Graduation Snapshots

My new wreath, because it's tacky to have the same wreath up from Thanksgiving.

Hellooooooo eaters! I’ve been MIA lately and for that I’m sorry. I’ve missed you lots, I promise. But I graduated college yesterday, so I’m back. After a few weeks of running around to tie up loose ends, a night of worrying about whether or not I passed one stupid class, an hour of defending my [...]

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Champagne Optimism


Hiya eaters! I’m popping in supah fast before I leave on a very important errand. Last night, on my way home from school, I bought two mini bottles of champagne*. I recently read a post on Emily’s blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, that you should always have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge for [...]

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WIAW: Hashtag Apostrophe


Whoa eaters! I almost forgot that I promised you a WIAW post. And since I hate to break a promise… Pre-Crossfit: apple and pb. WOD: front squats 3-10-3-20-3-30 rep scheme. I got my 3-rep weight up to 98lbs, which pissed me off because a 100lbs front squat has been a goal of mine for months [...]

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Thesis Eggs

scrambled eggs1

Holy mole-y, eaters! I just finished my thesis. My 106-page, sweat, tears, and butter-filled work of foodie, neurotic passion is done. Last night I edited out the last typos and checked all the margins and now I’m done. It’s bizarre that this thing that I’ve been thinking about and scratching out for almost a year [...]

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Hiya eaters! I think North Carolina’s three week spring is over and we are in full on summer mode. I even have the sunburn to prove it. I have been waiting for summer to start for so long. In my head I have a running bucket list of all the things I’m really excited to [...]

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Science and Beans

acid and alkaline beans1

G’day eaters! How have your lives been? It still feels a bit weird to me that I only post once or twice a week now. But now that I have cut back I marvel at the fact that I used to come up with things to post about 5 days a week. But then again, [...]

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