Taco Truck Tortas

Howdy-doody eaters!

That was kind of a weird greeting. Let’s move on.

There’s a taco truck that parks down the street from my house every night — the La Azteca truck, for any locals who are interested. It’s actually right across the street from my Crossfit box and there have been many nights during running WODs that I’ve very seriously considered just running right over and getting some tacos.

Leon and I have been there a few times. We walk down with Charlie and sit in the folding chairs. The food is pretty great. It’s not like our regular dollar tacos, but since the truck is owned by the same restaurant the food is just as good.

Charlie has pretty bad manners.

Charlie has pretty bad manners.

And it only took us a couple of visits to establish our favorite dish — the torta with chorizo.

It’s this ah-maze-ing sandwich made with ground meat, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and refried beans.

The torta.

The torta.

The refried beans really make the sandwich. They take it from being a lame ground meat sandwich to being a serious thing.

One of us has gotten it every time we’ve gone to the taco truck. It’s that good.

(The fish tacos, which I think is what they were originally known for, were good, but not phenomenal.)

Fish tacos.

Fish tacos.

And while I’m not normally one to try to re-create my favorite restaurant dishes at home (because they’re really never as good and it takes away my excuse for getting take out), I figured that this sandwich was an easy one to make myself.


Ground chorizo, red cabbage slaw with lime, jalapenos, plain yogurt, and refried beans on a small loaf of wheat bread.

Red cabbage slaw.

Red cabbage slaw.


Ehh, not as phenomenal. I could have gone with a firmer, less doughy bread. The slaw was good, but I think I should have gone simpler and stuck with lettuce and tomato. But even with those little misses, m’gosh this was a delicious sandwich.

This is one serious sandwich.

This is one serious sandwich.

A really, really delicious sandwich.

So delicious that I literally inhaled in. It was messy and beastly and amazing. Not quite ah-maze-ing, but close enough. And it still gives me an excuse to walk down to the taco truck.

taco truck torta6

Your turn, eaters:

Do you like to re-create restaurant meals at home?

What’s your favorite kind of food truck?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Good Groceries

G’day eaters!

This week is kicking my butt a little. As in, I fell asleep as soon as I climbed into bed at 10pm last night. I tried so hard to stay awake, but I failed miserably.

(Side note: my mind is in such work mode that I almost typed “10p” instead of “10pm,” because that’s how we write times at work. And I spend a lot of time writing out times.)

Link up your WIAW posts below! <3

New to the party? [click here] for more info on our Wednesday shenanigans! 

So here’s yesterday’s food.


Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and cheese, with an apricot on the side.

Scrambled eggs with bell pepper and cheese, with an apricot on the side.

I felt the need to eat somewhat healthy yesterday since I barely even thought about vegetables while at the beach. Also, I was dying to eat an apricot.

Apricots are one of my favorite fruits, but I never buy them because they’re so expensive. And because half their weight is air and a pit.


Sadly, these apricots weren’t too great, which only reaffirmed my thought that I like them dried better than fresh.


Nachos made with tortilla chips, TJ's black bean dip, avocado, Wholly Salsa, jalapeños, Cabot cheddar, and hot sauce.

Nachos made with tortilla chips, TJ’s black bean dip, avocado, Wholly Salsa, jalapeños, Cabot cheddar, and hot sauce.

As I was unpacking groceries on Monday I was dreaming up this lunch. I love breakfast nachos and having fresh avocado, homegrown jalapenos, and black bean dip from Trader Joe’s makes them all the better.


Bean and chicken bake.

Bean and chicken bake.

I got the idea for this recipe from Kath’s blog. I was drawn to it because it’s so versatile and we always have chicken in the freezer. Here’s my scaled down version with white kidney beans, grape tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, and a bone-in skin-on chicken thigh and leg.

Bean and Chicken Bake

Yields 2 servings

1 can beans, drained and rinsed

2 c vegetables, chopped

2 T fresh herbs, chopped

1 T oil, plus a little extra

1 T acid

2 chicken pieces

salt and pepper

Mix the beans, vegetable, herbs, oil, and acid in a baking dish with salt and pepper.

Rub oil over the tops of the chicken and add salt and pepper. Place the chicken in the baking dish on top of the bean mixture.

Bake at 425F for 35-45 minutes, depending what parts of the chicken you use.

This dinner ended up being delicious, without being too wintery. And it was a great way to use up our small stash of tomatoes, since neither Leon nor I eat raw tomatoes.


