Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth of July

Hiya eaters!

Long time so talk. How are you?

I’m…bleh. Leon and I got home from our Virginia Beach vacation last night and I’m feeling a little lazy and unmotivated. Oh well, I guess that’s what happens after a short vacation.

And since that laziness extends all the way to my blogging, I figured I’d just do a photo-dump. Also, I totally blanked on taking photos of most things, so this is the best I can do.

Car selfless with Charlie on the way up to Virginia Beach.

Car selfless with Charlie on the way up to Virginia Beach.

He's rejecting my love.

He’s rejecting my love.

This really is #nofilter.

This really is #nofilter.

We're making the same face!

We’re making the same face!

(Insert all the pictures that I didn’t take on the 4th.)

On Friday it was Leon's birthday, so we went out to dinner at Chick's Oyster Bar.

On Friday it was Leon’s birthday, so we went out to dinner at Chick’s Oyster Bar.

I ate two, which brings my lifetime raw oyster count up to three.

I ate two, which brings my lifetime raw oyster count up to three.

I love crab cakes!

I love crab cakes!

Leon requested apple pie for dessert.

Leon requested apple pie for dessert.

On Saturday we went for a family walk down by the water.

On Saturday we went for a family walk down by the water.





Charlie and Papa's dog, Toby, were exhausted after we made them exercise so much.

Charlie and Papa’s dog, Toby, were exhausted after we made them exercise so much.

An interesting, almost champagne-y beer to round out the weekend.

An interesting, almost champagne-y beer to round out the weekend.

Your turn, eaters:

What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite kind of seafood?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Back On Track

G’day eaters!

It’s Wednesday. I’m exhausted and the hard part of my week hasn’t even started yet.

How are you doing?

Ha! Sorry to complain. I’m adjusting to having two jobs (I’ll tell you more about that eventually) and still trying to figure out how to fit the rest of my life around them, so I’m a little worse for wear right now.

I’m especially worse for wear because, after a few too many days of a few too many treats and a little too little movement, I’m trying to tighten up my healthy intentions again. And I don’t care how healthy you eat or how hard you workout, getting back on track after a little detour is always hard.

It’s especially hard when all you want to eat is pizza and cake and a job that makes you especially sedentary.


Scrambled eggs with leeks and apples with cinnamon and pb.

Scrambled eggs with leeks and apples with cinnamon and pb.

I had leftover leeks that needed using and I figured they would add enough flavor to my eggs to make this very healthy, but very over-eaten breakfast more palatable. I also added some cinnamon to my apple for the same reason.


Leftover moo shu vegetables and sweet and sour chicken.

Leftover moo shu vegetables and sweet and sour chicken.

Not the healthiest (with the deep fried sweet and sour chicken), but the moo shu vegetables weren’t too bad a choice.

I followed this up with lots and lots of mints, because this was a little stinky for an office lunch.


Half an apple and pb with a GNC wheybolic protein shake to fuel me through my workout.


We did a burpee ladder yesterday and it was a surprising ass kicker.

The ladder goes: 1 burpee, 1 breath, 2 burpees, 2 breathes, 3 burpees, 3 breathes, etc. all the way up to 10 and back down. (You, of course, could breathe as much as you wanted while performing the burpees.)

I really thought it would be easy, because I can easily do 10 burpees in a row, but the breathing part kicked my ass. My body wanted to breath fast and shallow, but to maximize my rest time, I wanted to take slow and deep breathes.

I was fighting a losing battle.


Homegrown lettuce with bell peppers, cucumbers, radishes, and steak.

Homegrown lettuce with bell peppers, cucumbers, radishes, and steak.

I really wanted a frozen pizza, but we had a ton of homegrown lettuce that needed to be eaten up and, ya know, frozen pizza isn’t really the healthiest meal.

I compromised with myself by saving that if I got hungry after dinner I could have dessert — vanilla pound cake with vanilla Greek yogurt and berries — but I never got hungry.

So I ended up with a pretty damn healthy day. I managed to resist the candy dish full of peanut M&Ms, too.

