Pedicure Reward

Hiya eaters!

Am I the only person who was so glad it’s Monday?

I know that sounds crazy, but really I’m just excited because Monday is a day closer to Wednesday, which is when I leave on vacation. I’m really very excited for my vacation.

And speaking of my vacation…I got a pedicure yesterday!

Please excuse my nasty tingers.

Please excuse my nasty tingers.

This isn’t just any pre-beach pedicure, though. This little pampering session was my reward for working out hard.

Ya see, at my box we scale the WODs into three levels: beast, roughneck, Viking. I’m generally at roughneck level. Occasionally, for WODs that involve rope climbs, double unders, or handstand push ups, I scale it down to beast level. And sometimes, on magical days when WODs contain all the things I’m good at, I can be a Viking. But more often than not I work in the middle ground.

There’s nothing wrong with being in the middle. I’m certainly not slacking off in the middle. I still get a good workout in the middle. But I don’t want to stay in the middle. I want to improve. I want to not be afraid to push myself harder even if that means not getting as fast a time or as many reps up on the whiteboard.

So I made a deal with myself: do 3 viking-level WODs and I get a pedicure.

I never get pedicures or do anything to pamper myself because I’m painfully responsible and can’t justify spending money on frivolous things like that, but I really like the idea of them. I especially like being able to pay someone to make my nasty feet less nasty (and I don’t even care how much they’re probably making fun of them in front of me).

So I made this deal with myself and whenever I was physically able (i.e.-when the weight wasn’t heavier than I could lift or the WOD didn’t require hundreds of double unders), I went for Viking-level.

And in the process I learned something: having a goal and something to work towards is great!

Not having a race or a competition or some other solid goal to work towards sometimes makes it hard to find motivation to work out. Sure, I know if I don’t workout I won’t have such a rockin’ bod and I won’t progress and get to those big weights and PRs, but that’s not always enough.

And now, thanks to my little reward system, I have very pretty toes and some very tough workouts under my belt. And you can bet every dollar you have that I’m going to be doing this again. Though next time will probably be after 6 viking-level WODs.

I can’t be pampering myself all the time, ya dig.

Your turn, eaters:

How do you reward yourself?

Do you have tingers or little stubby toes?

Later eaters!


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