WIAW: Lots of Eggs

Hello eaters!

It is Wednesday, right?

I didn’t do anything on Monday and will work on Saturday, so I keep forgetting what day it is. But I keep seeing lots of WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) posts going up, so I’ll follow the crowd.


Scrambled eggs with asparagus and a plum with peanut butter.

Scrambled eggs with asparagus and a plum with peanut butter.

I promise I didn’t plan to eat two of my favorite seasonal foods right after I posted about them. But they were delicious (though that plum would have been better with sunflower butter rather than peanut butter).

Oh, and I added a couple of dollops of spicy mustard to my eggs before I scrambed them for some extra flavor.


Zucchini noodles topped with a couple of fried eggs.

Zucchini noodles topped with a couple of fried eggs.

Leon and I keep thinking that our fridge is over flowing with things, but in reality we have a ton of produce, a few random leftovers, and almost no protein. Hence why I’m eating eggs two meals in a row.

I also had a few bites of leftover carrot cake from this weekend.



Row row row my ass.

I drank a protein drink — chocolate GNC Wheybolic protein — and then came so closed to puking it up during this WOD.

We got to choose between running or rowing and I would have run, but after a warm up of 10 minutes of jump roping I knew my shitty shins couldn’t handle it.

Honestly, I don’t know which was better. I wanted to die many times throughout those 5,000 meters.


I feel like it’s been raining for weeks straight, so Leon and I were thrilled to get to grill last night. We split this big plate of grilled vegetables.

Mixed grilled vegetables.

Mixed grilled vegetables.

And this giant chicken breast.

Grilled barbecue chicken breast.

Grilled barbecue chicken breast.

Fyi, we buy whole healthy chickens from Earth Fare and then Leon butchers them. Not only are they cheaper than at Whole Foods (and way cheaper than buying bags of chicken breasts), but they’re also much bigger from Earth Fare. This was, by far, the biggest breast we’ve ever gotten.


A few beers with a friend, because I’m still in denial a bit that I’m done with college.

And I was home before midnight. Man, do I love getting a full night sleep.


Charlie thinks our king sized bed is his. It's a constant battle.

Charlie thinks our king sized bed is his. It’s a constant battle.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Leon and I bringing Charlie home. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Oh, has it been a wonderful year. I want to do a whole post about what having a dog has changed for us, but I think I’ll save that for his birthday.

Your turn, eaters:

How much sleep do you get a night? How much would you like to get?

What’s one thing that you always have in your fridge?

Later eaters!

Thanksgiving Prep

Hokai eaters!

It’s crunch time for Thanksgiving. I’ve got T-minus 5 days until my family rolls into town, at which point my house will have to be pristine and fully decorated (which means that I’ll finally get to give you all the house tour that I have been wanting to do forever), all my feast shopping will have to be done, a lot of the feast will have to be prepped, the dog will have to be thoroughly run so that he might be well behaved, and I’m sure a few other things.

But I’m jazzed as shit about it. I kind of love deadlines and a bit of (self-imposed) pressure and having lots of things to do that I enjoy.

Oh, and my house could really use a thorough cleaning. So there’s that.

And I’m happy to say that I’ve already got a good head start on everything.

Whole Foods had fresh turkeys on sale for 99¢/lbs all weekend, so our turkey is already bought.

You have no idea how excited I am about these leftovers. I've even started pinning recipes.

Can you believe that 12lbs was the smallest turkey they had? Oh well, I do love leftovers.

I did a pre-cleaning of the bathroom a couple of days ago, so the next cleaning will be much faster (which means I’ll spend far less time huffing bleach).

The décor is made (for the most part because apparently pumpkins don’t exist after Halloween) and half of it is hung up.

I am supremely proud of this wreath. AND I gave it a few coats of super hold hairspray, which will keep me from sweeping up moss bits every day.

Once I pick up some clear thumbtacks the other half will go up. And hint hint it’s a lot like this.

And I have made my super neurotic lists of everything regarding the feast.

It's like a low-tech Excel sheet.

The master list has 5 categories — the food, ingredients, cooking dishes/utensils, serving dishes/utensils, and cooking time and place. Then I made another list where I divided up the ingredients I need among Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and Earth Fare. All my shopping will probably happen on Wednesday because EF gives 5% off to students on Wednesdays and then I’ll only have to make one trip to the other two stores to get everything on their lists plus whatever I might not find at EF.

