My Back Is Back.

Hellooooooo eaters!

I’ve got plans soon, so I’m going to skip the long intro and just get down to business.

Remember that AWESOME news I mentioned yesterday. Well…

I went to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon and he said…drum roll, please…that I was done with treatment!

How awesome is that?!

After a month of expensive, regular visits and butt tape…

This really painful bruise, and smelling like Icy Hot all the time, I am finally done!

Sorry for the awkward photo, but that big red stripe on my back is a bruise from getting scar tissue broken up.

It feels so ah-maze-ing!

I was supposed to have two more visits over the next two weeks, but the good doctor said that as long as I keep up the out of office therapy he gave me then I’ll be golden.

That news has me through the roof because 1) driving all the way out there and paying all those co-pays was annoying, and 2) the out of office therapy is stuff that I do in Crossfit anyway!

What exactly are my out of office therapies, you ask?

Foam rolling my quads.

Rolling out my hip with a lacrosse ball (which, if you’ve never rolled anything with a lacrosse ball, is far less fun than it sounds).

Box jumps and lunges and proper glute-activating squats (which are the kind of wide-kneed squats you do in Crossfit).

Not falling on my ass unevenly.

So like I said, all things that I can easily do a couple of times a week. And all things that, if I actually do a couple of times a week, will likely keep me out of the chiropractor’s office for anything other than routine maintenance.

That brings me to my next point — I am going to go back for regular maintenance. I’m not sure how often, a lot of that will depend on my insurance, but I’m thinking once every other month.

And I’m perfectly okay with that. Some people baulk at the idea of going to a chiropractor regularly. I don’t because 1) my issue is my SI joint, which isn’t controlled my muscles or tendons, so it’s like a tooth in that it will go wherever it’s pushed and needs regular correction to stay in line, and 2) I never baulk at the idea of regular, non-chemical maintenance for my body.

Heck, we don’t baulk at getting an oil change for our cars every 3 or 4 months, but the idea of going to a doctor every year and a chiropractor every 2 months is excessive?

Not in my book, baby.

So there you have it, eaters. My back is back to normal again. My back is back. Tell your friends.

Your turn, eaters:

Please parody a song about one of your body parts.

How do you “maintain” your body?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Good & Bad Habits

‘Ello eaters!

I got some AWESOME new today…that I’m going to share with all of you tomorrow.

I know I’m a tease, but I can’t give it all away at once. A lady makes you work for it.

Since this is the last week of WIAW where the theme is “fall into good habits” I figured it was high time I talked about habits.

If you just look at the pictures here it looks like I have pretty good habits. The food is healthy and has a good balance of carbs, fat, and protein. But for me, eating healthy meals is an easy habit. It’s what happens outside the pictures of the healthy meals that the real habit struggles happen.


Oatmeal with chia seeds and pomegranate arils, topped with pb, chocolate avocado pudding, and sprinkles, with a side of coffee and bacon.

Sure, this looks like a typical, fun bowl of blogger oats. And it definitely was! But it doesn’t show you that I kept oversleeping until I missed both my chances at Crossfit for the day, which I didn’t intend on doing at all and which I was really bummed about when I saw later that the workout was a front squat bridge and working up to max weight cleans.


Salad with leftover cranberry chutney, butternut squash and mushroom risotto, and the last of the turkey.

Does this salad mountain look just like something you would pay a lot for at Whole Foods? Aren’t I so healthy for eating salads and so thrifty for making it myself?

Yes to both of those things, but that doesn’t show you the couple of bites of pumpkin pie I ate as a snack only to find mold on it. It also doesn’t show that I took Charlie to the dog park instead of taking him for a long walk and then doing homework (while trying to train him not to climb my chair hoping to get in my lap so I don’t have to make it a habit of going to a coffee shop every time I need to do homework).


Spaghetti squash stuffed with venison meatballs and marinara and topped with cheese.

Look! I’m eating spaghetti squash to control my carb/gluten intake and yet I’m relaxed enough to put some cheese on top.

All of those things are true. It’s also true that I ate a Balance Bar for a snack, which is an expensive habit I really need to break. Just like it’s true that I got the Biscoff cookies out with the intention of eating one, but I ended up eating four.

Luckily, though, these pictures also don’t show that I did, in fact, floss yesterday, meaning that I’m slowly making a habit of flossing at least once a week.

