WIAW: Magical Mexican Soup

G’day eaters!

I want to start off by saying a big ole Congratulations to Jenn, the host of WIAW, for getting knocked up!

Everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant. It’s awesome and all, but…

I really hope it’s not contagious.

Pre Crossfit:

Half an apple. A lot of pb. A vanilla whey protein shake.


#PROOF of my 105# floor press PR!

#PROOF of my 105# floor press PR!

PRs are my favorite.


Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and avocado, and a pair of cuties.

Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and avocado, and a pair of cuties.

This is my new typical breakfast.

Yup, I’m still on the scrambled eggs and cooked veg breakfast.

Side note — these are the smallest, cutest clementines I’ve ever seen. I finally feel like I’m getting “cuties,” not like those small-ish oranges I’ve been calling “cuties” all these years.


A Cobb salad of sorts — bib lettuce (my favorite!), rotisserie chicken, bacon, bell pepper, cheddar, avocado, and balsamic dressing.

A Cobb salad of sorts — bib lettuce (my favorite!), rotisserie chicken, bacon, bell pepper, cheddar, avocado, and balsamic dressing.

Look! I did something “healthy living blogger”-like and made my lunch the night before while I was making breakfast. Let’s ignore the fact that I ate it at home.

Another pair of cuties.

Another pair of cuties.

Having it ready was still mighty handy.


Let’s play the game where you don’t scold me for buying a giant bag of Twizzlers because it was $1 and I won’t pretend I only ate one serving.


This meal knocked my socks off! That’s real talk, eaters. Real talk.

A pork tamales and a pair of salsas, because I was indecisive.

A pork tamales and a pair of salsas, because I was indecisive.

First, I made the pork tamales over the weekend as part of my thesis. And while they were good on the day I made them, they were so much better a few days later when the exhaustion of making them had worn off.

Second, this soup was pure magic. I wanted to make some sort of lazy tortilla soup so I mixed a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes and then leftover “broth” from the tamale meat (which was the pork cooking water pureed with cooked garlic and cooked onion). I added a little bit of spice and pureed the whole deal again.

The most magical of all Mexican soups, topped with cheddar and tortilla chip crumbles.

The most magical of all Mexican soups, topped with cheddar and tortilla chip crumbles.

And by the grace of the Mexican food gods (who I imagine have heads made out of grilled cheese sandwiches) it ab-so-freaking-lutely rocked!

The end.

Your turn, eaters:

What was the last winging-it meal that turned out magical for you?

What’s your favorite candy?

Later eaters!

Valentine’s Treats! And Sprinkles!

Sup eaters?

I’m going to make this a quick one because it’s all about Valentine’s Day, which means you have roughly 48 hours to make these before they become unseasonable.

First, I f’ing love Valentine’s Day! Seriously, it’s great.

You give people candy/flowers/stuffed animals/cards. You get candy/flowers/stuffed animals/cards.

And I’m not just talking about trading gifts with your better half. Until this year I’ve only given treats to my friends and that hasn’t made it any less fun.

It’s a not-so-subtle reminder to tell people you appreciate them (and to feel appreciated!) because chances are you don’t tell them enough and who gives a crap if you’re telling them on the same day as everyone else in the world.

And seriously…did I mention the cutesy, girly treats? And the sprinkles?!

valentines candy5

Sorry for the poor photos. I was too impatient to eat them to wait until the morning.

Oh the sprinkles!

So if you’re not the V-Day equivalent of a Scrooge, I HIGHLY suggest you take the less than 2 hours it took me to whip up about 5 dozen peanut butter cups and about 3 dozen pretzel bites.

I used this awesome little tutorial to make the peanut butter cups.valentines candy1

A few little fyi-s about the recipe:

A whole bag of Wilton chocolate melts will yield roughly 5 dozen chocolates.

I only used ½ c powdered sugar and used coconut oil instead of butter, which worked great.

Also, I definitely suggest you buy two candy molds.

And beyond that, make sure you let the chocolate in the bottom of the mold harden a little before you put the peanut butter in or else it’ll show through the bottom.

Oh, and don’t forget to add sprinkles as soon as you put the top layer of chocolate on.

valentines candy3The white chocolate pretzel bites are even easier than that.

All I did was crush up some pretzels in my grubby little hands and put a few pieces in the bottom of the mold. Then I spooned a bag-worth of melted white chocolate over the pretzels and added sprinkles!valentines candy2

Have I mentioned that I love sprinkles?

Because I really do.

I made all of these little cuties on Saturday and then passed most of them out that night. And while it did take me about two hours from start to finish it certainly wasn’t a grueling two hours.

You could easily do this after a day at work when you brain is a little mushy. Which means…you have no excuse not to make something cute for Valentine’s Day.valentines candy4

But if for some crazy reason you actually have other things to do — like cleaning or having a social life — and you don’t make these little cuties by Thursday then just swap the sprinkles for something more all-occasion and you’re golden.

Like Willy Wonka’s chocolate.

(That worked in my head. Just go with it.)

Your turn, eaters:

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

Which chocolate will you keep for yourself — peanut butter cups or pretzel bites?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Put a Fried Egg On It

Hiya eaters!

I haven’t done a WIAW in a hot minute, so why not, right?

Oh, and I didn’t have anything exciting to blog about because I eat a lot of leftovers that I top with fried eggs. Because really, what doesn’t taste better with a little runny yolk? (I should add that to my food manifesto.)


Shredded, roasted Brussels sprouts baked with two eggs.

Shredded, roasted Brussels sprouts baked with two eggs.

Speaking of fried eggs…

Seriously, this was a coincidence. I didn’t remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday when I wrote that intro.