Or I might at least do the WF’s shopping early because I know exactly what I’m getting there and will probably get whatever I can’t get from EF at HT.

Ya know, because I don’t want to be too neurotic and rigid, right?

Yup, this is definitely me having it all.

(And I wasn’t being sarcastic that time. I really do love all that stuff.)

Your turn, eaters:

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Do you like to be super planned out or more casual for hosting parties?

G’night eaters!

#SurviveOn35, Or Close To It

Hi eaters!

Long time no see, right?

(Or maybe that should read, “Long time no write?” Ahhh, homonyms!)

Anyway, a lot of things conspired on Thursday that made going out to eat with friends and then putting on a pretty dress and drinking beer in several locations a lot more appealing than blogging.

I would apologize, but I’m sure you skip out on reading here in order to go out and live it up every now and then, so I’m going to call it even.

Anywhoo, today being Sunday meant that both Leon and I were off from work and refused to do anything that we didn’t want to do. But since I’m a little weird, I went grocery shopping because the grocery store is my happy place.

Oh who am I kidding?! If you’re here than chances are the grocery store is your happy place, too.

I’m so glad you understand me.

Anywhoo once again, today while grocery shopping I got to thinking about my budget. I haven’t talked about grocery shopping or budgeting for food in a hot minute, so I figured it was high time to talk about it.

Another thing that prompted me to get talking about budgeting is this whole #SurviveOn35 thing you’ve probably seen around Twitterland.

If you’re in the dark about this, it’s a challenge thrown out by Anytime Fitness to some Fitfluential ambassadors for them to survive on just $35/week for food. (Specifically, $35/week for every adult and $20/week for every child in the household.)

$35 is the amount that people on government food stamps get each week and Anytime Fitness and Fitfluential want to show that it’s not only possible for an adult to eat 21 meals a week on $35, but that they can do it healthily.

I think that’s awesome. And the main reason that I think it’s awesome is because I used to #SurviveOn35 every single week.

That was my weekly food budget when I was a sophomore cooking in an electric wok and a microwave in my tiny dorm.

(Side note — I need to bring “offing bitches” back into my vocabulary. Click the link above and you’ll understand.)

Things have changed since then. I now have a real kitchen and live with a real boyfriend who likes to eat meat.

My grocery budget may not be as trim as it was back then, but I am happy to say that it’s not too bloated either.

For a week of food for two people, we spend roughly $80.

That’s not too far off from the government’s $70 and considering how chock full o’organics, meat, and Whole Foods our kitchen is, I don’t think it’s half bad.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a tried and true way to widdle your grocery budget, nor do I have a pattern that I follow when I’m making my shopping list. But I do have some tips, so here goes:

Only plan dinners. You can generally get away with only really planning dinners. You know what you like to eat for breakfast and lunch, so make those ingredients your staples and stock up whenever they’re on sale.

Make a quarter of your meals meatless. For every four dinners I plan at least one is meatless. A block of tofu is ~$3.50 (tempeh is slightly less) and it can feed 2-3 people.

Buy whole chickens! Leon and I buy a whole chicken and then butcher it. From a chicken we get 2 breasts, 2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 tenders, and a big carcass. Depending on the size of the chicken we often split a breast or thigh, so a single chicken can yield us up to 6 meals, plus whatever we make out of the carcass.

Plan a garbage meal. Rather than waste the bits and scraps hanging around at the end of the week, we always plan the last meal of the week as a garbage meal. That can mean throwing it all on a pizza, in a stirfry or a salad. Whatever it is, it should require AT MOST 3 specific ingredients.

Limit yourself to 2 specialty items a week. A specialty item is anything that you only need a little bit of for a recipe, namely a condiment, seasoning, or fresh herb. Everything else you buy should be things that you will use all of (or most of) in that week. And if it’s a perishable item, like fresh herbs, at least two meals should include it.

A current shopping trip.

And that’s all I’ve got for you. Besides that, my tricks include making a meal plan, not buying things off my list (unless they’re on sale shelf stable items I regularly use), and not planning on having grass-fed steak every week.

Yup, it’s all pretty basic. I wish it was more of a rocket science so it could be taught and mastered, but it’s more…instinct I guess you could call it.

Your turn, eaters:

Give me your best budgeting — for groceries and otherwise — tip.

Are any of my tips bad? If so, please correct me.

G’night eaters!

Disclaimer — I wasn’t one of the bloggers chosen by Anytime Fitness to #SurviveOn35 and blog about it. This is just my 2 cents.

