WIAW: Vegetarian Plus Bacon

Hi eaters!

Leon just made himself some baked chips as a snack. I ate two, he finished them, and now I can’t stop thinking about eating more.

Yup, there’s your small talk for the day.

Moving on…

Yesterday I ate almost entirely vegetarian (without even meaning to be). And I would have been completely veg had the bacon not called to me so much from the fridge.

Proof —


Awesome blueberry bread (the recipe for which is coming tomorrow!) covered in low fat Stonyfield yogurt and slivered almonds.

This was such a deviation from my usual morning meal. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, which I think has to do with my increased activity in the morning.

A slice and a half of bacon and coffee.

I get up, walk Charlie, drink my half liter of water, play with Charlie, and then I make breakfast. (FYI — This only takes a little over an hour.) I think because I’m more awake come breakfast time I’m more able to make what I’m really in the mood for rather than what I’m used to.


Smashed avocado, Texas Pete, and salt on toasted sesame Ezekiel bread with a carrot on the side.

I had my Crossfit trial in the early afternoon, so I didn’t want to eat too much before in fear of throwing up. (FYI — I did feel like throwing up anyway.) But knowing that I definitely needed protein I ate an unpicture half piece of bacon and whipped up a slightly fancier protein drink.

GNC chocolate wheybolic protein mixed with half iced coffee and half soy milk.


To hear all about my first time at Crossfit, check out yesterday’s post (which includes a vlog!): Newbie.


Upon getting home I immediately downed two Peeps, took the dog on a quick walk with Leon, decided I was going to skip class, took a shower, and drank half a beer.


Neither Leon nor I planned ahead so we didn’t have anything prepped for dinner. So we did the next best thing.

Mexican style black bean tacos.

You really can’t beat $1 tacos and queso dip.

Chips and a half order of queso.

Just like you really can’t beat coming home to find that your dog didn’t pee, poo, or chew anything in your absence. (FYI — House training and lessening Charlie’s separation anxiety is going relatively well.)

So as you can see, save for two pieces of bacon, it was an all around healthy (though veggie-lite) and oh so tasty vegetarian day.

Your turn, eaters:

Do you ever unintentionally eat a certain way all day (vegan, vegetarian, GF, raw, etc)?

What do you do when you didn’t plan dinner?

G’night eaters!


G’evening eaters!

I am one tired ‘Baby tonight, so let’s get right to the fun, shall we?

The other night something spurred me to look into Crossfit boxes (which are what Crossfit gyms are called) in my area. I think it was out of hungover frustration on Friday night knowing that I wouldn’t get a chance to make up my missed workout until Tuesday because the school gym is closed for weekends and holidays.

A wee bit of searching lead me to Vigilante Crossfit, which is less than a mile down the street from me. And a little look see at their class schedule showed me that they usually have multiple classes each day. And then an email and a phone call later, I had an appointment with Trainer Blaine to try my hand at Crossfit while they gauged my fitness.

I’m going to be honest, eaters, I was more than a bit nervous. Crossfit seems like a whole new level of intense from what I’m used to. And in all seriousness, I’m not really used to not being the fittest person in a workout.

My friends don’t really take fitness to the same level as I do. The other people at my gym do very different things in their pursuit of fitness, so I can’t really compare myself to them. Even Brother, who is very very fit, probably isn’t as fit as me in some aspects.

So volunteering to walk into a place where I was going to be the least fit person took some courage.

Anyway, here’s a little vlog to sum everything up for you.

So there you have it, eaters. I’m going to try my hand at Crossfit.

And I crunched the numbers. Based on the schedule of 2 days on and 1 day off (which is what Blaine recommends), I would be paying $7.50 for every session in the month of June. In the month of July I would be paying $5.94 per session. And while it’s a good chunk of change up front, 1) back in the Dirty Dirty I pay $8/session and 2) I FIRMLY believe that if there’s one place to invest the time, effort, and money, it’s in your health (both physical and mental, because working out is as much for my body as for my mind).