Throughout the day I kept dipping my hand into a tub of Trader Joe’s animal crackers and sipping some of my homebrewed kombucha.

And there you have it — a pretty normal day of eats. If I was more sensible about my snacking I would have kept my hands out of the cookie jar and instead made myself a solid afternoon snack, but that didn’t happen. Not yesterday. not today. And I won’t have time for it tomorrow, either.

Maybe Friday?

Your turn, eaters:

What are some of your favorite groceries that you rarely buy?

Are you a snacker/mini-meal person or a grazer?

Later eaters!

Science and Beans

G’day eaters!

How have your lives been?

It still feels a bit weird to me that I only post once or twice a week now. But now that I have cut back I marvel at the fact that I used to come up with things to post about 5 days a week.

But then again, I’m doing a lot less experimenting and recipe creating these days. I’ve gotten busier and dinner has to be on the table every night, so playing and picture taking has taken a back seat.

I did get to play a little yesterday, though, which was…interesting.

Actually, the words I used to describe dinner when I texted Leon was that it was a “science experiment.”

Doesn’t that sound appetizing?


My plan was to make a big pot of black beans similar to these delicious ones and serve them along side some tofu tacos.

Doesn’t that sound like a really great dinner? I sure thought so. And I’d been excited for it since I planned it out on Sunday.

Unfortunately, I had a little bean hubris.

As I was draining and rinsing my soaked beans I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m so glad I cook my own beans. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t cook their own beans. It’s so easy.”acid and alkaline beans1

I totally jinxed myself, because at 6 o’clock (we eat around 8 o’clock), after literally multiple hours of boiling my beans, the beans were still hard.

They weren’t little rocks, but they were far from the soft pillows that these black beans are supposed to be.

So I Googled. And here’s where the science comes in.

Did you know that adding acidity to beans stops them from tenderizing? You’re supposed to fully cook beans and then add wine or lime or vinegar or whatever acid you’re adding.

Did you know that adding something alkaline (like a pinch of baking soda) to the cooking water speeds up the tenderizing of your beans?acid and alkaline beans2

Did you know that if you totally screw up your beans by adding the juice of a whole lime after only boiling them for a few minutes you can add a couple of pinches of baking soda and it will help (but not totally save) your beans?

Did you know that since I learned this I have been obsessively looking up the alkaline levels of foods? And doing that has confused me a lot, which is just one of the many reasons I’m not a scientist. (Another reason is that I got a 25/100 on the botany exam I was studying for in that original black beans post.)


Now we know!

And luckily, Leon claims to like his beans a little crunchy.

Isn’t he sweet?

Your turn, eaters:

What was the last cooking trick you learned?

Are you any good at science?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Cheesy

Hellooo eaters!

I’m smack dab in the middle of another busy day and I’m trying to keep myself pumped up and going.

Ya know, #SoProductiveItHurts.

So let’s do this…

Breakfast #1:

Self explanatory.

Do you know what this means?

It means I finally bit the bullet and went to Crossfit at 6:30am on a day when I worked 10am-3pm and then went to class from 4pm-8pm. And I’m so glad I did because…


I don’t remember anything about Crossfit yesterday except for the fact that I DID KIPPING PULL UPS!

I did several pairs of kipping pull ups. And I was so shocked and excited when I got that first one that I almost jumped down off the bar.

It was freaking awesome!

Breakfast #2:

Savory oats with spinach, cheese, chia seeds, and a fried egg.

Can you tell that my fridge is getting bare?

Oh well, this was tasty and pretty darn close to Zone balanced.

Snack #1:

A carrot with sunflower seed butter. Half a cheese on rye sandwich. Assorted Jelly Bellys.

I didn’t get to take my break and eat my snack until much later than I had hoped, so I went with the carrot and sunflower seed butter and DIDN’T scrape the container clean in hopes of not ruining my appetite for lunch.


Leftover seitan chili with cheese.

Leftovers are my favorite, especially when I can use someone’s microwave to heat them up.

Ya, I don’t have a microwave.

Snack #2:

After my second cup of coffee and my first class I scarfed down my mini cheese on rye sandwich with a side of Jelly Belly. Then I spent two hours playing with text on Photoshop.


Baked chicken breast stuffed with balsamic Swiss chard, and roasted red and sweet potatoes.

This was already in the oven by the time I got home from school, which was beyond wonderful.