Mini Milestones

Hiya eaters!

As you can tell, I took the day off from blogging yesterday. It was a holiday night. My friends were having a BBQ. We took Charlie to the party, making it not only his first social engagement, but also the first time he was around a lot of other people out of his home. He handled it well. I was nervous the whole time that he was unhappy or scared.

It was still a great night.

And all in all, this weekend has been one of mini milestones.

On Friday morning I went grocery shopping (at Earth Fare, of course!) and came back with the most ah-maze-ing haul.


Organic spinach x2, organic red leaf lettuce, organic bell pepper, organic zucchini, cucumber, organic gala apples, organic carrots, bacon, GT’s original kombucha, ground turkey, organic button mushrooms, Stonyfield plain low fat yogurt, frozen okra, organic millet, organic dried chickpeas, organic parsley, organic yellow onion.

This is the kind of grocery shopping I want to do more — bags absolutely packed with beautiful, organic, fresh (and frozen) produce, some bulk buys, and very little else.

LOVE plants!

And in this trip there were two mini milestones.

First, I broke out of my bulk bin rut.

I’ve been stuck in a quinoa-black bean bulk rut for way too long. This is my attempt to break free.

Second, I bought what will hopefully be my last store-bought kombucha ever!

I’m trying my hand at home-brewing this tangy fermented tea because now that Leon likes it (he calls it “weird hangover juice” because it does wonders for a hangover), it was getting way too expensive to support two people’s habits.

I’ll keep you posted on the brewing.

Later that day we also broke out of our pizza rut. We have a usual — sausage, green peppers, and onions — that we get EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, our usual wasn’t so great from Spring Garden Pizzeria, right across the street. So rather than drive across town to our favorite pizza place (Pie Works), we tried a different kind of pizza.

Lucky #7.

This was a tad meatier than I generally like my pizza (I’m not a meat lovers girl anymore), but dang was it good.

Another milestone came when I FINALLY decided to satisfy my craving for a Dunkin Donuts chocolate glazed donut.

I’ve had this craving sporadically for weeks now, but whenever I was near a DD I wasn’t craving it and whenever I was craving it I wasn’t near a DD.

Oh so good.

It’s been a vicious cycle.

Luckily, though, we live about a mile from a DD so when Leon and I had a free bit of time and Charlie was in need of a walk, we decided to kill three birds with one stone — get me a donut, walk Charlie, and get Charlie less scared of walking on sidewalks near busy (not neighborhood) streets.


It was a big success all around.

A couple other milestones of the weekend included me doing my second Pinterest-inspired DIY project and my first attempt at trying to make Charlie into my running partner.

But both of those things deserve their own post, so that’ll come soon.

Your turn, eaters:

Did you have any mini (or BIG) milestones this weekend? Recently?

What’s your usual pizza?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Grilled

Hiya eaters!

Today has been full of more house-y stuff with a bit of school work and job hunting thrown in.

That will be my life until further notice.


Leftover broccoli and green bean frittata, strawberries, and a peach with nutmeg.

I wish I could eat like this everyday. And I have decided without a shadow of a doubt that summer produce is the best.

Too much coffee.

Oh, and French press coffee isn’t so bad. I’m warming up to it. I’m not warming up to the bit of grounds that are ALWAYS at the bottom of my cup.


Leftover sausage, green pepper, and onion pizza, strawberries, and a carrot.

More leftovers were in order because I have a weird tick about having leftover food in the fridge after I go grocery shopping. Or rather, leftover cooked food. Because I have about two heads of broccoli and half a package of bacon leftover, but somehow that didn’t make it onto my plate.


An awesome 70s dresser in need of a little TLC.

I finally got to try my hand at furniture painting! Yes eaters, after tirelessly pinterest-ing cool furniture and craigslist upcycle ideas for months, it was finally time to put paint brush to unappealing wood.

If you’re interested, I’ll post a picture of the final project. Let me know.


Does anyone know where I can get these in the States?

While the first coat was drying, I snacked on (too many) self-imported wine gums and did computer work.

Then I went to class.


Sam Adams Noble Pils.

As soon as I got home Leon told me to have a beer because I was completely done with work.

Then we ate a delicious grilled dinner on the new grill Leon bought.

Soy-ginger GRILLED salmon, GRILLED zucchini, and quinoa with an Eye of the Hawk Ale.

I love grilled food so much.


To be revealed dessert. Hint: It contains juicer pulp!

