Did You Know…Mole Health

Helloooooo eaters!

As I mentioned on Tuesday, it’s time for the latest installment of me telling you to wear sunscreen and measure your moles.

Last time I talked about skin health I think I told you to take nudies. Not for sexting purposes, mind you, but so you can see if new moles are developing.

The faint scar from my first mole removal, when I was about 8.

The faint scar from my first mole removal, when I was about 8.

Did you know … that after you have gone through puberty your moles shouldn’t be changing, nor should you be developing new moles?

Did you know … that the oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate in most sunscreens have been linked to skin cancer? (Source.)

My worst mole scar.

My worst mole scar.

Did you know … that you should wear sunscreens that are between 15-50 SPF and that contain mineral ingredients, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide? (Source.)

Did you know … that you should avoid sunscreen sprays because you can inhale them and it’s really hard to put enough on? (Psst, CVS-brand baby sunscreen fulfills all of these requirements and was about $4.)

My best mole scar.

My best mole scar.

Did you know … that if your dermatologist’s office has more advertisements for wrinkle care and beauty treatments than information about skin health, you should probably find a new dermatologist?

Did you know … that I’ve had seven moles cut out, two of them were cut twice, and five were in the last 14 months, and that I’m due to get a mole removed from my forehead?

mole scars5

One of my latest mole removals.

But the most important “Did you know …” of them all:

Did you know … that I will spend $100s of dollars on sunscreen and get every single mole cut off if I need to, because skin cancer is the most common form of cancer (roughly 3.6 million cases predicted for 2013, which is nearly half of all cancers), but it is also the most preventable. (Source.)

So please, for the love of deities, stop tanning (that definitely includes tanning beds!). Wear a hat. Wear sunscreen. Avoid the sun at its peak hours.

Don’t let yourself become part of that skin cancer statistic.

What do you think, eaters:

How do you protect yourself from the sun?

How do you feel about your doctors?

Later eaters!

Science and Beans

G’day eaters!

How have your lives been?

It still feels a bit weird to me that I only post once or twice a week now. But now that I have cut back I marvel at the fact that I used to come up with things to post about 5 days a week.

But then again, I’m doing a lot less experimenting and recipe creating these days. I’ve gotten busier and dinner has to be on the table every night, so playing and picture taking has taken a back seat.

I did get to play a little yesterday, though, which was…interesting.

Actually, the words I used to describe dinner when I texted Leon was that it was a “science experiment.”

Doesn’t that sound appetizing?


My plan was to make a big pot of black beans similar to these delicious ones and serve them along side some tofu tacos.

Doesn’t that sound like a really great dinner? I sure thought so. And I’d been excited for it since I planned it out on Sunday.

Unfortunately, I had a little bean hubris.

As I was draining and rinsing my soaked beans I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m so glad I cook my own beans. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t cook their own beans. It’s so easy.”acid and alkaline beans1

I totally jinxed myself, because at 6 o’clock (we eat around 8 o’clock), after literally multiple hours of boiling my beans, the beans were still hard.

They weren’t little rocks, but they were far from the soft pillows that these black beans are supposed to be.

So I Googled. And here’s where the science comes in.

Did you know that adding acidity to beans stops them from tenderizing? You’re supposed to fully cook beans and then add wine or lime or vinegar or whatever acid you’re adding.

Did you know that adding something alkaline (like a pinch of baking soda) to the cooking water speeds up the tenderizing of your beans?acid and alkaline beans2

Did you know that if you totally screw up your beans by adding the juice of a whole lime after only boiling them for a few minutes you can add a couple of pinches of baking soda and it will help (but not totally save) your beans?

Did you know that since I learned this I have been obsessively looking up the alkaline levels of foods? And doing that has confused me a lot, which is just one of the many reasons I’m not a scientist. (Another reason is that I got a 25/100 on the botany exam I was studying for in that original black beans post.)


Now we know!

And luckily, Leon claims to like his beans a little crunchy.

Isn’t he sweet?

Your turn, eaters:

What was the last cooking trick you learned?

Are you any good at science?

Later eaters!

Queen of the Stubborn Masses

Alright eaters,

Real talk time.

I’m a stubborn ass. And you’re probably a stubborn ass, too.

Here’s why:

We’re fighting our bodies and we freaking need to stop.

