Hear Me Whooo!

Hiya eaters!

This is going to be a quick one.

I have a headache. Between school and work I was going non-stop — as in eating a sandwich in my car at a red light non-stop — for a solid 8 hours. My eating has been pretty shit today, as it is every day off from the gym.

Oh, and I currently have a pile of books to read for school that would make a librarian blush.

But even with all this crap I am still on cloud 9.

Because, m’dear darling eaters, yesterday I did a 93 lbs clean & jerk!pr1

93 beautiful fucking pounds!

For those of you not in the Crossfit-know, here’s what a clean & jerk is.

And yes, I looked exactly like that guy — jumping and whooo-ing included — except I wasn’t wearing a unitard.

Mine was dirty.

But back to my ah-maze-ing new Personal Record — it’s super freaking amazing!

I’m beyond jazzed about it. I’m beyond shocked at my ability to move such a massive weight — a weight that not too long ago I couldn’t even deadlift — off the ground and over my head. Twice in a row and then once more for good measure.

And without getting all Crossfit Kool-Aid on you, this is one of the main reasons I love Crossfit.

Sure, the people are nice and the workouts keep me in tip top shape. But what I really and truly love about Crossfit is that it constantly allows me to do super freaking amazing things that I never in my wildest dreams thought possible.

And than those nice people give me a big hug because they know how great this feeling is.

So yeah, I am superwoman. Hear me whooo.

Your turn, eaters:

Right here and now I NEED you to brag about yourself. Do it. It feels good.

How has your week been?

Later m’dear lovely eaters!

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