So not all my habits are bad, right?

Your turn, eaters:

What are some habits you’re proud of?

Do you know the proper time to floss — before or after brushing?

G’night eaters!

Two Tips Tuesday

G’evening eaters!

I’m fading fast, despite the fact that I really didn’t do anything today. But you’ll hear about all that tomorrow.

I promised you two tips/tricks from my Thanksgiving and here they are. (Oh, and this isn’t going to become a regular thing. I just like alliteration and triplets so I added “Tuesday” to the title.)

1) Everyone loves risotto, right? It’s thick and creamy and unbelievably comforting.

Unfortunately, the way it’s usually made require lots of milk and cream and butter and cheese. Now if you know me at all, you know that I don’t have a problem with any of those things, but they can be the kind of specialty ingredient that go bad after you’ve used the splash or two a recipe calls for. And they’re not super flavorful on their own, so you have to add extra ingredients. And if you’re cooking for a crowd then chances are at least one person is going to be vegan, lactose intolerant, or doesn’t like cow’s milk.

That’s a whole lot of reasons not to make risotto.

Or it could be a whole lot of reasons to make risotto with broth and pureed soup!

Yup, that’s my risotto trick. I forgo the dairy and alternate splashes of broth (chicken or vegetable, depending on the crowd you’re serving) and pureed soup.

For Thanksgiving I used some butternut squash soup and vegetable broth to accommodate my vegan guest. And just for funsies I chopped up a mix of dried wild mushrooms and tossed them in dry. They soaked up the liquid and added a little mushroomy background without adding lots of blah tasting water, like if you soak them before hand.

That mushroom bit is another trick I use often, but that’s not the second trick for tonight. Nope…

2) Does your chocolate ever seize up when you’re trying to melt it? It happens to me about half the time and, honestly, I’ve got no clue why. Here’s what happened on Thanksgiving in case any of you can tell me:

I was melting dark chocolate chips with coconut oil in a crock pot. Everything was melting just fine. I decided to thin out the chocolate a bit with coconut milk. And immediately it seized up into an angry little ball.

Like I said, I’ve got no clue why that happened. Chocolate is a mystery to me.

But now, at least I know that adding a little room temperature brewed coffee helps smooth out seized chocolate. Luckily I had some on hand and after a little stirring the chocolate was almost as good as new. It wasn’t perfect, but it certainly wasn’t an angry little ball of fucked up-ness like it was before.

And that’s all I’ve got for you tonight. I’m sure at least one of these tips will eventually come in handy. Heck, if I was better at this whole internet thing I could make some awesome pinterest-able graphic.

But if I was better at this whole internet thing I probably wouldn’t cuss so much, so I’ll call it a draw.

Your turn, eaters:

Got any good little tips for me?

What’s something you wish you had a magic tip for?

G’night eaters!

My CSA Experience

Hiya eaters!

I was going to post a couple recipes/formulas/tips from Thanksgiving, but I’m sure that at this point you’re all a little Thanksgiving-ed out. So I’ll save those for tomorrow.

And instead I’m going to give you a post that’s long overdue.

Remember back at the very beginning of October I told you that I’d gotten a share in an organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)? And do you remember how I said that I’d tell you how it went when that mini season ended?

Well it ended. A while ago.

Better late than pregnant never, right?

(The pregnant thing was something my 8th grade religion teacher used to say. It’s a weird thing for her to say, right?)

Here’s a little rundown of how my CSA went.

Every Tuesday I’d go to the farm (which is part of my college so I walked there between classes, making it incredibly convenient) and pick up a mixed bag of vegetables. Each bag was $15 and had about 5 different types of organic vegetables.

So all in all, it was not only a great deal, but it was beyond convenient. EXCEPT for two things: 1) I’m too much of a (meal) planner and hated not being able to properly do that, and 2) it was waaaaaaay too much food for two people.

We were drowning in bak choy and Swiss chard and hot peppers. And really, there are only so many ways to eat those things so it got pretty overwhelming.

And we weren’t going to renew our share, but then our CSA model changed for the winter so now we get an even more convenient than before email on Friday with a list of what will be in the bag on Tuesday. And then we just claim (or not claim) a bag and then pay and pick it up on Tuesday.