In a couple of days I know that my cravings for junk food will pass and I’ll be back to my usual 75/25 (or 80/20, if I’m feeling ambitious) balance. But until then, I’ll keep chugging water and reminding myself that no one has ever died from not eating enough candy.

Your turn, eaters:

How do you handle cravings?

Tell me about the last workout you did that was a surprise ass kicker.

Later eaters!

WIAW: Hashtag Apostrophe

Whoa eaters!

I almost forgot that I promised you a WIAW post. And since I hate to break a promise…

Pre-Crossfit: apple and pb.

WOD: front squats

3-10-3-20-3-30 rep scheme. I got my 3-rep weight up to 98lbs, which pissed me off because a 100lbs front squat has been a goal of mine for months and I would have had it had I remembered that our bars are 33lbs, not 30lbs, meaning that I only had to go up 2lbs instead of 5lbs.

Weirdo breakfast:

Bacon with a side of my version of cold German potato salad.

Bacon with a side of my version of cold German potato salad.




Gap, also. And don't my arms look solid here?!

Gap, also. And don’t my arms look solid here?!

I’m attempting to find business casual attire. Would either of these dresses plus a blazer count? I didn’t get either.

Lunch & snack:

Blackened chicken wrap.

Blackened chicken wrap.

I forgot to pack a lunch so I picked this up at Whole Foods between shopping and class and ate half as lunch in the car. Then I ate the other half after my classes as a snack.

Two part dinner:

Steamed artichoke.

Steamed artichoke.

Salmon and quinoa.

Salmon and quinoa.

There was also a glass of wine and a small handful of trail mix in there.

I have been running around like crazy lately and that won’t stop until I finally get a day off next Sunday. That’s a full two weeks without a day off.

But at least I’m being productive, right?


(Fyi, the lack of an apostrophe in that hashtag annoys me so much, but it’s such a necessary hashtag in my life and I don’t want to look like a grandma/stupid celebrity that wrongly puts punctuation in hashtags, so I let it slide.)

Your turn, eaters:

What’s a food you’re looking to bring back now that it’s warming up?

What’s something from social media that annoys you?

Later eaters!

Apple Cranberry Galette

Hola eaters!

Spoiler alert: This post has nothing to do with Spanish things.

If you’re a longtime eater you may remember that a couple of years ago I decided to master piecrust. It was summer. I was living in an apartment with my friends and we were too broke to turn the AC on any cooler than 80F. My kitchen supplies were still pretty sparse and I don’t think I even knew what a pastry blender was.

In short, it was the worst possible time to try my hand at mastering something that requires cold and a bit of precision, at least in regards to how finely incorporated the butter is.

And while I did okay — thanks mostly to some tips I learned that one time I had brunch with an editor from Bon Appétit — my pies were neither perfect nor pretty. So my pie perfect summer ended and I let all forms of crust (except pizza!) fall by the wayside.

But last week, with the festive holiday spirit, along with a strong craving for more cranberries, coursing through my veins I got the pie making itch. And it just so happens that a pie, especially a rustic free-form pie, makes a wonderful photography model for a storytelling project in my digital photography class.

(FYI, I am very proud of these photos. I wish all my pictures could look this good. And hopefully if Papa/Santa decided to bring me Photoshop for Christmas, at least they can be as well edited.)

Apple Cranberry Galette

2 apples, peeled and sliced

½ c cranberries, fresh or frozen

1 T sugar

1 T honey

1 t cinnamon

½ t ground ginger

1 T orange juice


1 c all purpose flour

6 T real butter, plus a little more

1 T vodka*

1 T sugar

~1/3 c water, as needed

~2 T heavy cream

*You can use lemon juice, but I hear vodka is best.

If possible, put the flour, butter, sugar, and vodka in a food processor. Set it to “dough” and whirl away until the dough has the texture of a very thick meal. Slowly start streaming in water until the dough barely forms a ball. Wrap the dough in wax paper and chill in the fridge for ~1 hour.

Put all the ingredients for the filling in a large bowl and mix until it’s all evenly mixed. Chill the filling for ~1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 400F.

Take the dough out of the fridge, flour a surface and your hands, and roll out the dough to less than ¼” thickness. Carefully move the dough onto a baking sheet and spread a thin layer of butter over the top.

