Helloooooo eaters!

It’s Thursday night, I had a full (and fun!) day of work, and I’ve had a beer. So things are going pretty well for me right now.

I’m choosing to ignore the fact that my bad back/twisted pelvis is flaring up again and that I had to completely scale the workout today at Crossfit. I’m also choosing not to think about how many dishes I have to do (and dirty laundry I have to pack) before Leon, Charlie, and I leave tomorrow for a weekend in Georgia (A.K.A. The Dirty Dirty). I’m also choosing not to think about how much my back is going to hurt tomorrow.

Instead I’m thinking about how delicious tonight’s leftovers will be for dinner tomorrow, how much I saved at the grocery store thanks to my coupon folder, and…the biggest “and” of them all…that today was marked my first full year of doing Crossfit!

Can you believe that a year ago I went in for my intro session? Heck, can you believe how much has happened in a year?

I sure as hell can’t!

But, anyway, I made a little vlog about my thoughts on Crossfit a year in.


For those of you that can’t listen because you’re at work/kids are sleeping or you just got tired of my rambling voice, here’s the gist of it:

I’ve got ah-maze-ing muscles. Muscles I didn’t know I could have. Muscles that are firm and sculpted and just plain beautiful.

I’ve dropped a couple of pant sizes without really trying.

I’ve got more body confidence than I know what to do with and spend a lot of time checking myself out in the mirror.

Knowing that there’s no quitting in Crossfit — there’s plenty of almost quitting and occasionally some crying, but there’s no quitting — has made me an immensely stronger person, both mentally and physically.

I’m neither fully paleo nor fully Zone, but food is more fuel than anything else now.

My goals for the next year: 110 lbs front squat, 110 lbs floor press, all rope climbs (no scaling) in workouts, 100 lbs clean and jerk, better at toes-thru-rings, consecutive double-unders, and handstand pushups.

Talk about a lot of goals, right?

I’m confident that I can reach them all sooner rather than later. I mean, I’ve accomplished far more in this year.

So…here’s to next year! (Imagine me holding up a glass. I would have done it in my video, but I shot that at 10am, which is a bit too early to start drinking.)

Your turn, eaters:

What are you proud of from the last year?

What do you hope to accomplish by this time next year?

Later eaters!

Weekend Food

Hi eaters!

I love weekends, don’t you?

Working in retail means I almost never get two days in a row off and the fact that I get Sundays off is just a happy coincidence. And now with a second job I might never get two days in a row off again.

This week, though, I lucked out. I got Sunday and Monday totally free from work.

Beyond loving the freedom to nap and read and take long walks with my dog, I also love the freedom to cook.

On the weekends I get to eat big breakfasts.weekend food1

I get time to gradually get hungry and to think about what I really want to eat before I stuff something in my mouth.

Scrambled eggs with sausage and a de-licious unglazed buttermilk donut.

Scrambled eggs with sausage and a de-licious unglazed buttermilk donut.

I get to cook more elaborate meals and eat earlier.

Grilled pork chops and corn, all from the farmer's market.

Grilled pork chops and corn, all from the farmer’s market.

All of these things are vastly different from the weekdays when, more often than I would like to admit, I eat lunch (and change my pants) in the car. And lately, as I haven’t had time to shop or meal plan properly, that lunch has been a grilled chicken sandwich from Chik-fil-A way too often for my comfort level.

During the week I almost always eat eggs with fruit for breakfast and most days I am just shy of hitting my water intake goal for the day. (I have a 24oz water bottle and aim to drink it three times a day.)

My go to snack is mixed nuts, which is a very satiating snack, (as I pointed out last week) but not exactly thrilling.

All of these things are nice and healthy and easy to eat, but man, do they get boring. A few weeks ago I was so sick of my usual, nice, healthy, easy food that I would have rather not eaten than eat the same thing again. (I ate a lot of takeout that week.)

My cute pig corn holders.

My cute pig corn holders.

So weekends are my saving grace. They let me re-charge my batteries and stuff my face with the most delicious food so I’m ready to face the week ahead, which are always guaranteed to be filled with car lunches and speeding through yellow lights (sorry, papa) and hurried dog walks.

What do you think, eaters:

What’s your favorite thing about weekends?

What’s your least favorite part of your work/school week?

Later eaters!

Return to the Farmer’s Market

Hiya eaters!

I hope all of you have tomorrow off and are thoroughly enjoying your 3-day weekend.