It allows for better meal planning, less drowning, and we still get an awesome deal on several pounds of organic vegetables.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the farm will keep this model forever. But until they switch back Leon and I still have a fridge absolutely bursting with vegetables and not enough stir fry sauces or salad dressings to eat them before they go bad.

Enter: freezing.

Leon turned me on to this idea when we had a table full of his mom’s summer squash. It makes sense because you buy vegetables when they’re the freshest and cheapest instead of buying bags of frozen vegetables.

And in 3 easy steps you empty out your fridge, stock up fresh vegetables for winter, and have all the prep work done for stir fries and soups.

Did I mention that you empty your fridge?

Yup, no more vegetables taunting you every time you open the fridge door.

And it’s as easy as…

1) Chop the vegetables.

2) Blanch the vegetables by boiling them in water for a few minutes and then putting them in an ice bath.

3) Drain the vegetables from the ice bath and bag them.

And in no time flat about an hour, you go from half a shelf of bok choy to half a gallon of bok choy. And that, m’dear eater friends, is a beautiful thing.

Your turn, eaters:

Have you ever done a CSA?

What’s one vegetable you would HATE to have a surplus of?

G’night eaters!

Paleo Thanksgiving!

Hiya eaters!

By now Thanksgiving weekend is over and hopefully you’re not too worse for wear. AND hopefully you still have a fridge full of leftovers to eat.


I have been eating Thanksgiving leftovers for a full week now and I’m almost sick of them. But not quite.

Anyway, I figure it’s high time that I finally tell you about what I did on actual Thanksgiving.

Leon was with his family at a borrowed house up in Boone, so I was on my own for Thanksgiving dinner (since I had to work at 6am on Black Friday and didn’t want to drive all the way back after dinner on Thursday). Luckily, three ladies from my Crossfit gym decided to host a huge paleo feast for everyone so I didn’t go hungry.

Oh boy, did I not go hungry.

For those who are new to the idea of paleo, it’s a diet/lifestyle where people strive to eat like cavemen because they believe that our bodies still haven’t adapted to our agrarian diets. The gist of it is:

Meats, vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar.

That means no grains, no sugar, no dairy, no beans (which includes peanuts and green beans, fyi), and nothing fermented (so alcohol, kombucha, vinegar, etc).

This is a very popular way for Crossfitters to eat.

As you can tell, I’m in not way paleo. But I like to eat and so do the three ladies that hosted dinner, so it worked out.

(Oh, and not everything was strictly paleo, because what’s Thanksgiving without at least a little butter and cream, right?)


My plate.

Plus close to a dozen sausage & cheese balls.

The 26 lbs turkey:


It almost looks like it's glowing, doesn't it?

Clockwise starting at the top: cauliflower mash, turkey, not in any way paleo green bean casserole, almond flour bread stuffing, walnut brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, almond flour and chia seed biscuit, collard greens.

Dessert, which may have been more exciting than dinner:

Those pecan bars in the front changed my life.


And a few of my friends:

Left: Blaine, my Crossfit coach. Right: Juan, a Crossfitter.

Nicole, the hostess with the mostest.

Left: Chris, a Crossfitter. Right: Marissa, another of the hostesses.

All together now:

Some of the Vigilante Crossfit crew.

It was a fantastic night and I couldn’t have been happier to finally hang out with all my Crossfit friends outside of the gym.

Oh, and I do believe the three ladies who hosted are starting a paleo blog! So I’ll be sure to let all of you know once that’s off the ground. (And hopefully they’ll post the recipe for those pecan bars because I’m still dreaming about them.)

Another person taking pictures of food was such a welcome sight!

Your turn, eaters:

Do you prefer to spend holidays with friends or family?

What was the best thing you ate all Thanksgiving?

G’night eaters!

WIAW: And Then The World

Howdy eaters!

I’m home alone and I’ve lost count of how many episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent I’ve watched. My guess is that it’s more than four. In a row.

I’ve also been walking into rooms all day and taunting my dog with “You a puppy. You’re just a little puppy.”

Please don’t ask me why I’m doing any of this. Clearly I don’t know how to handle alone time anymore.

(Episode five is starting now.)

Anyway, let’s talk about yesterday.

Breakfast #1:

Do I even need to tell you about the apple and pb?


Class yesterday day was fun, but it could have been more fun. It was fun because the WOD included double down wall ball shots, which is squat-throw-squat-catch instead of traditional wall ball shots of squat-throw-catch.