We all get injured. We pull a muscle. We push too hard. We rip calluses. We twist ankles and knock things out of whack and do a number of other things to hurt our bodies.

And that’s fine. When you work hard on your fitness that’s kinda the name of the game.

BUT there’s a big rule in that game that says that if you get injured you need to slow down, take it easy, even go as far as to take a couple of full rest days.

Unfortunately, no one does that like they should. I know I’m guilty of trying to fight through an injury and even thinking that working out will heal the injury. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. Ahem ahem.

This is us fighting our bodies. And it’s stupid.

You workout to better your body.

Sure, the endorphins and body confidence you get are pretty damn nice. But the root of it all is that we workout to better our bodies.

So if your body is injured in any way, shape, or form and needs rest, but you don’t give it that much needed rest, you’re negating the whole point of the workout.rest day

Are you picking up what I’m putting down, eaters?

Let’s take it up another notch: professional athletes.

If you follow sports at all (or watch The League, which might be my favorite show ever, though it’s pretty vulgar, fyi) you know that athletes are constantly missing games or taking days off from practice for sprained fingers and pulled muscles and turf toe.

Of course we’re not getting paid millions of dollars for our workouts, but we can still take a lesson from professional athletes, because (aside from all the concussions) they take amazing care of their bodies because their bodies make the money. (And without our healthy bodies we couldn’t make the money or take care of our families or do just about anything, so…)

Take rest days! Baby your body! Don’t injure your finger while throwing out your gum!

And before you think I’m standing on a soapbox preaching to the stubborn masses, this spiel was spurred by my own stupidity.

My bad back and hip have been acting up something nasty because I was hobbling around (and putting all my weight on my bad side) for days after getting another chunk cut out of my leg (which I also didn’t rest enough after).

So yeah, just call me Queen of the Stubborn Masses.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you fight through an injury?

What do you do on your rest days?

Later eaters!

A Few Goals

‘Ello eaters!

I spent all New Years day lying in bed with the second or third worst hangover of my life. It included the never ending precursor to a migraine that never actually started and a good bit of nausea whenever I lay on my back.

Aren’t you glad I told you that?

To make up for that TMI, here’s a picture of my brother in a suit. 

So while it wasn’t the most awesome way to spend the first day of 2013, it did give me a lot of time to think.

2012 was a phenomenal year for me.

I lived in London.

I had a great internship.

I went to Ireland with my boyfriend where I did NOT propose to him. (Oh, I never told you that funny story?)

I went to Paris twice.

I moved in with my boyfriend and started figuring out what kind of house person I am. Spoiler alert: not the obsessively clean kind.

I got the cutest, greatest, most wonderfully snuggly and adorable puppy in the world that is currently curled up in a little pretzel ball between Leon and I in bed.

I started doing Crossfit.

I hosted Thanksgiving.

Yeah, it’s been a big year. A stressful, crazy, trying, exciting, amazing, weird as fuck year.

And now I’m preparing for this new frontier year where I’ll be graduating from college and … doing other things.

And while I’m doing all these other things, I also have a few goals that I want to accomplish.

Side note: I’m calling them goals instead of resolutions because resolutions have a negative, stressful connotation. And because as Caitlinsaid far more eloquently than me, I don’t need another stressor. It’s not always about “doing more things more efficiently.”

One of my many plates of appetizers that I ate at my friends' paleo NYE party.

Anyway, my goals this year are simple.

First and foremost, I want to give more to charity. There are several causes that I’ve felt particularly drawn recently — a lot of pet rescues and childhood hunger charities. I want to donate to those causes, which means that I need to restructure my budgeting to allow for that. I want to volunteer, which means that I need to restructure my time to allow for that.

Second, I want to go on a vacation. Leon and I started a little savings jar with the hope that we’ll eventually be able to go on a vacation. We don’t know where. It won’t be extravagant. But it would be nice to go away for a few days.

Third, I want to read more. I’m not going to quantify this goal, because it’s kind of hard to read too much during the semester. But it’s just something for me to keep in mind.

Fourth, I want to drink a little less. It’s not that I drink all that much now, but I could always stand to drink less, right? Right!

Fifth, I want to eat more donuts. They’re one of my all time favorite foods and I think I can count on two hands the number of donuts that I ate last year. That’s less than one a month, which I deem despicable.

