To Recreate

Hiya eaters!

I promise, this is going to be my last London post.

But I absolutely had to get this out to keep myself accountable. And really, I think it’s helpful for you, too.

So as you know, I ate a heck of a lot of great food in London.

More importantly, though, I ate a heck of a lot of great BRITISH food.


I think not!

Sure, traditional British cuisine may not exactly be the fanciest. And they may not be terribly into the foams and reductions and essences that a lot of more “upscale” cuisines boast. And a lot of it is based around root vegetables.

But none of those things are bad.

Frankly, I kind of love the sensibility and simplicity that is quintessential of British food. Theirs is a food that’s made to nourish you in more ways than one, and it does just that.

And since it wasn’t until I went to London that I experienced this food (and thus, it’s not widely available in the States), I am vowing to attempt to re-create (while only mildly bastardizing it) some of my favourites.

So what makes the cut?


Puddings, which include but are not limited to sticky toffee pudding, Christmas pudding, white and black puddings.

From Bumpkin.

Chicken tikka masala


A beef and vegetable pasty from Borough market.

Pork and chorizo burger from my favourite neighborhood pub


Smoked haddock fishcakes with boiled potatoes and mixed greens.

Duck confit quiche (This one is from Paris.)

Scotch eggs

l. mulligan grocer, dublin, ireland

I don't know it Scotch eggs actually came from Scotland. But I love them.

So what do you think, eaters:

Did I leave any out that you want to see me try my hand at?

If there was one cuisine you could cook amazingly (besides your own), what would it be?

G’night eaters!


  1. Marisa says:

    I know exactly what you mean, I have been planning to make sticky toffee pudding since I got back. Went to an English pub in Philadelphia last night for a friends birthday and they had it. I got some knowing I'd be disappointed. Too much nutmeg. I miss our beautiful London.

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