It could have been better, though, if I wasn’t still sporting a gnarly bruise down my spine from where the chiropractor worked on my scar tissue, which prevented me from doing wall ball sit ups (it’s exactly like it sounds), but are tons of fun.

Yes, I kind of love wall ball things.

Well, except running with wall balls. That still sucks.

Breakfast #2:

A hardboiled egg.

I was half running around to get to the dog park on time and half dilly dallying on the computer, so I ate a half assed breakfast of a hard boiled egg, a carrot, a hunk of cold turkey, and a few bites of pie.

Dog park:

Using a French press makes me feel sophisticated.

With the colder weather the dog park has become a really great way to spend a morning. I fill up a hot mug of coffee and Charlie runs and wrestles his big butt off.

But then he gets to sleep all day.


A fried egg on top of sausage and cornbread stuffing.

Lunch was a little earlier than normal and definitely a little rushed, but still extra delicious. Under that fried egg is the last of the stuffing, which I have decided is definitely not going to be a Thanksgiving-only food in my house.


I ate a Balance bar while working on a group project. I really need to break my bar habit, but they’re tasty and convenient and on sale for less than a dollar each right now.


A Firecracker pizza with ground beef instead of anchovies from Sticks and Stones pizza.

Nothing says, “Let’s celebrate the fact that our days weren’t stressful at all” like ordering take out. Too bad this pizza was a little on the soggy side.


Whole Food's apple pie.

And nothing says, “Diabetes who?” like pie.

Good habit:

Since we’re all supposed to be “falling into good habits” on WIAW, I thought I’d finally start a good habit. So every Tuesday I’m going to floss my teeth. I know I should do it more (and if my father, who flosses once or twice a day, is reading this he’s probably running for the bathroom), but I wouldn’t want to get too crazy. So for now I’ll floss once a week. And maybe eventually I’ll floss twice a week.

And then, Pinky…the world!

Your turn, eaters:

Do you know what TV show that line is from?

What’s a habit you should break or start?

G’night eaters!

Sausage and Cornbread Stuffing

‘Ello eaters!

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and you are all undoubtedly finalizing your menus I’m going to hop to it with the recipes and tips.

And fyi, these will be more tips and guidelines than strict recipes. I didn’t actually look at a single recipe in all my cooking last week. And I am a firm believer that comfort food should be more about feel and feeling than counting minutes and teaspoons.

With that being said, first thing that’s up is as close to a recipe as you’ll get for Thanksgiving.

I love cooked celery. And cornbread. And sausage, if you couldn’t already tell. So that’s exactly what I put in my stuffing, and very little else.

Sausage Cornbread Stuffing

2 boxes Jiffy mix*

2 eggs

2/3 milk, dairy or non-dairy

½ lbs mild Italian sausage**

3 ribs celery, chopped

~1/2 T dried thyme

~2-3 T butter, dairy or non-dairy

~1-1 ½ c chicken broth

salt and pepper, to taste

*You don’t need all this cornbread. In reality you only need about a box and a half, but because you can’t halve an egg, go ahead and make both boxes. You can always eat the other half box.

**My Whole Foods has bulk sausage, which is the filling minus the casing, but if you can’t find that then two sausage links is about the same.

Whisk the Jiffy mix, eggs, and milk together. Pour the mixture into a wax paper-lined baking sheet and bake according to the package directions, about 25 minutes, if I remember correctly.

While the cornbread is cooling, heat a pan to medium heat and begin to brown the sausage. Once a bit of sausage fat has collected at the bottom of the pan add the celery and cook until the sausage is browned all over and the celery is soft.

Crumble the cooled cornbread into a lightly greased baking dish, about 9×9 should be sufficient. Add in the sausage and celery mix, salt, pepper, and thyme, and gently fold everything together.

At this point, the stuffing can hang out in your fridge for up to two days before it’s baked.

When you’re ready to bake preheat the oven to 350F, bring up the butter into little pieces and sprinkle them around the top, and then pour the broth evenly over the dish. Bake for ~30 minutes, or until the stuffing is golden brown on top.

Serve it warm.

Now I can’t speak of other stuffing recipes, because this was the first time I’d ever made it. But I can say that it was beyond easy. And the whole making it a day before and popping it in right as the turkey is resting and being carved certainly makes it all the more perfect.