I actually have tomorrow off and I always have Sundays off, which means that I have a real 2-day weekend. It’s amazing. Amazing in the way where I don’t even know what to do with myself.

I’ll probably end up cleaning tomorrow. Because I’m bored.

But let’s rewind a little to Saturday, which marked my return to the farmer’s market.

I’m lucky that there’s a farmer’s market about 15 minutes from my house that’s open year round. The pickings are pretty slim in the winter, though. And my work schedule isn’t always conducive to going on Saturday mornings. (And it’s nothing compared to my beloved Marylebone Market, which I miss so so dearly.)

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve gone to the market.

But this weekend worked out perfectly. And apparently, it worked out perfectly for everyone else in town, too, because I have never seen so much traffic.

We pushed on, though. And I was thrilled to see all the beautiful market1

And the cut flowers.

farmers market3

And the garden flowers.

farmers market4

And absolutely everything else.



We ended up with a massive haul and, while it wasn’t dirt cheap (like Marylebone was) nor was it all organic (like I buy from Whole Foods), I’m more than happy knowing that it was all local and all delicious.

Loot:farmers market5

Blueberries, strawberries, radishes, spring onions, corn, pork chops, hot Italian sausage, eggs, bell peppers, broccoli, and a cucumber.

We’ve got big plans for all this delicious food and, thanks to a trip to WF today to fill in some holes, we’ve got an especially delicious meal plan for the week. And because I know I can always use some more meal planning inspiration, here’s a rough look at ours for the week.

  • Sunday: grilled pork chops and grilled corn.
  • Monday: pizza on homemade whole wheat crust topped with vegetables and Italian sausage.
  • Tuesday: big salads with vegetables, bacon, chicken, and avocado.
  • Wednesday: spring onion, pea, and sausage pie inspired by this recipe.
  • Thursday: chicken and roasted vegetable pasta salad.
  • Friday: we leave for a long weekend in Georgia.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for tonight. I’ve got to get my butt to bed so I can get up in the morning for Crossfit. I’m really worried we’re doing “Murph” tomorrow.

What about you, eaters:

Where do you buy your food?

What’s on your meal plan for the week?

Later eaters!

Dees Nuts

G’day eaters!

Four posts in a week! Looks like I was serious when I said I was coming back to blogging.

I only half-heartedly believed myself when I said that I was back to blogging on the regular. And I still might flake out from time to time. Only time will tell.

But I’m not here to talk about my flakiness. Instead, I want to talk about nuts.


Dees nuts!

(I’m pretty sure that’s from a rap song, but I don’t really know.)

I LOVE mixed nuts. Love.Them.

My dad has always munched on nuts and I’m sure he’s rarely more than a few feet away from some. And frankly, I’m okay with that being an inherited trait.

His bad knees, flat feet, and complete lack of singing voice (sorry, Papa)? Eh, I’d like to return those.

But munching on mixed nuts, trail mixes, and the peanuts from Cracker Jacks? Sure, we can call that a father-daughter thing.


And while I strayed away from my nut-loving ways for a while — “Too much fat! Too many calories! Peanuts aren’t paleo! Raw almonds are gross!” — I have returned with a vengeance. That is mainly because nuts are the perfect work snack for me.

Ever since I started working my retail job back in July I’ve been trying to find the perfect snack that would fuel me through several hours of standing, walking, bending, lifting, climbing, and small talking. I tried Balance bars (so many bars!), hard boiled eggs and carrots, apples and pb, cheese sandwiches, hunks of chicken, and frozen yogurt.

Absolutely none of those things worked. And more importantly, I couldn’t shove any of those things in my mouth, wash them down with a swig of water, and be back on the floor in under a minute flat.

But then I found nuts.

They’re perfect! I can grab a couple small handfuls throughout my shift and be sailing right along, greeting customers and folding jeans like a champ without thinking even once about how I would like to eat my arm. And really, doesn’t not eating your arm make for a great work day?

I sure think so.

The point of this post is simply to say that I think nuts are the perfect snack and you should give them a try.

I could have just tweeted that and been done with it (it was only 67 characters), but then I wouldn’t have gotten to be so sassy and make a rap reference (I think, someone really should check that for me). And really, we all need more sass (and nuts!) in our lives.

The end.

Your turn, eaters:

What do you snack on at work?

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) nut?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Lots of Eggs

Hello eaters!