Pile the filling in the middle of the crust; you may not need it all. Gently fold up the edges, pressing them together where they overlap. Brush a little heavy cream over the crust edges and sprinkle everything with a little extra sugar.

Bake for 40-45 minutes, or until the crust is golden in most places and the fruit is just starting to darken at the edges.

Let it cool enough to touch and then cut yourself a big slice.

I highly recommend adding a heavy handed drizzle of really good quality cream. It’ll fill in all the nooks and crannies between the fruit and add a lovely cool note on a hot slice.

Of course, ice cream will do the same, but I had cream so cream was what I used.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you enjoy editing photos?

Do you prefer your pie a la mode or as is?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Almost Sick

‘Ello eaters!

Yesterday was a doozy.

There’s usually about one day during the end of each semester when I start feeling sick and my body starts subconsciously pushing me towards curling up in bed in the fetal position, but I can’t so I keep plodding along all the while thinking about my bed and rest and relaxation.

Isn’t the life of a college student so wild and exciting?!

Anyway, yesterday was that day. So I pulled out all the stops to keep myself moving, as happy as possible, and as healthy as possible.

Breakfast #1:

Half an apple with pb.

Oh look, it’s an apple with pb. How surprising!


I wasn’t feeling too sick yesterday morning, so I got up for the 6:30am session. I figured the endorphins would be good for me. And I always feel really productive after an early morning Crossfit session.

This one was a bit of a doozy. What you don’t see is that the warm up was running a mile (gah!) plus 3 rounds of 10 push ups and 10 toes-to-bar, and then the skill work was 10 rounds of 10 strict overhead presses.

So much pressing in this WOD.

So by the time we got to the WOD, I was a little gassed.

Oh well, I still got a new push press max of 65lbs!


I’m doing a project for my Photoshop class that requires me to bake a pie. Not bad, right?

Well it meant that I ran home, got the kitchen photography-quality clean, and started baking by 8am so I wouldn’t lose the good light.

Breakfast #2:

Eggs poached in marinara sauce and topped with cheddar cheese.

While the pie dough was chilling I ate breakfast. I crave weird foods when I’m sick. Proof: I’m eating pie with cream, bacon, and cheddar cheese for breakfast this morning.

So while I really wanted pizza for breakfast, I settled for something a little healthies.


At this point I was still on the verge of being sick, so I thought I could keep it at bay with some home remedies I read on Brittany’s blog a while back. I drank a few cups of “tea” — 1 ½ T apple cider vinegar, ½ T honey, and hot water — and sucked on a few cloves of garlic.

Half a garlic clove for each cheek.

Oh, and I slammed vitamin C pills by the handful.

All of this stuff was helping, but something popped up and I ended up having to dash out and abandon my efforts.


Once I’d dashed back in, I was starving and had very little time before class. So I ate the slice of pie that I photographed.

A slice of apple cranberry galette.

Because if you see photos of food where one serving is plated, just assume that I ate that serving 5 minutes after taking the picture.

The last couple of bites of an andouille sausage.

But pie doesn’t count as lunch, so I cooked up a sausage.


Pasta carbonara with Brussels sprouts.

This was my attempt at a quickt, somewhat nutritious dinner.

And as you can see, my meals weren’t exactly the most Zone-friendly in the world. I was good up until breakfast #2. And lunch probably wasn’t far off considering there was only 1 c flour and 1 T sugar in the whole pie, and that sausage was huge.

But I’m not too broken up about it. I went to Crossfit and reaaaaally pushed myself. I drank 2.5L of water, which is 0.5L over my goal. And I didn’t eat anything that wasn’t a whole, real food.

So I’ll take it and try to do better today.

Your turn, eaters:

For all you food bloggers, do you eat the food you use as a model as soon as your done or does it go back into the dish for later?

Got any cold remedies you want to pass on?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Chirp

Hiya eaters!

I am FINALLY getting a chance to sit down today and it feels ah-maze-ing! Actually, I’m laying on my bed while I ice my back. And yes, it does warrant elongating that word into three syllables.