I rarely eat dessert after dinner (it’s usually more of a lunch dessert/afternoon snack-type thing), but I took a bite while photographing this recipe yesterday afternoon, so I had a hankering.

Don’t worry, the recipe is going up tomorrow. Trust me, you’ll want to check back for it.

Things you didn’t see:

A handful of free samples while I was grocery shopping (Earth Fare ALWAYS has ah-maze-ing cheese samples) and 2.5 liters of water.

And that’s it.

Looking back on it, I’m really quite happy with how I ate yesterday. Sure, I should have been more mindful while eating the wine gums and I didn’t need to eat cheese samples, but that doesn’t bother me. That’s my fun wiggle room and I’m not willing to give that up.

Your turn, eaters:

What could you have improved about your eating today?

What things about your diet don’t you care to improve?

Later eaters!

In the Dirty Dirty

Hi eaters!

I’m home in the Dirty Dirty (which is Georgia, for all you new eaters).

After I left you on Thursday, I went out and lived it up a little.

The night started with some champagne and girl time.

Well, Janet drinks Natty Fatties. Because she’s classy.

Once we were feeling social, we headed over to da bar, where we met up with some other people.

We laughed.

No one cried.

This is my favorite bartender. He makes good drinks.

And a guy who strongly doubts  that the Nazis could have possible rounded up 6 million Jews fast enough bought me a beer.

Don’t worry eaters, I gave the beer away.

On Friday, Mother and I were packing maniacs and had my entire life boxed up and in storage by 1pm.

Then we broke for lunch and shopping. Let me tell you, Anthropology was practically giving the clothes away.

Eventually, it was time for my last meal in the ‘Boro. Of course, I chose Natty Greene’s.

I ordered a Colonial IPA to start. Generally, I think their stronger beers lack flavor, but this one was pretty spot on.

And for dinner I ordered something I so rarely eat. Something I always see on menus, but for some reason convince myself it’s not healthy enough.

This time, though, I was all in.

Backyard burger topped with chipotle barbecue sauce, applewood smoked bacon, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese.

It was so good. I would have liked a bit more spice from the BBQ sauce, but besides that there was nothing I was left wanting for.

I saved about a quarter of it for the pup, who was (hopefully) waiting quietly in the hotel room.

On Saturday morning we packed up bright and early to hit the road. After a handful of stops to let the pup walk around and a stop in Aiken, SC for lunch, we made it home by 5:30.

And now I’m enjoying the perks of home.

I’m taking tons of pictures of my dog.

Sometimes he tolerates it.

He's giving me the stink eye.

Most of the time he doesn’t.

I’m enjoying the smell of our gorgeous tree and the lovely decorations Mother put up.

And after a quick breakfast, I headed out to do some necessary shopping.

Let me tell you, Kroger is nothing like EF. At Kroger, organic is a foreign word, pastry flour hasn’t been invented yet, and you can get berries in December but no pomegranates or parsnips.

Oh well, I still got some good things.


Lay’s salt and pepper chips, green bell pepper, yellow onion, baby ‘bella mushrooms, blackstrap molasses, cage free grain fed eggs, Simply Orange juice, West Soy soy milk, thick-cut bacon, Fage fat free Greek yogurt, rolled oats, ginger, lemons, carrots, King Arthur whole wheat flour, and organic diced tomatoes.

Now, my house smells intoxicatingly like ginger and I love it.

And yes, that is a hint about tomorrow’s post.

What about you, eaters:

What did you do this weekend?

And do you always order what you want at a restaurant or do you compromise with yourself?

G’night eaters!

NOT Holiday Related

Hiya eaters!

Another weekend has come and gone, which means another weekend of shopping is behind us.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Secular Gift-Giving Day (I made that one up), or something else, you now have less time to stalk the malls and deck the halls.

I didn’t do a damn holiday-related thing this weekend, though. Instead, I headed up to man mountain for some relaxing time with manly friend.

Our version of relaxing includes manly friend using my recipe to make pizza dough.

Then we compromised with both vegetables and meat.

Oh, and an egg on my half.

Manly friend was violently opposed to the egg.

There was also lots of lying around, reading, and TV.

Oh, and manly friend taught me how to play cribbage, which seems to be the official game of his family.

I didn’t totally suck.

And when I returned today I held off on the holiday spirit through homework and some time easily spinning away on the elliptical.

The spirit finally started to creep in when I was making my list for EF.