A sliver of cake and an extra hot cup of tea ended my night and warmed me up a bit in my extra cold house.

Did I mention the gas for our heat isn’t getting turned on until Monday? Yeah, this cold business is getting old.

Side note — Did you see how I managed to work cheese into most of my meals/snacks yesterday? I only missed breakfast #1, snack #1, and dinner. Oh, and dessert. Does that make me a winner?

Your turn, eaters:

Do you eat dessert at home?

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? How many is too many? Same question about cheese.

Later eaters!

WIAW: 16 Hour Day

HI eaters!

Today is going to be another very long, very busy day. So I’m trying to frontload it with coffee.

That’ll work, right?

And since I’m busy and tired and stressed today, I figure it’s only fitting that I show you my eats from another day that I was busy and tired and stressed this week.

5:30 am:

Pluot, sunflower seed butter, and half a liter of water.

Fruit and fat works for getting me through an early Crossfit session, so I’m not planning on changing it anytime soon.


GNC chocolate egg protein and half a liter of water.

Skill work was the balance snatch, which for some reason I had a lot of trouble with. The WOD, though, was tons of fun.

5 rounds:

5 deadlifts

5 hang cleans

5 push presses

5 front squats

It was fast and challenging and each round could be done seamlessly, so it was like a game.


Eggs scrambled with some leftover rice and beans from a Qdoba burrito bowl and some chips.

Leftovers are awesome. And I have to say, Qboda’s chips are way better than Chipotle’s. (But everything else of Chipotle’s is better.)


Cracked pepper deli meat, a pluot, and sunflower seed butter.

This came after a minor freakout.

Also add in there some cookie dough and a cookie.

Mama Pea's zucchini chocolate chip cookies.


I took a carrot and a single serve packet of Justin’s Maple Almond butter with me to work, but I didn’t get a picture of either.


Slow cooked beef with lettuce, homemade babba ganoush, and homemade pita bread.

This was waiting for me — with a beer — when I got home. Having a boyfriend who can cook is ah-maze-ing.

By the time I got home from work I’d been on the move for over 16 hours. Today is looking more like 11 hours, which really is a huge difference.

(Side note — I know there are undoubtedly people out there who work 12 and 16 hour days regularly and you totally get my respect.)

Hopefully, I’ll handle the stress a little better.

Your turn, eaters:

What do you eat on days when you’re crazy busy?

How do you keep your energy up for a long day?

Later eaters!

PS — Thanks to Jenn for hosting this link up party, especially when her husband got home from a 7 month leave and she definitely wants to be spending all her time with him.

Rate the Recipe: Oxygen’s Bean Burgers

G’day eaters!

Great news today — I got my stitches out!

(If you missed all the stitches and mole talk, please check out my post: PSA: Moles.)

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I got my moles removed so today I finally got to have the stitches taken out and get my COMPLETELY CLEAR pathology report.

I wasn’t all that worried, but it’s nice to know that I won’t have to go back to get more cut out. (At least not from those moles. I still have a lot more.)

And now that that stress is gone, let’s talk about another stress in my life — dinner.

Back in the day dinner wasn’t a big deal. I’d cook big meals a few times a week (usually for lunch) and then eat leftovers, so I rarely had to muster the energy to cook after a long day. Now, with the whole co-habitation thing, dinner needs to be cooked (and planned for!) every night.

Luckily, Leon loves cooking as much as I do, so I’m rarely alone in the kitchen. But I am generally alone when it comes to planning meals. And that’s the hard part.

So lately I’ve found myself relying on magazine recipes to fill in the holes between recipes I’ve thought of myself. I used to NEVER make magazine recipes and only rarely ever followed other recipes, so this is kind of a big deal to me.

And I’m discovering, as I assume most recipe-followers have before me, that just because it’s in a magazine doesn’t mean that it’s a good recipe. (Oh, and it NEVER turns out like the picture.)

I’ve talked in the past (in my recipe “I Hope You’ve Learned” Tacos) about how to spot a bad recipe and use it as inspiration, but what about those recipes that look good?

So today we’re going to play a little game I like to call “Rate the Recipe.”

Today’s recipe comes to us from the July issue of Oxygen Magazine: Bistro-Style White Bean Burgers

Don’t they look promising? Yeah, I was super jazzed to find this recipe because it 1) fulfilled one of my vegetarian meals for the week, 2) looked stupid easy to make, 3) could be made ahead off time and baked later, and 4) must be pretty healthy since the recipe was coming from a fitness magazine whose pages are chock full o’ads for supplements.