Like I mentioned yesterday, my life is still crazy. It’ll get better the second I’m done with both cleaning and homework. Until then, I’m hustling.

Speaking of hustling…


I am incapable of taking quick showers in the winter, so by the time I was showered and dressed yesterday I had exactly 5 minutes before I was supposed to leave for the chiropractor. So I threw together a quick breakfast of fried eggs over leftover quinoa with kale and avocado, akin to this breakfast.

And then I shoved half of it in my face before dashing out the door.


First, I abbreviate “chiropractor” to “chiro” in my iCal, but autocorrect keeps changing it to “chirp” and then I get amused every time I see that I have a morning appointment with “chirp” like Cinderella.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, the good ole chirp cracked everything and then massaged my hip muscles some more. As of right now my back is feeling considerably better than it was before, but not in any way 100%.


Harris Teeter cookies are so good.

I had an hour between the chirp and work so I grabbed a free Harris Teeter cookie and then parked myself at the Starbucks in Teeter to do some homework.

Grande coffee with cold soy, the usual but a little bigger.


Work wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. It’s very stressful for me to be stuck in a place where I know I have to be and that is on my To Do list (like work or class) and feel bored or unproductive or like I’m trying to waste time.

Balance bar #1 for the day.

While wasting time/getting something from the stock room I took bites of my bar. Because half a small breakfast and a cookie don’t cut it.


Bibb and arugala, apples, avocado, pork chop pieces, homemade bacon, bell pepper, and a mix of balsamic vinaigrette and BBQ sauce.

In the 40 minutes I had between work and class, I ate this delicious salad.

Seriously, the balsamic vinaigrette and BBQ sauce dressing I’ve been mixing up is delicious. As were the TWO kinds of pork.

I really love pork, said the non-Jew.


Balance bar #2 for the day.

Having two bars in one day really bugs me, but there really wasn’t anything I could do about it unless I wanted a far less balanced (pun intended) snack.


Bacon and vegetable frittata.

In case you were unaware, frittatas are my lifesaver.


Left: Sweet Water festival ale.

And in case you were unaware again, I really love dark beers.


The end.

Your turn, eaters:

What are some funny autocorrects you’ve had?

Do you take free samples?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Spoiler

Hello eaters!

Sorry I didn’t post anything last night. I got so caught up in watching the election results. I seriously did not expect it to get called so fast.

But now that the election is over I look forward seeing less tweets and statuses about politics and more about high school girls posting passive aggressive things about their frenemies.

Because seriously, those are hilarious!

Alright, time to get down to business.

Breakfast #1:

You know what a few apple slices and some pb look like, right? If not, see here, here, here, or below.


Class on Tuesday was so freaking frustrating. We did the benchmark “Cindy:”

20 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

I’d done this WOD before and got 14 full rounds plus 5 pull ups (which were jump assisted for me then) and 5 push ups.

The idea with these benchmarks is to see how much you’ve improved. Ya know, improve your time/score and the weight/skill level of what you’re doing.

So logically I should have gotten more than 14+5,5 rounds and been able to do the workout with kipping pull ups.

But that didn’t happen. Instead, I got 12+5,7 with kipping pull ups the first 3 rounds and then a more difficult than before jump assisted pull up.

I know I could have done a lot better had my back not made kipping pull ups really painful and that once my injury is all healed up that I’ll be back to beasting benchmarks like before, but it doesn’t make this any less frustrating.

End whine.

Breakfast #2:

Rotisserie chicken, lettuce, and avocado on Great Harvest higher protein Dakota.

I really need to work on taking faster showers so that I actually have time to make breakfast. Instead, I eat things like this while running around the house trying to leave on time. (Spoiler: I still never leave on time.)


During this appointment we went over my x-rays, planned out my treatment, and then I got an adjustment.

I’m going to go into all the details tomorrow, I promise. (And tomorrow I’ll have copies of my x-rays, which will be really cool. Right?)


It’s really not amusing when professors think that you not only don’t have other classes, but that their class is your full time job.


Ghetto fried rice.

Here’s a recipe: almost completely scramble an egg, add in leftover rice and stir fry, drizzle a bit of oil, and mix everything together over medium-low heat. And then you have ghetto fried rice.