It is Wednesday, right?

I didn’t do anything on Monday and will work on Saturday, so I keep forgetting what day it is. But I keep seeing lots of WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) posts going up, so I’ll follow the crowd.


Scrambled eggs with asparagus and a plum with peanut butter.

Scrambled eggs with asparagus and a plum with peanut butter.

I promise I didn’t plan to eat two of my favorite seasonal foods right after I posted about them. But they were delicious (though that plum would have been better with sunflower butter rather than peanut butter).

Oh, and I added a couple of dollops of spicy mustard to my eggs before I scrambed them for some extra flavor.


Zucchini noodles topped with a couple of fried eggs.

Zucchini noodles topped with a couple of fried eggs.

Leon and I keep thinking that our fridge is over flowing with things, but in reality we have a ton of produce, a few random leftovers, and almost no protein. Hence why I’m eating eggs two meals in a row.

I also had a few bites of leftover carrot cake from this weekend.



Row row row my ass.

I drank a protein drink — chocolate GNC Wheybolic protein — and then came so closed to puking it up during this WOD.

We got to choose between running or rowing and I would have run, but after a warm up of 10 minutes of jump roping I knew my shitty shins couldn’t handle it.

Honestly, I don’t know which was better. I wanted to die many times throughout those 5,000 meters.


I feel like it’s been raining for weeks straight, so Leon and I were thrilled to get to grill last night. We split this big plate of grilled vegetables.

Mixed grilled vegetables.

Mixed grilled vegetables.

And this giant chicken breast.

Grilled barbecue chicken breast.

Grilled barbecue chicken breast.

Fyi, we buy whole healthy chickens from Earth Fare and then Leon butchers them. Not only are they cheaper than at Whole Foods (and way cheaper than buying bags of chicken breasts), but they’re also much bigger from Earth Fare. This was, by far, the biggest breast we’ve ever gotten.


A few beers with a friend, because I’m still in denial a bit that I’m done with college.

And I was home before midnight. Man, do I love getting a full night sleep.


Charlie thinks our king sized bed is his. It's a constant battle.

Charlie thinks our king sized bed is his. It’s a constant battle.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Leon and I bringing Charlie home. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Oh, has it been a wonderful year. I want to do a whole post about what having a dog has changed for us, but I think I’ll save that for his birthday.

Your turn, eaters:

How much sleep do you get a night? How much would you like to get?

What’s one thing that you always have in your fridge?

Later eaters!

Excited for Summer Produce

G’day eaters!

How was Monday for you? It’s been raining on and off for what feels like weeks, and today was no different. We’ve also had road/sidewalk construction going on right outside our door for weeks, which means my driveway is blocked more often than not.

Both of those things make staying at home very appealing and today, save for a couple of errands, I did just that. It was enjoyable.

Other news from my neck of the woods: I am so flipping sick of root vegetables. And apples. And broccoli.

I’m pretty much sick of any and all winter produce and I might scream (or turn straight carnivore) if I have to eat anymore of it.

And luckily, very very soon I’ll be able to rid my home of every trace of winter and fill my crisper with nothing but the freshest, juiciest, spring-and-summer-est fruits and vegetables.

Some of the ones I am most excited about are…

summer produce1


Somehow I only discovered the perfection that is a ripe, taunt plum last summer and I’ve been patiently biding my time until they’re in season again. And believe me, once they’re fully in season (and a little cheaper) they will replace my pre-Crossfit apple.

summer produce2


Maybe this summer will finally be the one that I go berry picking so I can fill my fridge with strawberry and blueberry and blackberry pies and preserves and the freshest of the fresh Berry Vibrant Glazed cakes. Until then I’ll keep paying way too much for them at the grocery store.

summer produce8


I think we’re quickly entering into prime asparagus season and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Grilled or steamed with butter or shaved in an omelets or any other way imaginable, this is one of my favorite vegetables. I don’t even care that it makes my pee smell weird.

summer produce3

Sorry for the obnoxiously overexposed photos. Can you tell I’m still in winter photo mode? That’ll change soon, too.

Those little numbs are going to be peppers eventually.

Those little numbs are going to be peppers eventually.


Leon and I planted a little container garden this summer and I’m so excited to eventually get to eat some of my homegrown vegetables.

summer produce6


Neither Leon nor I like raw tomatoes, but we love tomato sauce and grilled tomatoes and especially salsa, which we’ll make with our jalapenos.

summer produce5


We planted basil, because it’s not summer without lots of fresh basil, and cilantro, to keep our salsa theme going. And I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to just step outside the door to grab fresh herbs for dinner.