So I’m going for it. I’m nice and scared, but also pretty determined not to totally wimp out.

Wish me luck?

What do you think, eaters?

Is fear of embarrassment a good motivator for you?

What’s the last thing you did that really took you out of your comfort zone?

G’night eaters!

Mini Milestones

Hiya eaters!

As you can tell, I took the day off from blogging yesterday. It was a holiday night. My friends were having a BBQ. We took Charlie to the party, making it not only his first social engagement, but also the first time he was around a lot of other people out of his home. He handled it well. I was nervous the whole time that he was unhappy or scared.

It was still a great night.

And all in all, this weekend has been one of mini milestones.

On Friday morning I went grocery shopping (at Earth Fare, of course!) and came back with the most ah-maze-ing haul.


Organic spinach x2, organic red leaf lettuce, organic bell pepper, organic zucchini, cucumber, organic gala apples, organic carrots, bacon, GT’s original kombucha, ground turkey, organic button mushrooms, Stonyfield plain low fat yogurt, frozen okra, organic millet, organic dried chickpeas, organic parsley, organic yellow onion.

This is the kind of grocery shopping I want to do more — bags absolutely packed with beautiful, organic, fresh (and frozen) produce, some bulk buys, and very little else.

LOVE plants!

And in this trip there were two mini milestones.

First, I broke out of my bulk bin rut.

I’ve been stuck in a quinoa-black bean bulk rut for way too long. This is my attempt to break free.

Second, I bought what will hopefully be my last store-bought kombucha ever!

I’m trying my hand at home-brewing this tangy fermented tea because now that Leon likes it (he calls it “weird hangover juice” because it does wonders for a hangover), it was getting way too expensive to support two people’s habits.

I’ll keep you posted on the brewing.

Later that day we also broke out of our pizza rut. We have a usual — sausage, green peppers, and onions — that we get EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, our usual wasn’t so great from Spring Garden Pizzeria, right across the street. So rather than drive across town to our favorite pizza place (Pie Works), we tried a different kind of pizza.

Lucky #7.

This was a tad meatier than I generally like my pizza (I’m not a meat lovers girl anymore), but dang was it good.

Another milestone came when I FINALLY decided to satisfy my craving for a Dunkin Donuts chocolate glazed donut.

I’ve had this craving sporadically for weeks now, but whenever I was near a DD I wasn’t craving it and whenever I was craving it I wasn’t near a DD.

Oh so good.

It’s been a vicious cycle.

Luckily, though, we live about a mile from a DD so when Leon and I had a free bit of time and Charlie was in need of a walk, we decided to kill three birds with one stone — get me a donut, walk Charlie, and get Charlie less scared of walking on sidewalks near busy (not neighborhood) streets.


It was a big success all around.

A couple other milestones of the weekend included me doing my second Pinterest-inspired DIY project and my first attempt at trying to make Charlie into my running partner.

But both of those things deserve their own post, so that’ll come soon.

Your turn, eaters:

Did you have any mini (or BIG) milestones this weekend? Recently?

What’s your usual pizza?

Later eaters!

Why Stir Fry?

G’day eaters!

It’s been a beautiful day in the neighborhood for me. Charlie is quickly adapting to his new home, learning not to poo inside, and doing lots of cute things.

So life is good over here.

And while today was a really laid back day (I actually didn’t know what to do with myself for a while), not all days are like that.

Between class and house things and Charlie and trying to have a social life (which now includes planning and driving, unlike when I liked on campus) and blogging and all the other things that I do, some nights the last thing I want to do is cook an elaborate dinner.

Some nights, I kinda wished I lived alone so eggs or an apple and pb or something equally thoughtless could fly as my last meal.

But I don’t live alone and Leon doesn’t share my belief that eggs are always appropriate. So on those nights, we make stir fry.

Why stir fry, you ask?

Because it’s crazy customizable.