On the side I also had a Clementine (because all those Brussels sprouts are only 1 Zone block of carbs, can I get a #HotDamnHoory!).


Grande whole milk latte and a messy desk.

Grande whole milk latte.

I was out of creamer and forgot to add fat to my breakfast, so this happened. For the first time since before Christmas.

Yes, I am proud of that.


Vinegar baked chicken, spicy peach seitan, and a kale salad.

Vinegar baked chicken, spicy peach seitan, and a kale salad.

Since we all know that grocery shopping on an empty stomach is bad, so I treated myself to the Whole Foods hot bar. For the first time since before Christmas.

As you noticing a pattern? I eat more convenience foods when school is in.




My friend Polly is a freaking angel and brought me a big bag of my FAVORITE gummies from England — wine gums! So I ate a few too many of these.


Homemade pizza with chorizo, peppers, onions, and fresh mozzarella.

Homemade pizza with chorizo, peppers, onions, and fresh mozzarella.

I had a kneading breakthrough last week, so I had to see if extra kneading improved my pizza dough.

It totally dinner. The chorizo helped, too.

And that officially makes this pizza the second tastiest thesis homework yet! (Though I’m baking cinnamon rolls tomorrow, so that might change.)

Your turn, eaters:

Do you eat leftovers as is or you do jazz them up a bit?

What’s your favorite candy?

*Bonus* Would you be interested in me sharing my thesis recipes?

Later eaters!

Holiday Photo Dump

Hi eaters!

Sorry for completely disappearing these last few days. Between a date night and then a traveling day I haven’t had the material or time to blog.

So to make up for it, here’s a lovely photo dump with my attempt at humorous and informative captions.

1) This is what I read while waiting for my brand new tires to be put on. 2) If you enjoy humor and essays, this is the book for you.


An ornament from Sur la Table that I really wanted.


For all you Greensboro people, Crafted on S Elm is so good.


This is a sign that a restaurant is trying too hard.


Scrambled egg and chorizo tacos with avocado, pico, queso, and potatoes.


Leon and I celebrated Christmas on Wednesday night.


Egg nog with a splash of rum is delicious. Egg nog curdling because I didn't drink it fast enough is not.


My amazing boyfriend got me a very luxurious flavor of coffee from a local roaster.


The puppy nest I made Charlie in an attempt to help him feel better about being at my mom's house.




One of my all time favorite candies — Cadbury milk chocolate Easter eggs — is now in Christmas form!


Mom's boyfriend got someone to send him a real Christmas pudding all the way from Tesco grocery store in England!


I had no idea that you're supposed to pour brandy on a Christmas pudding and then light it on fire.

Your turn, eaters:

What’s your favorite candy?

How do you feel about drinking out of mason jars?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: On A Train in Ireland

*As you’ll see from below, this was supposed to be posted on Thursday, but my mouse is officially dead. And then it wasn’t until last night that I realized I could solve all my problems with a USB mouse.

I’m a genius. This post is mildly irrelevant. Please read anyway.*

Hi eaters!

I would apologize for skipping out on you last night, but I was thoroughly enjoying life in Limerick with m’attractive man, so can you really blame me?

But even though I technically missed WIAW, I still think you should know what I ate Wednesday Tuesday in Ireland. Because really, days of the week are just semantics, right?


Here we go!


Manly friend and I woke up late and had a train to catch, so breakfast was a bit of an afterthought (as was photographing it, apparently). By afterthought, I mean that I ate an apple and two slices of soda bread as we were packing up.

A white Americano, while not as good as a regular filter coffee, does suffice.

And then a cup of coffee on the way to the station.


Once we got to the train station I set about stocking up on train snacks.

You know how I feel about train snacks!

Wine gums (which don't contain wine), and a Cadbury fruit and nut bar (which does have raisins and peanuts).)

I got my usual spread of candy, and since breakfast was a little more than half-assed I grabbed something that I knew would tide me over.

Limerick train station hot sandwich

Bacon, brie, spinach, and cranberry on a baguette.

While this may have not been the best constructed sandwich, the combination was definitely a winner. I don’t know why I don’t combine bacon with sweet things more.

Or rather, I don’t know why I don’t eat bacon more.

Scenery:train, ireland, belfast to limerick

My train food was eaten while sitting across from manly friend as we both happily stared out the train window.

Some of the scenery was really nice.

Really green rolling hills.

Some wasn’t.

But in the end, train travel (in Europe) is far more enjoyable than air travel.train, ireland, belfast to limerick


Google Maps failed us. So instead of walking towards town, manly friend and I walked a mile, hit the highway and realized we were going in the wrong direction, walked a mile back, and then walked at least a mile before we found something that wasn’t a fast food restaurant or the B&B owner’s weird recommendation of a Chinese restaurant attached to a gas station named Shamrock.

Instead we found an only slightly sketchy bar/restaurant, where we immediately ordered Guinness as an appetizer.

Luckily, we got there about 10 minutes before the cook left, so we had just enough time to get an order in for two burgers.

The burgers were a tad dry. The fries tasted a little frozen. And the bacon wasn’t even a wee bit crispy. But after a long day of schlepping our luggage, trying to comfortably sleep on trains, and an extra two-mile walk, these burgers hit the spot like nothing else could.

After dinner we walked back to the B&B and practically face-planted into bed.

It may not have been the most eventful first night in Limerick, but I’m certainly not complaining. I’ll be back Sunday with a recap of Limerick (hint — it’s good), so until then…

What do you think, eaters:

Have you ever traveled by train?

What’s something that almost always hits the spot?

G’night eaters!