The reality of it:

  • Things took FOR-EH-VER to chop. Part of that could have been because I used Baby Bella mushrooms instead of regular Portobello, but I doubt that contributed too much.

Just a small fraction of the chopping.

  • The baking time was off. I ended up having to bake these patties for an extra 10 minutes at 350F to keep them from falling apart.
  • The measurements were not real world-compatible. I HATE recipes that leave random, small amounts of ingredients leftover. This one left less than half a can of beans, ~2/3 of a can of artichoke hearts (which I don’t even really like) and a bunch of sundried tomatoes.

This was a waste.

  • This was not all that healthy and balanced. The carbs were too high and the protein was too low. I added a second egg and I still have trouble believing that an Oxygen-style fit woman would eat this without a side of chicken breasts.

Fried eggs with a side of bean burger.

  • It was kinda tasty. All the complaining aside, this was a more than passing meal.

I would probably add more balsamic vinegar next time. (Or make a balsamic reduction without the sugar!)

And I might pulse everything in the food processor instead of chopping it.

I’d probably swap the sundried tomatoes for tomato paste.

And maybe I would do half beans and half tempeh (because it’s a dang good combination, as evidenced by these meatless balls).

And the artichoke hearts would probably get nixed because I don’t think they added anything.

I would definitely add salt and pepper.

But all in all, this wasn’t a bad burger-thing. I’d give it a 7.5/10 for taste and a 4.5/10 for the actual recipe. So take that for what it’s worth.

What do you think, eaters:

Are you a recipe-follower?

What’s your recipe pet peeve?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Full on Health

Hiya eaters!

I’m feeling long winded tonight, so I’m going to jump right into it.

After a weekend of moderate indulgence and sparse activity, I was so ready and EXCITED to jump feet first into some health. And jump in I did.


My alarm went off at 5:15am. I immediately chugged my pre-breakfast half-liter of water and got dressed for Crossfit.

This is how I feel about being up before the sun.

My box’s only session yesterday was at 6am and I wasn’t going to miss it (because Crossfit is expensive and the more classes I take the more I’m getting my money worth).

Breakfast 1:

Ezekiel toast with a thin schmear of Crofters Just Fruit jam.

Simple and complex carbs for energy and then a protein shake — GNC amp wheybolic protein powder made with half iced coffee and half water — for my muscles.


After a warmup of mostly running, we worked a bit on deadlifts and a lot on cleans. Both are Olympic lifts and both are hard.

This is how I felt after Crossfit.

Breakfast 2:

Two slices of bacon and two carrots.

Take this as a sign of how empty our fridge was.

Prepping for health:

I made a meal plan on the car ride home, so I was ready to shop when Whole Foods opened their doors.


Organic cage free eggs, organic tomato paste, organic tomato sauce, organic diced tomatoes, organic peaches, organic curly kale, bananas, fresh mozzarella, organic frozen berries, 365 Brand low fat plain yogurt, organic orange bell peppers, organic red cabbage, halibut filets, organic apples, Edenwood soy milk, and two kinds of Annie’s salad dressing.

I then did a wee bit of food prep for the week.

I peeled and frozen banana chunks for smoothies…

Pressed and cooked tofu…

Chopped salad veg…

And soaked, cooked, marinated, and roasted chickpeas.


Red leaf lettuce, orange bell peppers, red cabbage, carrots, avocado, roasted chickpeas, and balsamic dressing.

With so much health and produce flying around I was jazzed for lunch.

A peach and plain yogurt.

And I’m in love with this 365 Brand plain, low fat yogurt. It’s tangier and thicker than regular yogurt, but not as much as Greek yogurt, so it’s the perfect middle ground for Leon (who doesn’t like Greek yogurt) and me (who does).


I took a two hour nap. But when you add that two hours to the time I woke up, it’s still like I woke up at 7:15am, so I’m okay with it.


Half a banana, half a kale leaf (I'll add more next time), frozen berry medley, soy milk, yogurt, chia seeds, and a small drizzle of honey.

I’ve never been a smoothie person because I need to chew to feel satiated. But as it gets hotter and I get busier I’m giving them another chance. And this was dang tasty.


While I was in class discussing important things, Leon was at home making these really awesome stuffed peppers.

