Guest Post: I Heart Vegetables

Hi eaters!

I’ve got a special treat for you. Today, my friend Liz and I are doing a little post swap. I figured that since I like her and you like me you should then like her. 


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the practical application of some mathematical theory that I wasn’t paying attention to in high school. Anyway…



Hi Food Baby readers! I’m Liz, the veggie-lover of I Heart Vegetables.

I’m so excited I get to guest post on Kara’s blog, because she’s pretty awesome, and I remember the first time I stumbled across her blog, I immediately texted my friend and said “Oh my gosh!!! I just for a blog called “Food Baby!!!” Because let’s face it. We’ve all had them.

Anyways, I want to share my strategy for lunchtime workouts with you. Really, this could be used anytime you’re trying to squeeze in a workout, but particularly, when you don’t have a lot of time, and you need to look presentable afterwards.

I tend to have the most energy around lunch time, and my office has a great gym, so a lot of my workouts happen around noon. It can be hard to squeeze in a good workout quickly, and still look appropriate for the office, but I have a few tricks.

1. Bring flats- My office is huge, so the gym is literally half a mile away from my desk. If I try to walk over there in heels, it takes a good 30 minutes just getting there and getting back. I keep a pair of flats at my desk, so I can slip those on and speed-walk to the gym. If you have a big office (or you work downtown and have to walk to the gym) your feet will thank you!

2. Be strategic- When I don’t really feel like working out, I do the elliptical. It’s easier than running or doing the stairmaster. But that means you could burn more with 20 minutes on the treadmill vs. 30 minutes on the elliptical. Force yourself to do a harder workout!

3. Circuit, Circuit!- I know Kara has given you all some ideas for circuit workouts! These are fantastic when you literally only have 30 minutes to workout. You can get in cardio and weight training all at once! Also, planks are one of my favorite “full body” exercises, as shown above ;)

4. Pack Essentials- A mini deodorant, small brush, lipstick (which can also double for blush) and dry shampoo are all lifesavers. You also might want to pack a few bobby pins, in case you need to keep your hair up.

5. Easy Lunch- If you’ve got a packed day of work, you’ll probably want to grab something quick you can eat on the go. I like to have a snack like an apple + peanut butter before I workout, and then a wrap, or yogurt + protein powder as soon as I’m done. The snack before your workout gives you some energy, and the meal afterwards feeds those muscles!

Those are the things that help me squeeze in a good workout, even when I’m short on time, so hopefully those help!

For other fitness tips, come check out my veggie-loving antics, and my attempt at living a healthy life!


  1. Thanks for having me on your blog :) Hehe I feel like a celebrity! ;)

  2. afreshstartformolly says:

    Great tips, Liz! I am just starting to transition to morning workouts and this advice could work for mornings too, especially when I go straight to work from the gym.

  3. eatinglikeahorse says:

    Great blog name, funnily enough, I've got one of those as we speak… ;-)
    That's so cool that your office has a gym, I'm jealous! I can't afford to join one and there isn't one close to where I live anyway so one at work would be perfect and your tips are great!

  4. CourtStar says:

    Amazing post and so true! You really can get a workout in during lunchtime! NO EXCUSES LOVE IT! Love and Shine courtStar

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