So there you have it, all the things I wish I were doing today instead of trying not to throw up and simultaneously wishing I had a big, juicy bacon cheeseburger. It’s a wild and crazy life I lead.

Your turn, eaters:

How did you spend the first day of 2013?

Do you have any goals or resolutions?

Later eaters!

Bad Hush Puppies

G’day eaters!

It’s be an almost extremely, definitely painfully long day over here. I had a ton of trouble sleeping last night — which never happens, by the way — and that just messed my whole day up.

By once I got off work I put my feet up and watched that episode of The Office from the second season where Micheal grills his foot on the George Foreman he keeps by his bed to cook bacon (which I am so jealous of!) and I instantly felt significantly better.

So now that that little story is over with, let’s talk about my failures.

In case you were under any delusions of my being awesome or perfect right out of the gate, let me dash those right now: I am so not even close to perfect. I make lots of mistakes. A lot of my recipes fail and I try to take way too many shortcuts.

Which brings me to tonight: hush puppies.

I found a recipe for Georgia-style hush puppies — which are very different from North Carolina-style, by the way — from Garden & Gun magazine, because they seemed like a reliable source.

I figured out what a third of the recipe would be and mixed the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients.

I whisked the two sets on ingredients just enough to combine and then let them sit while I heated the oil.

I fried the puppies in small batches so as not to affect the oil temperature, all the while saying things like, “I should fry everything!” and “I totally understand why Paula Deen has a built in fryer.”

I decided to test one of the beautiful brown little puppies before dinner.

And this is where I discovered my problem…

Apparently a frying thermometer is important and you can’t just eyeball the temperature of the oil by dipping a wooden spoon in and seeing if it bubbles steadily (meaning the oil is about 350F) or vigorously (meaning the oil is too hot). Because if you do just eyeball it you’ll end up with half cooked hush puppies.

If you can't tell from my poor photography skills, that's the very doughy center of a hush puppy.

Womp womp.

Oh well, I popped the whole lot of them into the toaster oven for a few minutes and then we magically had fully cooked, but still not tasty hush puppies.

So let this be a lesson to you, eaters: the temperature of things is very important when cooking, and the hush puppy recipe from Garden & Gun magazine isn’t good.

Your turn, eaters:

What’s the last cooking failure you had?

Do you eat your failures?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Almost Sick

‘Ello eaters!

Yesterday was a doozy.

There’s usually about one day during the end of each semester when I start feeling sick and my body starts subconsciously pushing me towards curling up in bed in the fetal position, but I can’t so I keep plodding along all the while thinking about my bed and rest and relaxation.

Isn’t the life of a college student so wild and exciting?!

Anyway, yesterday was that day. So I pulled out all the stops to keep myself moving, as happy as possible, and as healthy as possible.

Breakfast #1:

Half an apple with pb.

Oh look, it’s an apple with pb. How surprising!


I wasn’t feeling too sick yesterday morning, so I got up for the 6:30am session. I figured the endorphins would be good for me. And I always feel really productive after an early morning Crossfit session.

This one was a bit of a doozy. What you don’t see is that the warm up was running a mile (gah!) plus 3 rounds of 10 push ups and 10 toes-to-bar, and then the skill work was 10 rounds of 10 strict overhead presses.

So much pressing in this WOD.

So by the time we got to the WOD, I was a little gassed.

Oh well, I still got a new push press max of 65lbs!


I’m doing a project for my Photoshop class that requires me to bake a pie. Not bad, right?

Well it meant that I ran home, got the kitchen photography-quality clean, and started baking by 8am so I wouldn’t lose the good light.

Breakfast #2:

Eggs poached in marinara sauce and topped with cheddar cheese.

While the pie dough was chilling I ate breakfast. I crave weird foods when I’m sick. Proof: I’m eating pie with cream, bacon, and cheddar cheese for breakfast this morning.

So while I really wanted pizza for breakfast, I settled for something a little healthies.


At this point I was still on the verge of being sick, so I thought I could keep it at bay with some home remedies I read on Brittany’s blog a while back. I drank a few cups of “tea” — 1 ½ T apple cider vinegar, ½ T honey, and hot water — and sucked on a few cloves of garlic.

Half a garlic clove for each cheek.

Oh, and I slammed vitamin C pills by the handful.

All of this stuff was helping, but something popped up and I ended up having to dash out and abandon my efforts.


