Leftovers, I Love You

G’diggidy day eaters!

I’m coming to you live from my very comfortable bed after a very long day of school and work and general, all around hustling.

This is my life and I’m not mad about it.

And tonight I want to talk about a very big part of my life: leftovers.leftovers1

Yes, leftovers do count as a big part of my life. #ThisIsMeHavingItAll

I know I’m not the first person to extol the virtues of having a fridge full of leftovers. Everyone who has ever lost a pound will tell you that they did so by cooking a little extra at dinner and bringing the leftovers as lunch. Every busy mom and lazy college student will tell you they save loads of pennies by eating dinner’s extras.

So obviously my love of leftovers is nothing new or extraordinary. But I never promised to post anything new or extraordinary, so let’s push forward.

Eating leftovers does save you money. Yes, you pay a little extra to buy all this extra food to make, but it’s a lot cheaper to have self-made convenience food on hand than to buy a meal out.leftovers2

Example: This is a meatloaf sandwich I made this past Sunday with leftover meatloaf from the night before. I was a little hung over and craving greasy food. Instead of going to the grocery store and buying a frozen pizza and chips (my usual hangover cure), I toasted some bread, heated up the meatloaf, and went to town.


Eating leftovers also keeps you from eating junk food because, once again, after you make the food the leftovers become your convenience food instead of burgers and fries and Jimmy Johns subs.leftovers3

Had I not eaten this sandwich on Sunday I would have packed the meatloaf with a side of roasted veggies and eaten it between work and school (so I can use a microwave). A healthy meal on its own and made all the more healthy when you compare it to what I eat when I don’t have convenient healthy lunches — a turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sandwich that I pick up from Starbucks while I grab another coffee.

Moral of the story: Embrace leftovers. Buying handy Tupperware and a fun lunch box helps.

Your turn, eaters:

How do you feel about leftovers?

What did you eat for lunch today?

Later eaters!


  1. Max says:

    “Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other.”

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