As you can see, I’m beyond thrilled to dig in to all that summer has to offer. I’m also excited because this year I am determined(!) to do a little canning and preserving so we can have summer’s bounty all year (and hopefully I won’t die of boredom when it comes time to eat root vegetables again).

What do you think, eaters:

What are you excited to eat this summer?

Any foods you won’t touch raw? What about cooked?

Later eaters!

PS — Posting two nights in a row. I tell ya eaters, I’m back!

Graduation Snapshots

Hellooooooo eaters!

I’ve been MIA lately and for that I’m sorry.

I’ve missed you lots, I promise.

But I graduated college yesterday, so I’m back.

After a few weeks of running around to tie up loose ends, a night of worrying about whether or not I passed one stupid class, an hour of defending my thesis, and a weekend of celebrating, I have finished college.

And it feels pretty good, I think.

Honestly, though, I don’t know. I’m still stuffed and reeling from everything that happened so quickly over the last couple of days. So while I try to process things and figure out my next step, here’s a handful of pictures from the last few days.

My new wreath, because it's tacky to have the same wreath up from Thanksgiving.

My new wreath, because it’s tacky to have the same wreath up from Thanksgiving.

Going into my second hour of standing on line to walk into graduation.

Going into my second hour of standing on line to walk into graduation.

They can't take it back now.

They can’t take it back now. #HireMe

Mother and brother.

Mother and brother.


I’m in love with my dress.

And I'm in love with him.

And I’m in love with him.

My mom's boyfriend upon hearing that my camera was one the wrong setting so none of his pictures came out.

My mom’s boyfriend upon hearing that my camera was one the wrong setting so none of his pictures came out.

My sister at dinner.

My sister at dinner.

An amazingly tender steak from Print Works Bistro in Greensboro.

An amazingly tender steak from Print Works Bistro in Greensboro.

I'm in love with the shape of this martini glass. So feminine and refined. The martini wasn't half bad, either.

I’m in love with the shape of this martini glass. So feminine and refined. The martini wasn’t half bad, either.


After two dinners out and a lunch at my house, my fridge is packed to the gills with delicious leftovers.

A well deserved afternoon relaxing with my pup.

A well deserved afternoon relaxing with my pup.

Your turn, eaters:

What did you get up to this afternoon?

Do you take leftovers from restaurants or is that tacky to you?

Later eaters!

PS — I’m coming back to blogging. Expect to see at least 4 posts a week from me.

Champagne Optimism

Hiya eaters!

I’m popping in supah fast before I leave on a very important errand.

Last night, on my way home from school, I bought two mini bottles of champagne*.champagne1

I recently read a post on Emily’s blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, that you should always have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge for impromptu celebrations. Not only does that advice make sense because it seems impossible to find a moderately priced bottle of champagne in the chilled case at the grocery store and nothing ruins an impromptu celebration like having to wait for the champagne to chill, but it always says something about the kind of person you are.

It says: I’m an optimist. I’m constantly expecting something good and celebration-worthy to happen to me or to someone I love. I like to stretch the parameters of what is celebration-worthy and celebrate even small victories.

That’s a lot from a bottle of bubbly in the fridge, right?

Maybe. But I love every bit of it.

And as my life inches closer and closer to being entirely uncertain — college graduation, finding a job, maybe moving — I think I love it even more.

Things are going to be crazy for me these next few months, and more than a little trying. So as I go into this next chapter in my life I am making a conscious choice to be the kind of person that always keeps a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge.

And I’m going to start being that person tonight, because today I’m driving to Charlotte for a second interview with a company. The interview is all day and I’ve got no idea what to expect or how well I’m going to do. But even if I completely crash and burn today, I’m going to come home tonight and drink a mini bottle of champagne with Leon to celebrate that I did it, that I gained some valuable experience, and that I’m making moves for the future.

And if I also happen to be celebrating that I got a job offer, all the better.

Your turn, eaters:

How are you choosing to be optimistic lately?

How’s your life going in general?

Later eaters!

*Yes, I realize that what I bought is technically Prosecco because 1) champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France, and 2) it’s Italian sparkling wine, but I will always and forever call sparkling wine champagne because I want to.