Peppers stuffed with vegetables and tomato-y millet.

No seriously, these were the best stuffed peppers I’ve ever had. Too bad he didn’t write down any measurements.

Things you didn’t see:

A couple of small pb spoons. Two and a half liters of water. A couple of those roasted chickpeas.

It was a long day and I fell asleep early, but it was also a crazy productive and crazy healthy day.

I’d say that made the 5:15am alarm and all the running around worth it. Now someone give me a cookie before I get too healthy.

Your turn, eaters:

Do you prep food for the week?

What do you eat when your fridge is really empty?

Later eaters!

Compromising Your Diet

Hi eaters!

Let’s get down to real talk, shall we?


Real talk topic of the day: Compromising your diet.

Now when I say “diet” I do now and always will mean your dietary choices. I don’t think I’ll ever talk about weight loss plans or the Zone or whatever else people follow to lose “those last ten pounds.”

No, today I want to talk about your dietary choices and when and why you choose to compromise them.

Ya see eaters, I may not be vegan or vegetarian anymore, but I still like to eat that way most of the time. Of course I enjoy a nice block of cheese or bacon-y treat, but I don’t like that to be my usual fare.

No, I’d be more than happy eating a vegetarian diet that’s dotted with meat, not the other way around.

Leon, on the other hand, loves meat.

I think that growing up his family, like most families in America, built their meals around a meaty center. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Meat is (usually) delicious and it’s easy to think of vegetables and the like as side dishes.

I mean, that seems to be how American cuisine works.

The problem, though, comes now that Leon and I are living together and planning our meals together.

I want the equivalent of Meatless Monday through Thursday and he doesn’t want a dinner of side dishes, as he calls a lot of vegetarian meals. Add on to that that I’ve gone from cooking 2-3 times a week and then eating lots of leftovers to cooking every night (and not having a microwave for easy leftover eating), and you can see how I’m a bit thrown for a loop here.

I’ve been trying my damndest to think of great, hearty, healthy vegetarian fare that will please my need for cheap meat-free meals and Leon’s need for a centered meal.

So, what else do I turn to other than…beans.

Yup, I love beans. Beans are amazing. Beans are versatile. Beans don’t make you fart (when cooked properly), despite what that 10 year old down the block says.

And did I mention that they’re cheap?

Yup, I love beans.

And with a little help from my food processor, I was able to turn this big pot of beans into a dinner that satisfied both of us in more ways then one.

This was 1 1/2 c dried chickpeas.

Baked Falafel

2.5 c chickpeas (roughly 1 1/3 cans)

½ lemon, juiced

¼ c olive oil, plus some

½ t tumeric

1 ½ t cumin

1 t graham masala

1 clove garlic

1 c parsley

salt and pepper, to taste

Put the chickpeas into a food processor and whirl until they form a chunky paste, scraping the sides as necessary.

Add the remaining ingredients and pulse until evenly combined.

Form the dough into ~1/4 c patties and place on a greased baking sheet. Drizzle a little bit of oil on the top of each patty, spread it around with your fingers (or a pastry brush, if you’re fancy), and place in the oven.

Bake the patties at 375 F for 25 minutes, flip, and then bake for another 5.

Let the patties cool slightly before serving.

Speaking of serving…

I kept it simple and whipped up a quick, half-assed sauce by mixing ~1/3 c plain yogurt and ~1/4 c chopped cucumber.

A dollop of that and a falafel patty wrapped in a piece of red leaf lettuce and we were ready to go.

For pennies on the dollar (whatever that means…no really, can someone explain it to me), I had a tasty, healthy, satiating center for a vegetarian meal.

I added a side of some quick, half-assed bhindi masala (which I’ll remake with at least ¾ assedness and post the recipe for) and this was a more than legit meal.

And maybe the best part was that this makes about three servings (a serving being three single patty wraps), so I had a hearty dose of vegetables waiting for me for lunch the next day.

Always strive for leftovers.

Now if only I had a microwave to reheat the falafel with.

Your turn, eaters:

When and why do you compromise your ideal diet?

What is your ideal diet? This means what, when, and how much you eat.

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Vegetarian Plus Bacon

Hi eaters!

Leon just made himself some baked chips as a snack. I ate two, he finished them, and now I can’t stop thinking about eating more.

Yup, there’s your small talk for the day.

Moving on…

Yesterday I ate almost entirely vegetarian (without even meaning to be). And I would have been completely veg had the bacon not called to me so much from the fridge.