Snack #1:

Please don’t try to get how many mini packets of Whoppers I ate yesterday. (Spoiler: the bag is empty.)

Snack #2:

Apple and pb.

While I was eating this in class it came up that one of my friends had only ever eaten Granny Smith apples. He even asked if pb and cinnamon were good on apples besides Granny Smith.

I was blown away.


Moo shu vegetables time 2 plus a few bites of sweet and sour chicken.

Chinese twice in one day? Yup, it was take out night for the week and I was craving moo shu vegetables. (Spoiler: I ate that for breakfast today.)


Wine while I watched the election results. And then some more Whoppers.

What do you think, eaters:

What’s one food/cuisine that you could eat almost every day?

How do you deal with being injured?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Lots of Candy

Hiya eaters!

I hope last night wasn’t too heavy for you. Sometimes I just get in a mood.

But right now, I’m in the mood to celebrate. I just finished making the hat for my costume. I’ve eaten a lot of candy. I’m about to go out and drink free beer from a bar. (How this bar is making money having a free keg of beer almost every week is beyond me, but that’s irrelevant.)

So let’s go.

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
Breakfast #1:

365 creamy pb and an apple.

I skipped Crossfit on Monday to further recover from Saturday’s WOD, so I was ready and raring to go yesterday.

Also, someone once told me that if you store oil separating nut butter upside down after the initial stir you won’t have to stir it again. So far it’s worked for me.


Strength WOD.

Yesterday’s WOD was good and bad.

Good, because I reached a new deadlift PR of 133#.

Bad, because my right lower back started hurting really bad (and it is definitely still hurting now). my coach thinks it might be my sacrum. Any stretching/healing recommendations?

Breakfast #2:

Savory oats with swiss chard and black bean dip topped with two fried eggs and avocado.

You can’t tell, but under those eggs are a 1/3 c serving of savory oats made with lots of swiss chard and a spoonful of Trader Joe’s black bean dip.


Later I took Charlie, my dog, on his long walk for the day. During this walk he sniffed and lunged after almost every leaf we passed.

I love fall leaves and ivy hills.

Which was a lot.

And then he proceed to freak the eff out over this rabbit statue. We’ve passed it plenty of times before, but this time he just did not like it.

The object of my dog's fear.

He had his butt hair up and everything, which is how you know when he’s really upset.

Notice the raised neck AND butt hair.

I, of course, thought it was hilarious.


Pork roast with baked apples.

Oh, I love leftovers. I heated the pork and apples up with some of their juices plus a little butter and it was delicious. Then I let Charlie lick the plate, because it would have been impolite if I’d licked the plate.


Reese's and Almond Joy.

I made the mistake of, a couple of days BEFORE Halloween, buying a 125-piece assorted bag with Almond Joy, Cookies & Crème, Whoppers, Reese’s, and plain Hershey’s.

And now, since my ferocious guard dog has scared off the two sets of trick-or-treaters we’ve gotten all night, I’m probably going to end up eating it all.

Wish me luck.


Baked potato soup with all the fixins'.

Kath’s post yesterday really got me craving potato soup, so that was dinner last night.


4 mini packages of Whoppers, totaling 12 Whoppers.

These were eaten in an attempt to procrastinate cleaning the kitchen. It didn’t work.

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you buy trick-or-treater candy that you like or the things you don’t like so you won’t eat it all?

How do you like your eggs?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Model Muffin

G’day eaters!

Today has been a bit of a whirlwind and I feel like I haven’t got much of anything done. So I should probably do something productive before I go out to a bar and drink and eat my face off.


Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Half a honey crisp and pb.

I decided to fully embrace this unexpected leisure time and go to the 10:00am Crossfit class, which meant a real, whole breakfast before hand.

Swiss chard and scrambled eggs.

Yup, this is my idea of leisure.