Your turn, eaters:

What do you like in your stuffing?

Do you stuff it in the bird or cook it separate?

G’night eaters!

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

Hi eaters.

It’s been a long and slightly painful day, thanks to a visit to the chiropractor.

But Leon bought me pie for dinner dessert and now my dog is lying on top of my leg (yes, just the one leg) so I’m pretty happy.

Now let’s talk Thanksgiving, shall we?!

Dinner was set for 3pm on Saturday, so the cooking started on Thursday. And the bulk of it was done of Friday. But we still had plenty of cooking to do Saturday morning.

I'm in my cooking crevice.

So while Leon and I cooked, Mother set the table.

Light and airy, just like I like it.

As you can see, I kept it all very simple. I fell in love with the idea of butcher paper and crayons, so that’s exactly what we did.

Crayons in reused jars, because they're classier than the crayon box.

And then I went around and wrote everyone’s name above his or her plate. (Fyi, “his or her” is the proper pronoun here, not “their.” #WordNerd)

While everyone was mingling we snacked on a little appetizer plate of cheese and crackers and dips and a bowl of candied almonds that Leon made.

Three cheeses. Three spreads. Two crackers.

Please don’t confuse the three cheeses and three dips as any sort of pairing. The only thing that was even slightly paired was the goat’s milk brie and mixed berry jam.

And finally, after a long morning and one last frantic cooking spree, dinner was served.

The most beautiful bird I've ever seen.

On the menu:

Guinness roasted turkey, sausage and cornbread stuffing, Eureka Paprika split pea soup, mashed potatoes, balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts, wild mushroom and butternut squash risotto, cranberry chutney (a simpler version than the recipe I posted here), a massaged kale salad with roasted acorn squash, 1/3 whole wheat rolls, gravy, and maple butter.

Yes, that is our unused flat sheet used as a tablecloth.

I think that’s it. I’ll be posting recipes for a lot of those dishes this week, so stay tuned.

I piled my plate high and ate every bite. And surprisingly, I didn’t feel grossly full. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that everything save for the turkey, stuffing, and gravy was vegan.


Mother’s boyfriend is vegan and I certainly don’t mind vegan food, obviously. And once Leon agreed to make mashed potatoes with Earth Balance and coconut milk we were set.

Anyway, everything turned out really, surprisingly well. The Brussels sprouts were a touch underdone, but that was the only glitch so I was beyond thrilled.

I was so thrilled by how well everything went that all day I was walking around punching the air and yelling “O’Doyles rule!” (Two points if you can tell me what movie that’s from.)

Everyone retired to the RV for a while (Did I mention that Mother and her boyfriend drove up in his giant RV?) to watch the NC State vs Clemson game. I took a little nap first. And then we had dessert.


I know I was talking in my earlier post about bourbon sweet potato casserole and vegan coconut nutmeg pudding. But when I thought about it, I really didn’t need another complicated thing to the list of things to cook. So I went easy. Really easy.

Thanks to this fondue, I've got a really awesome chocolate tip to post about.

And it doesn’t get easier than chocolate fondue in a crockpot, let me tell you.

The only problem with chocolate fondue is that there are no leftovers, hence the pie for dinner tonight.

Possibly the best part of the whole day, though, was that Mother did ALL the dishes. But then, Charlie’s bow tie is a close second.

Isn't he handsome?

What do you think, eaters:

Could you vegan-ize or mostly vegan-ize your Thanksgiving feast? What wouldn’t you compromise on?

What would be the best thing a house guest could give you/do for you?

G’night eaters!

PS — Seriously, get ready for as many Thanksgiving recipes as I can cram in before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Teaser

Hiya eaters!

My family was in town for our Pre-Thanksgiving party. A great time was had by all, but boy, did it make for a stressful week.

Luckily, it all paid off with roughly 48 hours of fun and food with my family.

But now both Leon and I are absolutely exhausted. And I’m laying in bed eating leftover hardened chocolate fondue off a spoon.

12.5 lbs of golden poultry perfection.

So for tonight, I’ll leave you with this picture of the gorgeous turkey Leon cooked and a promise to be back tomorrow with the first of a few recipes that you should almost definitely work into your Thanksgiving menu.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you have your Thanksgiving menus set?

And for my Canadian eaters, what was your favorite dish at your Thanksgiving?

G’night eaters!

