Queen of the Stubborn Masses

Alright eaters,

Real talk time.

I’m a stubborn ass. And you’re probably a stubborn ass, too.

Here’s why:

We’re fighting our bodies and we freaking need to stop.

We all get injured. We pull a muscle. We push too hard. We rip calluses. We twist ankles and knock things out of whack and do a number of other things to hurt our bodies.

And that’s fine. When you work hard on your fitness that’s kinda the name of the game.

BUT there’s a big rule in that game that says that if you get injured you need to slow down, take it easy, even go as far as to take a couple of full rest days.

Unfortunately, no one does that like they should. I know I’m guilty of trying to fight through an injury and even thinking that working out will heal the injury. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. Ahem ahem.

This is us fighting our bodies. And it’s stupid.

You workout to better your body.

Sure, the endorphins and body confidence you get are pretty damn nice. But the root of it all is that we workout to better our bodies.

So if your body is injured in any way, shape, or form and needs rest, but you don’t give it that much needed rest, you’re negating the whole point of the workout.rest day

Are you picking up what I’m putting down, eaters?

Let’s take it up another notch: professional athletes.

If you follow sports at all (or watch The League, which might be my favorite show ever, though it’s pretty vulgar, fyi) you know that athletes are constantly missing games or taking days off from practice for sprained fingers and pulled muscles and turf toe.

Of course we’re not getting paid millions of dollars for our workouts, but we can still take a lesson from professional athletes, because (aside from all the concussions) they take amazing care of their bodies because their bodies make the money. (And without our healthy bodies we couldn’t make the money or take care of our families or do just about anything, so…)

Take rest days! Baby your body! Don’t injure your finger while throwing out your gum!

And before you think I’m standing on a soapbox preaching to the stubborn masses, this spiel was spurred by my own stupidity.

My bad back and hip have been acting up something nasty because I was hobbling around (and putting all my weight on my bad side) for days after getting another chunk cut out of my leg (which I also didn’t rest enough after).

So yeah, just call me Queen of the Stubborn Masses.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you fight through an injury?

What do you do on your rest days?

Later eaters!

It’s Hard to Fall In Love Online

Hokai eaters!

I need your help.

This is a really weird request because it has nothing to do with food, fitness, or health.

I need you to help me pick out my next purse.

Ya see eaters, I have been carrying the same purse since January 2010. I fell in love with it at the mall before I went off to college and then after getting Dean’s List my first semester my mom surprised me with it.crossbody lucky31

I love my kinda slouchy, fold over cross body bag. It fits everything I need. It has held up amazingly well to being used absolutely every single day for over three years. And it fits my style perfectly.

Unfortunately, my bag is a little worse for wear now. It’s not completely down for the count, but some internal seams are breaking and the strap is cracked.

And frankly, as I begin to think about entering the career world, I would like a slightly more polished, less water-stained bag.

I’ve narrowed it down to three finalists and would LOVELOVELOVE any and all advice on the matter.

First up, the Frye Campus Crossbody in brown.

crossbody frye1



crossbody frye2Pros: It’s Frye, so I know it’ll last forever. It’s slightly smaller than my current bag, which is good.

Cons: Does it look a little like a mom-bag to anyone else?

The second finalist is this Chocolate Brown Raw Edge Leather Cross Body bag.crossbody etsy1



crossbody etsy2Pros: It’s gorgeous! The style is very similar to my current bag, but it’s just a step closer to sophisticated. It’s also a little smaller than my current bag.

Cons: I have no clue about the quality. I’m looking for another multi-year, everyday bag and I’m worried that this one looks a little…delicate.

And third, which is really more like a sub-choice of the second, is this Chocolate Brown Raw Edge Leather Cross Body Purse.crossbody etsy3



(This is the exact same design as #2, except it’s a tad smaller and has an external slide pocket.)

Pros: The same as #2 PLUS that external slide pocket seems perfect for my phone.

Cons: The same as #2. And is this a bit too small for me? That’s a full 6” shorter than my current bag.

Also, a big con for all of these bags is that I can’t see them in person until I buy them.

This is like meeting someone online and committing to a 3 year relationship after only a couple of emails.

It’s torture!

But really, what do you think, eaters:

Which bag should I choose?

Do you have any helpful insight?

Do you have a hard time making big purchasing decisions like this?

Thanks eaters! 

Cowfish and Dropkick

Hellooooo eaters!

Boy, have I got a great night to tell you about.

Last night Leon and I had tickets to a Dropkick Murphys show in Charlotte. Leon introduced me to Dropkick when we were first dating so I was jazzed to finally get to see them with him.

Also, there’s a chance Leon and I are moving to Charlotte at the end of the summer so we were jazzed (correction: I was jazzed, Leon was excited) to spend a little time in our prospective future home.

First stop: dinner!

I had heard about Cowfish from Caitlyn’s blog forever ago and I’ve wanted to go ever since.

Come on, it’s a restaurant that serves burgers, sushi, and burgushi. How could that not be awesome?!

Well, it was!

To start we split a spider crab roll.charlotte nc1

I haven’t had sushi in more than a hot minute and this was pretty good. I could have gone for a little less rice and a little more tempura, but who couldn’t all the time, so it was fine.

To eat I took the waiter’s suggestion and went with one of their bento boxes.charlotte nc3

This came with a double stack of the featured mini burger (which had pimento cheese and some kind of peppers), Thai cucumbers, sweet potato fries, edemame, and a blackened tuna roll.

A massive mini burger.

A massive mini burger.

Can we talk about this blackened tuna roll?


It was like this awesome, creamy orgasm in my mouth.

(Let’s not talk about how awkwardly sexual that was, okay? Okay.)

Also, those cucumbers were oddly perfect. It was like your traditional vinegar cucumber salad, but it had this sweetness that kept the vinegar from being overpowering. They were pretty magical.

Leon got the Stringin’ the Blues burger.charlotte nc4

It was massive and awesome. The blue cheese was really balanced (and I don’t like blue cheese), but it could have used a slice of bacon to even out the flavors.

Oh also, Cowfish is in South Park mall and I really kinda want to live there. It’s fancy.

After dinner (and getting a little lost) we ran through the rain and made it to the Filmore.

The venue was pretty great with big crystal chandeliers all over the place and not too big.

Oh, and a women took off her pants (and maybe her underwear) in the ladies room. That’s fun, right?

Dropkick took the stage at 10 sharp and they were great.charlotte nc6

They played a really nice balance of their old favorites and stuff off their new CD and I only had to kick one guy in the knee (because he elbowed me in the boobs, asshole).

And when they played “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced,” which is when they let ladies come on stage, I did not get on stage and look trashy.


So yeah, a beyond awesome night.

I can’t wait to go back to Charlotte and explore some more (and take Leon to Ikea).

Your turn, eaters:

What was the greatest concert you’ve ever been to?

Sushi or burgers?

Later eaters!