We did “Collin,” which is:

6 rounds

400m run carrying a 20 lbs wall ball

12 push presses with 53 lbs

12 box jumps with a 20” box

12 sumo deadlift high pulls with 45 lbs

This damn benchmark nearly killed me. It wouldn’t have been half as bad were it not for that damn wall ball. It was so awkward to carry that I couldn’t really run at all. I spent every round of “running” thinking about how much easier it would have been if I were carrying almost anything else — a 20 lbs kettlebell, 2 10-lbs weight plates, a 20 lbs weighted vest.

I joked about that with my coach after I finished and then he pointed out that that was the point — it was supposed to be the hardest possible version of everything. That’s what makes it a hero WOD.



Pork, cheddar cheese, apple, bell pepper, spicy salad mix, and BBQ sauce.

Apple, cheese, and BBQ is one of my favorite food combinations. And surprisingly, I even liked the “spicy” lettuce mix that I got from my CSA in this combination.

Fun fact: I really kind of hate arugula and, as of about a year ago, raw spinach makes me gaggy.


Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

So much muffin batter. And some cheese.

Almost Paleo Apple Almond Muffin with pb.

And then the model muffin, because it already had pb on it.


Bak choy, eggplant, and pork stir fry with Trader Joe's green curry simmer sauce over rice.

Neither Leon and I were feeling overly ambitious and we had a ton of bok choy to use up, so a stir fry sounded perfect.


I poured some of the chocolate chips that now live on my nightstand directly into my mouth.

Have I mentioned that my life is awesome? Because it is.

What do you think, eaters:

What food lives in your bedroom?

How do you feel about “heroic” workouts?

G’night eaters!

Almost Paleo Apple Almond Muffins

‘Ello eaters!

I’m smack dab in the middle of a pretty glorious day.

Well glorious except for the angry yellow jacket that has taken over my kitchen. I lost site of it for a few minutes and then found it when I threw something in the recycling bin and it came storming out super angrily.

Fun fact: I’ve never been stung by anything and am absolutely terrified that I’ll be deathly allergic and thus am now ridiculously afraid of all stinging insects.

But enough about the angry bee. Let’s talk about me. (Yes, I did intend that to rhyme.)

I’m trying to save money. Who isn’t, right?

And I’m really busy. Who isn’t, right?

AND I’m trying to eat clean and healthy (which for me means somewhere along the lines of the Zone). Who isn’t, right?

Ya gosh darn right you are!

And ya know what, eaters, trying to have and do it all like that is hard. Really hard. Ridiculously hard. But it’s also ridiculously doable.

Now I’m no expert on having and doing it all. Heck, I’m no expert on anything.

Really, I’m not an expert. Please don’t think of me as one.

But since chances are you’re not an expert on having or doing it all either, we can share notes.

So here are my notes.

Almond Apple Muffins

2 ½ c almond meal/flour

¾ t baking soda

½ T chia seeds

2 eggs

3 T agave syrup

½ T vanilla extract

3 T peanut butter*

¼ c coconut oil, divided

1 apple, chopped

~1/4 t cinnamon

*The pb can definitely be subbed for any other kind of nut butter to make it paleo. (That is, if everything else in this recipe is paleo. I really don’t know much about the rules of paleo.)

Heat 1 T coconut oil in a pan over low-medium heat. Add the apples and cinnamon, toss to coat, and stir occasionally until thoroughly soft and fragrant.

I would have had an even dozen muffins, but I ate too much batter.

Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl, fold in the apples, and scoop the batter equally into a dozen lined muffin tins.

Bake at 325F for 23-27 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean.

These muffins may not be the answer to you having and doing it all, but they do help.

They’re pretty well (Zone) balanced at just over 1 block of carbs and 1 block of protein, so they qualify as eating clean and healthy.

Since they are a balanced snack in a single wrapper they’re as easy to grab and go as all those bars I love so much, but for significantly cheaper. So they help me save a few pennies and save some time that I would spend on packing a balanced snack.

Oh, and homemade muffins definitely make you at least seem like you have it all. Because if you don’t actually have it all, at least you have muffins. And muffins are pretty amazing, right?

Ya gosh darn right they are!

What goes better with a nut flour muffin full of nut butter? A schmear of nut butter, of course.

What do you think, eaters:

If you could add an extra hour to the day to do one thing, what would it be?

What’s your favorite muffin mix-in?

G’night eaters!