House Tour: Whimsical

Helloooooo eaters!

So here I am, in the final stretch of frantic movements before the family arrives. And I’m happy to say that, due in large part to Leon because he’s much more efficient at cleaning than I am, the house is so close to being entirely clean!

All that’s left is the bathroom, the kitchen floor, and finishing our room.

#HotDamnHooray to say the least!

Since there is a good chance that our house won’t be this clean all at the same time again until more family comes to visit, and because I think we are finally about done with all the decorating, DIYing, and furniture buying that we’re going to do, I can finally give you guys a house tour!

Yes, I realize that I’ve lived here since May.

Yes, I realize that you probably don’t care.

But with the exception of my giant bean bag and the crappy cart in the kitchen (which we are looking to replace), everything in the house had to be acquired. So between the acquiring and the creating, all of this was hard and time consuming and I am so explosively proud of my house.

So quit complaining and let me explode.

This is the view from the front door.

To the right is the dining room, featuring our $40 table, pink chairs, British WWII prints, and our booze holder/bar (which is also a vital part of our landing strip <– watch the video, it’s helpful.)

The pink chairs match the blue walls, right?

To the left is our living room. The chair came from an estate sale years ago. The couch came from Leon’s friend, Will, who gave it to their friend, Randall, who gave it to us. And the deer wall is whimsical, which is my design mantra.

If you walk straight ahead you’re in the kitchen.

We didn’t do much to the kitchen, as you can see, but I do love all the white cabinets. And I love all the light that comes in all day from the windows. It makes a great place for photography.

And here’s a quit look back at the front door and living room from the kitchen doorway, just for funsies.

Walking through the dining room puts you in the hallway. This isn’t a super thrilling space…except for our picture corner!

I saw this idea as a pinmonths ago and finally just finished it a couple weeks ago. (Or, as finished as it’s going to be for right now, because I would love to add more frames as time goes on.) And I must say, it’s awesome.

"I am an Omega Man, leader of the pack. Standing tall for excellence and learning not to look back. Learning how to set goals and be an inspiration to the crowd. Seeking wisdom everyday and making the Brotherhood proud!"

It’s especially awesome when you’re looking at it from the bathroom or office doorway because then you see the Omega Man picture, which was a joke gift from Leon’s friends a few years ago that I’m crazy about. I mean, what’s more whimsical than a shirtless afro man and a poem? And the purple and gold on it just happen to go brilliantly with the blue wall and gold frames.

Speaking of the office…

This is a room I intentionally left pretty plain. It’s our office, a guest room (when the air mattress is inflated), and where we keep myCharlie’s bean bag, so I didn’t want to do too much and then leave it feeling awkward at times.

Have I mentioned that I'm in love with accent chairs? Because I am. Especially this one.

But I really do love the desk (and chair) with the bookshelf that doubles as a standing desk. It makes me very productive. Charlie trying to climb up the chair and into my lap doesn’t make me productive.

Onto the bedroom, or as I like to call it (I don’t actually call it this, but it’s true) The Room With The Bed, because our king sized bed almost doesn’t fit.

Eventually I want to upholster the box spring so that it's not so ugly. And eventually I want to actually make the bed, too.

If the room were just a foot wider I would put a small accent chair where the cardboard boxes are (and have been since we moved in…) and probably a few whimsical hooks in the walls on either side of the bed for clothes and things. But I can’t do that, so I pile clothes on top of the boxes usually.

We can't be the only people who never fully push drawers closed, right?

This wall hanging was another pinned idea that is still a little bit in progress. I want to add a few more flowers in the upper right corner so that is looks like they are being blown up from the bottom left.

Last and certainly least is the bathroom, which I didn’t even bother to take a picture of because it’s all teal and peeling wall paper.

We didn’t do ANYTHING except putting frosted glass plastic over the window so the neighbors don’t see me naked. And, as luck would have it, that window will probably have to be replaced since it’s almost definitely rotting.

Who puts an unsealed, solid wood window and sill IN a shower? I don’t get it. But that’s the beauty of renting — we don’t have to get it or pay for it.

And that wraps it up. Aren’t you glad my house is tiny? AND aren’t you impressed with how much has changed since this post, on the day we moved in back in May?!

Because I think you should be.

Your turn, eaters:

Are you proud of your home? Tell me about it!

What’s the next house/DIY project you want to do?

G’night eaters!