Genesis bread, organic spaghetti squash, Pop chips, Justin’s chocolate pb, Cliff Z Bars, organic free range eggs, Chobani yogurt, conventional orange bell peppers, Earth Balance, chipotle salsa, organic red pears, whole wheat pastry flour, organic carob chips, and a pomegranate.

This week may be pretty light on the produce front, but I have a good bit left over from last week so I won’t get scurvy.

But really, who needs produce when you have a pound of butter and carob chips?


I’ve got to be running along now, though, because I went a little crazy in the kitchen this evening.

And that’s left me with a lot of dishes and a Marisa to take care of.

The latter, though, is much more entertaining.

Keep an eye out for some festive recipes this week. I’ve got two winners to toss your way.

What about you:

Did you do anything holiday related this weekend?

And what holiday do you celebrate? (I’m always up for trying not to bastardize another culture’s food.)

G’night eaters!

Eat Your Pantry

Greetings eaters!

I’m officially done talking about Thanksgiving, although I am still very much craving Thanksgiving food since I never did get any leftovers.

Oh I really want some cranberry chutney and manly friend’s mother’s corn bread stuffing. And maybe a hot turkey sandwich, even though I don’t know what that is but manly friend wouldn’t stop drooling over the mention of them.

But enough of that. Time to move onto something more relevant.

I will be home in the Dirty Dirty in 19 days. And when I leave school this time, I won’t be coming back.

So I don’t only have to worry about eating up my produce, but eating up everything. Because no one wants to pack food, right?


Of course, I didn’t remember this when I went grocery shopping yesterday. So rather then structuring my meals this week around what I already have on hand, I bought a bunch of food.

And by a bunch of food, I mean the first shopping trip in as long as I can remember when my giant reusable shopping bag wasn’t big enough.

Yup, I’m not the brightest ‘Baby. And this is also the first shopping trip in as long as I can remember when I couldn’t fit everything into one picture.

Produce loot:

Grimmway Farms organic beets, organic parsley, organic broccoli, Grimmway Farms organic dino kale, organic honeycrisp apples, organic red onion, organic baby ‘bella mushrooms.

“Dairy” loot:

Edenwood soy milk, organic free range eggs, Chobani plain Greek yogurt, Twin Oaks tofu, and organic EF pinto beans.

Note — I have no effing clue why I put the beans in this picture group. But I was too lazy to re-take the picture. So just pretend the beans are in this picture group…

Pantry loot:

Yellow corn grits, Crazy Richard’s chunky pb, Cliff Z bars, Ezekiel tortillas.

So now my section of the fridge looks like this:

My part of the pantry:

A handful of bulk bin bags and a couple of cans.

That includes way too much TVP. And the usual random stuff that everyone has.

And some unpictured freezer stock:

A few servings each of SP Squared Chili and Comforting Beta Carotene Soup, a pretty big nub of fresh ginger, and most of a bag of frozen peas.

Yup, I’m not exactly the smartest ‘Baby, but I will be the best fed.

So over the next 19 days expect to see lots of delicious, low cost, pantry-centric eats. Oh, and lots of green things.

Side note — oil separating nut butters blow, but it was almost $2 cheaper then my usual brand.

Your turn:

How do you clean out your fridge?

And what tends to accumulate in the back of your pantry?

G’night eaters!

Digital Leftovers

Hiya eaters!

Sorry I left you hanging after Wednesday. I took a much needed complete and total computer and work break starting Wednesday at noon until I got home Friday. And it felt oh so wonderful.

I so loveloveLOVE my occasional techno breaks.

But now I’m back in the real world with Monday’s promise of work looming. So instead of focusing too much on that, let’s take just one more look at Thanksgiving.

Think of it like digital leftovers.

That is one of the sweetest, prettiest dogs. And manly friend isn't half bad either.

Manly friend's nicely laid out appetizer board.

Manly friend's parents watching the neighborhood kickball game.

Beet tasting.

The man of the house carving the turkey.

Manly friend's mom's homemade rolls.

I've never had salad on Thanksgiving.


My cranberry chutney.

Gravy and fan-freaking-tastic maple butter.

My messy plate.

Manly friend's cleaner, prettier plate.

Self-timer group picture fail.

Self-timer group picture almost not a fail.

Father son love.

The rest of the night was filled with some unpictured pecan pie, plenty of wine, and manly friend’s father not trying to eat the cat.