Proof —


Awesome blueberry bread (the recipe for which is coming tomorrow!) covered in low fat Stonyfield yogurt and slivered almonds.

This was such a deviation from my usual morning meal. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, which I think has to do with my increased activity in the morning.

A slice and a half of bacon and coffee.

I get up, walk Charlie, drink my half liter of water, play with Charlie, and then I make breakfast. (FYI — This only takes a little over an hour.) I think because I’m more awake come breakfast time I’m more able to make what I’m really in the mood for rather than what I’m used to.


Smashed avocado, Texas Pete, and salt on toasted sesame Ezekiel bread with a carrot on the side.

I had my Crossfit trial in the early afternoon, so I didn’t want to eat too much before in fear of throwing up. (FYI — I did feel like throwing up anyway.) But knowing that I definitely needed protein I ate an unpicture half piece of bacon and whipped up a slightly fancier protein drink.

GNC chocolate wheybolic protein mixed with half iced coffee and half soy milk.


To hear all about my first time at Crossfit, check out yesterday’s post (which includes a vlog!): Newbie.


Upon getting home I immediately downed two Peeps, took the dog on a quick walk with Leon, decided I was going to skip class, took a shower, and drank half a beer.


Neither Leon nor I planned ahead so we didn’t have anything prepped for dinner. So we did the next best thing.

Mexican style black bean tacos.

You really can’t beat $1 tacos and queso dip.

Chips and a half order of queso.

Just like you really can’t beat coming home to find that your dog didn’t pee, poo, or chew anything in your absence. (FYI — House training and lessening Charlie’s separation anxiety is going relatively well.)

So as you can see, save for two pieces of bacon, it was an all around healthy (though veggie-lite) and oh so tasty vegetarian day.

Your turn, eaters:

Do you ever unintentionally eat a certain way all day (vegan, vegetarian, GF, raw, etc)?

What do you do when you didn’t plan dinner?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Wine Hangover

Hi eaters!

The night is quickly getting away from me and I am determined to go to bed early to make up for last night.

Yeah…last night.

It was my friend’s 21st birthday yesterday and while that’s not really a big deal here, we decided to get a little American with it and go out drinking.

Since most of us had work today, we decided to drink civilly by going to a wine bar. I bought a half bottle of red and nursed that for a while.

And despite not drinking much and having eaten and drank plenty of water, I was still pretty hungover this morning.

Why, oh why does red wine kill me like this?

Oh well, it was a lovely night and it gave me a theme for WIAW so it was worth it.


Scrambled eggs with kale and seedy bread. 1 veg serving.

My stomach didn’t feel queasy until I started eating this. I choked it all down, though, because my appetite has been ravenous in the morning lately.


Coffee and Hale & Hearty Salt & Vinegar Rice & Corn Snacks.

We were out of coffee filters and today was definitely a coffee day.


Red leaf lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, yellow bell pepper, steamed purple sprouting broccoli, smoke tofu. 3 veg servings.

This got topped with some diluted BBQ sauce and I was quite happy. Though I’m quickly realizing that I need to cut my cabbage smaller in the future.


The shells of 2 clementines.

By this point I was falling asleep at my desk, so I devoured these little cuties hoping the smell of citrus would wake me up. (I read somewhere a long time ago that citrus scents are energizing.)

I didn’t work so I resorted to Plan B.

Coffee and Hale & Hearty's Choco Jungle and Honey Bee Pops mixed together.

I don’t like how much caffeine I’m drinking, but I’m pretty sure my boss wouldn’t like me sleeping on my keyboard even more.

Gym fuel:

FAGE, muesli, and Linwood ground goodness.

I was probably more thirsty than hungry, but I didn’t want to risk getting hungry at the gym.


20 minutes of treadmill intervals (does anyone know was a speed of 10 on a kilometer treadmill equates to for a miles treadmill?) plus 10 minutes on the stair master plus 10 minutes of stretching.

I just realized today that my gym has foam rollers, so if you have any links to how to use those things, pleasepleasePLEASE post them in the comments. I want to understand the hype.


Baked potato, bean mixture, and smoked gouda. 1.5 veg servings.

Yes eaters, that is a purple baked potato. What can I say, I really like purple.

The end.

Your turn, eaters:

Is there one drink that always gives you a hangover even when you don’t have that much?

Do you use a foam roller? Do you like it?

G’night eaters!