Once I’d dashed back in, I was starving and had very little time before class. So I ate the slice of pie that I photographed.

A slice of apple cranberry galette.

Because if you see photos of food where one serving is plated, just assume that I ate that serving 5 minutes after taking the picture.

The last couple of bites of an andouille sausage.

But pie doesn’t count as lunch, so I cooked up a sausage.


Pasta carbonara with Brussels sprouts.

This was my attempt at a quickt, somewhat nutritious dinner.

And as you can see, my meals weren’t exactly the most Zone-friendly in the world. I was good up until breakfast #2. And lunch probably wasn’t far off considering there was only 1 c flour and 1 T sugar in the whole pie, and that sausage was huge.

But I’m not too broken up about it. I went to Crossfit and reaaaaally pushed myself. I drank 2.5L of water, which is 0.5L over my goal. And I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t a whole, real food.

So I’ll take it and try to do better today.

Your turn, eaters:

For all you food bloggers, do you eat the food you use as a model as soon as your done or does it go back into the dish for later?

Got any cold remedies you want to pass on?

Later eaters!

Tightening Up The Dough

G’evening eaters!

It’s Monday, right?

I keep forgetting what day it is because I keep thinking about Thursday, which is when I have a HUGE presentation for my major. Does that ever happen to you, where you’re thinking about one day so much that you forget what day it is?

Anyway … let’s get serious, shall we?

Lately I’ve been feeling a little…doughy.

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving and then having to take down my training a few notches for the weeks while my back was healing, the only intensity I’ve been showing is in my ability to eat pie.

This pie lasted more than a day and less than a week.

No seriously, let’s not talk about how long this pie lasted.

Or how long the half a pumpkin pie and half an apple pie that Leon’s family sent us home with lasted.

And because of a lot more homework (because of this HUGE presentation!) and a lot less meal planning, I’ve been eating a lot more bars.

I like bars well enough and they’re awesome in a pinch. But it shouldn’t be a pinch every single day when I need a snack.

Oh, and I also recently bought two big bags of M&Ms — almond and pretzel varieties — because I had coupons and I’m an idiot. If I buy food I’m going to eat it, duh.

And in this case those two sharing bags of M&Ms lasted about 5 days (with a little of Leon’s help, of course).

Yup, I’m feeling doughy.

And since I’m not a bear and thus don’t need to fatten up for winter, I’m looking to shed a bit of this warmth that I’m carrying around.

For me, with everything that I’ve got going on right now, that means that I don’t have the time or energy to do some big cleanse or reset or diet overhaul. It means little tweaks to tighten up my diet and re-intensify my workouts.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

First, re-committing to the Zone.

I did a post a while back after I went to a nutrition lecture my Crossfit box help. The lecture was pretty much teaching us the Zone with some Paleo ideas sprinkled in. I’m not too interested in going Paleo, but the Zone ideas of balancing carbs, fat, and protein (by eating them in 9g, 3g, and 7g “blocks,” respectively) really hit home with me. And for the bit of time that I was pretty diligent about it, it really worked.

So I’m going back to being diligent about the Zone. Well, diligent except for counting fat grams because I’m a “more the merrier” kind of girl when it comes to fat.

Second, I’m committing to going to Crossfit at least 4 times a week.

Since my back started bothering me I’ve been going to Crossfit 3 times a week. Before then I was going 4 or 5 times a week and really kicking butt. Part of my slacking is that I’ve gotten busy and pack of it is that I’m lacking a little mojo since my injury. But I’m sick of those excuses. So hopefully that extra day will help bring back my warrior spirit.

Third, I’m going to drink at least 2L of water every day.

This is another thing that’s been falling off lately. And frankly, I’m sick of getting 1.5L and calling it good (not to mention that my lips and skin are feeling a little too dry).  So that’s another thing that will soon be hitting the mark. (Which means that I need to get chugging because I’m not even at a full 1.5L yet.)

And that’s it.

Like I said, this is not the time to do a major dietary overhaul or a cleanse or cut out gluten. I’m busy with school. I’m busy with work. I’m busy with feeling guilty for procrastinating cleaning the house because it makes me feel like a bad woman that Leon has to come home to a mess. And I’m busy trying to figure out why the hell my internal monologue is a Stepford wife.

So as you can see, I’m pretty busy.