Manly friend and I headed back to the ‘Boro on Friday. We had made a heaping plate of leftovers to take with us, but that got forgotten in the fridge. So come dinner time we did the only reasonable thing for two kids still recovering from ample amounts of fried food, wine, and carbs:

His and hers EF salads.

With a Thanksgiving-themed muffin for dessert.

It was a damn good mini-vacation. And a thoroughly successful first holiday with manly friend’s family.

Your turn:

What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

Do you still have leftovers?

And have you decorated for the December holiday yet?

G’night eaters! 

Starring: Produce

‘Ello eaters!

I am officially on Thanksgiving break. Well, except for a little bit of work I’m going to do until manly friend and I leave tomorrow, but it’s ceramics so I hardly consider that work.

So needless to say, I’m feeling pretty damn happy right now. Add on top of that the fact that I finished a huge paper Monday night which I really didn’t expect to have finished before break and the supah fun Zumba class I had today (where we taught our choreographed dances) and I’m pretty on top of the world.

So of course, when I’m feeling this jazzed about everything, it makes sense to talk about other things that are awesome in my life, right?

Yup, it does!

One of the perks of being a food blogger (besides making your neighbors think you’re crazy when you set up photoshoots on your front porch and spending too much money on fancy pb) is that occasionally you get free stuff. Sometimes a company will stumble on the ole’ blog here, decide that I’m their cup of tea kind of ‘Baby, and ask me to review their product.

This doesn’t happen often, as I don’t want this to become a commercial for anything other then how awesome I am, but when it does it’s pretty fun. (Unless I get asked to review baby products. For the love of all things good, stop contacting me about baby things. I don’t have a baby or plans to have a baby anytime soon.)

Usually I get asked to review snacky things or things I just don’t buy in general, but like as a treat. Obviously, someone giving me treats is all fine and dandy. I’m not complaining.

But recently, I was asked to review something that I buy all the freaking time — vegetables.

More importantly, I was asked to review vegetables from a farm that, unbeknownst to me, make up the majority of the vegetables I buy — Gimmway Farms, better known as Cal-Organic.

Really, I didn’t realize until I actually checked out Grimmway Farms, but you’d be hard pressed to find a week of groceries when I didn’t buy something — kale, carrots, beets, etc. — from Grimmway. And in realizing how loyal of a patron I already was, I always realized how much I already loved their produce.

I’ve never had a bag of their carrots go limp or slimy before I’m done. I’ve never had wilted or too small beet greens. I’ve never had those funky dark, soft spots on my broccoli.

I honestly can’t think of a time when I wasn’t thoroughly pleased with my produce.

So, in honor of good simple produce, here’s a little recipe to pay homage to where it all started for Grimmway Farms — carrots.

Real Glazed Carrots

Did you know that glazed vegetables don’t have to be coated in a thick layer of sugar and maple syrup? Now you do.

4 carrots

1 ½ T butter

~ 1/3 vegetable broth

salt and pepper, to taste

desired spices and herbs, optional (I used ~3/4 T fresh ginger)

After removing the ends from the carrots (you can also peel them, but I never bother), cut each carrot in half and then into ~1 ½” logs.

Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat. Add the carrots and toss to coat. Pour in the broth until it is roughly halfway up the carrots, but definitely don’t submerge the carrots. Add your seasonings, as desired. Bring the pan up to a simmer.

Now here comes a fun trick: make a cartouche.

This sounds like a fancy French thing, but really it is a piece of parchment paper (which you can cut to about the size of your pan, if you actually want to be fancy) with a hole in the center. This allows the steam to evaporate slowly to ensure that the vegetables are cooked through and that too much glaze doesn’t evaporate.

As you can tell, I'm not that fancy.

Place the cartouche over your pan and leave to simmer until the carrots are tender and there is just enough glaze left to coat everything without being liquidy.

If the carrots aren’t cooked enough when the glaze is almost gone, add in a little more broth. If the glaze is too liquidy when the carrots are almost done, remove the cartouche to speed along the evaporation.

Now eaters, this isn’t a dish that will win over your maple-loving relatives. Nor will it ever be mistaken for dessert.

But that’s okay. Because this dish isn’t about finding ways to choke down vegetables. This dish is about making them the star.

And since the people at Grimmway farms have made carrots their live since 1968, you really should trust that they don’t need a lot of extra stuff to be good.

What do you think eaters:

Do you like your vegetables really gussied up or simple?

What was the last Cal-Organic vegetable you bought?

G’night eaters!