Thai Green Curry simmer sauce.

And in case you’re wondering, eating leftovers out of the container they’re stored in is the most dish-economical way to do it.


After finding a recipe for homemade chorizo in a magazine, Leon and I were all set to have our own Taco Tuesday.

"Chorizo" tacos.

Unfortunately, the recipe was nearly flavorless. How something with a ton of smoked paprika, plenty of hot Mexican chilis, and as much garlic as I put in could be that flavorless is beyond me.

Luckily, margaritas made with fresh lime juice (made with my juicer) saved the meal.


And that’s it. My meals were all over the place, but I’m a busy girl. I don’t see either of those things changing anytime soon.

Your turn, eaters:

Do you have set meal times or do you eat when you can?

What’s your go to margarita recipe?

Oh, and please do hit me with those blender bottle cleaning tips and Zone-friendly bar recommendations.

G’night eaters!