And even if I wasn’t busy, those three tweaks would usually be enough. They are minimal enough to be doable but getting me consciously thinking about making healthier decisions.

I can almost feel the dough melting off already.

Your turn, eaters:

What’s the first thing you tweak when your habits have gotten a little unhealthy?

What’s your favorite food to indulge in?

G’night eaters!

A Gloriously Lazy Weekend

Hiya eaters!

This weekend has been beyond ah-maze-ing!

Leon and I realized that we haven’t had a weekend where one or both of us wasn’t working or we didn’t have something to do since September! And it’s not that we don’t love being busy and having fun things to do on the weekends.

But this weekend we did ab-so-lute-ly nothing that we had to do and we didn’t have any semblance of a schedule and it was glorious.

I also didn’t stress about taking lots of pictures, so there are some holes.

Oh well, my pants have holes in them too, so obviously I don’t mind.

On Friday Leon and I got off work and immediately got in of bed. We didn’t leave bed except to eat and pee. It was pretty fabulous. And the venison steak Leon cooked for dinner wasn’t half bad either.

Saturday Leon and I had big plans to get our first Christmas tree!

This is not where we got our tree.

We picked up our Christmas tree from Leon’s work where they were selling trees as a fundraiser, which just happened to be close to the farmers market. So of course, we swung buy.

We picked up half a peck of apples (for a school project that I’ll definitely be sharing with you eaters), a dozen eggs (for only $3!), and a pound of chorizo sausage, among a few other things.

Obviously, this shopping trip made me very happy.

Once we were loaded up on food Leon and I walked over to the other side of the farmers market to eat at the Moose Café, a home style Southern lunch place.

How Southern are we talking?

Biscuits and apple butter Southern, of course.

And to keep the comfort food coming, I went with “Grandma’s Meatloaf” with a side of French cut green beans, roasted butternut squash, and cornbread.

The squash and cornbread weren’t too exciting, but that meatloaf was out of this world.

Is it wrong to love meatloaf? Too bad, because I do. I really really do.

After lunch and a trip to the dog park where Charlie played until he almost didn’t have the energy to walk back to the car, we came home, drank spiked cider, and decorated the tree.

An Instagrammed tree and cinnamon ornaments.

I didn’t get a picture of the tree because our lights were dead and I wanted to wait until it was all a-glow. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get a pretty picture of the tree because, when I got home from a party later Saturday night, this is what I came home to.

This was roughly half of the ornaments that were on the tree at that point (we still have about a dozen glass ones that we luckily hadn’t put up yet). And unfortunately, I don’t think my attempt to embarrass him worked.


Oh well, he’s still a puppy, right…?

At least he was extra cute and cuddly when Leon and I were being lazy bums this morning. So we rewarded his cuteness (which might be his only redeeming quality) with plenty of pizza crust from the pizza we picked up for lunch.

Finally around 2pm I got my big butt out of bed and headed downtown to do some Christmas shopping at the Holiday Hand to Hand Market.

The Hand to Hand Market is a craft fair that happens about twice a year in Greensboro. Today’s was the biggest one yet and there were a ton of great vendors.

My goal this year is to give mostly local/DIY Christmas gifts, so I was happy that I was able to pick up a few gifts.

I was also happy to get some ideas for craft projects that I can do myself.

Is it bad form to take pictures of crafts with the intention of making them later? Probably, but sometimes I’m just not willing to pay $18 for a wine bag (especially when I have a ton of craft store coupons).

With the help of a few tomatoes from the farmers market, Leon made a huge pot of salsa to get rid of the dozens of hot peppers we had leftover from our CSA. So we cooked up some of the chorizo, baked some corn tortillas into chips, and plopped it all atop big beds of CSA greens and called it dinner.

This spinach was so delicious.

This totally makes up for peppermint vodka, almond M&Ms, sour cream & onion chips, and being an extraordinarily lazy bum all weekend, right?

No? Well then I better go drink some water. Because if salad doesn’t erase bad habits, water sure does!

Your turn, eaters:

Your weekend — busy or lazy?

Do you have ANY advice at all about how to keep Charlie from chewing things when we’re not home?

G’night eaters!

My Back Is Back.

Hellooooooo eaters!

I’ve got plans soon, so I’m going to skip the long intro and just get down to business.

Remember that AWESOME news I mentioned yesterday. Well…

I went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon and he said…drum roll, please…that I was done with treatment!

How awesome is that?!

After a month of expensive, regular visits and butt tape…

This really painful bruise, and smelling like Icy Hot all the time, I am finally done!

Sorry for the awkward photo, but that big red stripe on my back is a bruise from getting scar tissue broken up.

It feels so ah-maze-ing!

I was supposed to have two more visits over the next two weeks, but the good doctor said that as long as I keep up the out of office therapy he gave me then I’ll be golden.

That news has me through the roof because 1) driving all the way out there and paying all those co-pays was annoying, and 2) the out of office therapy is stuff that I do in Crossfit anyway!

What exactly are my out of office therapies, you ask?

Foam rolling my quads.

Rolling out my hip with a lacrosse ball (which, if you’ve never rolled anything with a lacrosse ball, is far less fun than it sounds).

Box jumps and lunges and proper glute-activating squats (which are the kind of wide-kneed squats you do in Crossfit).

Not falling on my ass unevenly.

So like I said, all things that I can easily do a couple of times a week. And all things that, if I actually do a couple of times a week, will likely keep me out of the chiropractor’s office for anything other than routine maintenance.

That brings me to my next point — I am going to go back for regular maintenance. I’m not sure how often, a lot of that will depend on my insurance, but I’m thinking once every other month.

And I’m perfectly okay with that. Some people baulk at the idea of going to a chiropractor regularly. I don’t because 1) my issue is my SI joint, which isn’t controlled my muscles or tendons, so it’s like a tooth in that it will go wherever it’s pushed and needs regular correction to stay in line, and 2) I never baulk at the idea of regular, non-chemical maintenance for my body.

Heck, we don’t baulk at getting an oil change for our cars every 3 or 4 months, but the idea of going to a doctor every year and a chiropractor every 2 months is excessive?

Not in my book, baby.

So there you have it, eaters. My back is back to normal again. My back is back. Tell your friends.

Your turn, eaters:

Please parody a song about one of your body parts.

How do you “maintain” your body?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Good & Bad Habits

‘Ello eaters!

I got some AWESOME new today…that I’m going to share with all of you tomorrow.

I know I’m a tease, but I can’t give it all away at once. A lady makes you work for it.

Since this is the last week of WIAW where the theme is “fall into good habits” I figured it was high time I talked about habits.

If you just look at the pictures here it looks like I have pretty good habits. The food is healthy and has a good balance of carbs, fat, and protein. But for me, eating healthy meals is an easy habit. It’s what happens outside the pictures of the healthy meals that the real habit struggles happen.


Oatmeal with chia seeds and pomegranate arils, topped with pb, chocolate avocado pudding, and sprinkles, with a side of coffee and bacon.

Sure, this looks like a typical, fun bowl of blogger oats. And it definitely was! But it doesn’t show you that I kept oversleeping until I missed both my chances at Crossfit for the day, which I didn’t intend on doing at all and which I was really bummed about when I saw later that the workout was a front squat bridge and working up to max weight cleans.


Salad with leftover cranberry chutney, butternut squash and mushroom risotto, and the last of the turkey.

Does this salad mountain look just like something you would pay a lot for at Whole Foods? Aren’t I so healthy for eating salads and so thrifty for making it myself?

Yes to both of those things, but that doesn’t show you the couple of bites of pumpkin pie I ate as a snack only to find mold on it. It also doesn’t show that I took Charlie to the dog park instead of taking him for a long walk and then doing homework (while trying to train him not to climb my chair hoping to get in my lap so I don’t have to make it a habit of going to a coffee shop every time I need to do homework).


Spaghetti squash stuffed with venison meatballs and marinara and topped with cheese.

Look! I’m eating spaghetti squash to control my carb/gluten intake and yet I’m relaxed enough to put some cheese on top.

All of those things are true. It’s also true that I ate a Balance Bar for a snack, which is an expensive habit I really need to break. Just like it’s true that I got the Biscoff cookies out with the intention of eating one, but I ended up eating four.

Luckily, though, these pictures also don’t show that I did, in fact, floss yesterday, meaning that I’m slowly making a habit of flossing at least once a week.

So not all my habits are bad, right?

Your turn, eaters:

What are some habits you’re proud of?

Do you know the proper time to floss — before or after brushing?

G’night eaters!