Because it requires about 10 minutes (at most!) of prep and 5 minutes to cook (not including the grain).

Because it’s not eggs.

Because it dirties one knife, one pot, one wok, maybe one bowl (if you marinate your protein), and whatever you need to eat it.

Because it’s cheap.

Need any more reasons?

Alright, let me walk you through it all.

Yesterday morning I chopped up a block of Westsoy tempeh (because it was far cheaper than pork, which was our other protein option).

For me, this is cheaper (and tastier!) than Life Time tempeh.

I then whisked together a quick peanut-y marinade:

1 ½ T pb

1 T soy sauce

1 T rice vinegar

1 T green Tabasco sauce

1 T warm water

Or you could use a jarred sauce.

Ignore the fact that this resembles throw-up.

The tempeh got tossed in that and then left in the fridge all day.

When it finally came time to eat (around 8:45, after an exhausting day with an annoying hyper pup), we were minutes.

I put the rice on.

Leon diced up a handful of veggies from the fridge.

I went a little crazy in the produce section this week.

We heated the wok and I showed him how to cook tempeh.

The veggies went in with the rest of the marinade left in the bowl, plus another dash or two of soy sauce.

The rice was done. The veggies were done. We assembled.

Sorry for the dark pictures.

If I had even more foresight and was one of those people who could prep things at the beginning of the week, like that one annoying lady on Food Network, I could have cooked the rice and diced the vegetables beforehand.

But I didn’t, so think meal took 20 minutes.

I know, the hardship.

If you still need one more reason to love stir fries, though:


Cook a little extra rice and a few extra vegetables and you could have lunch for the next day or two.

Now do you see why I love stir fries?

Your turn, eaters:

What’s your Go-To meal when things get hectic?

Do you like sauce from a jar or do you make your own?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Coffee and Asparagus

Hello eaters!

Today has been a lovely day. I had a great workout. I finally set up a savings account (instead of keeping all my money in a checking account). I hung out with Charlie and my other friends. And now I’m beyond exhausted.



Scrambled eggs with spinach, asparagus, seedy mustard and "toast."

A little deviation from my usual was a nice change. Not a nice change, though, was how un-toasted my bread was. Does anyone have any tips for toasting bread really well and really quickly in an oven?

We don’t have a toaster.



I poured my coffee into a travel cup (and another glass, more on that in a minute) with the intention of taking Charlie on a nice long walk after both of our breakfasts. Well, he wasn’t having any of that so we walked maybe 3 blocks.


I split a (GNC wheybolic yaddayadda chocolate flavored) protein shake before and after my workout.

And on the schedule for yesterday was a HIIT circuit for my lower body. It kicked my butt (literally!) and then I finished up with an EXTRA 10 minutes on the elliptical because I read somewhere that you should always do an extra 10 minutes at the gym because it’ll make the 10 minutes it took to drive their worth it.


Smashed avocado, pan seared tofu, lettuce, and salsa on a slice of Genesis bread and a couple of carrots.

I don’t know why open-faced sandwiches are a summer thing for me, but I’m going to role with it. They’re tasty.



For the sake of my budget, I’m really trying to get myself to like the fresh ground pb. Maybe I need to try the salted to see if that’s better.

Homemade iced coffee — soy milk, no sugar, but it needs a straw.

Oh, and in an effort to not get super jittery in the morning from too much caffeine, I’ve started pouring 1/3-1/2 of my French press into a glass and chilling it for later. And I’m happy to report this might be the first homemade iced coffee that I actually like.


Grilled red wine marinated speckled trout, tomato-y quinoa, and lemon-y steamed asparagus.

Leon’s pretty great at cooking fish. He’s even better, though, at grilling fish. And I managed to only slightly burn the quinoa (because I got distracted cutting a cantaloupe).

Things you didn’t see:

A few pieces of cantaloupe. A second, smaller pb spoon. Two liters of water. Two Saranac beers. A handful of not too long walks with Charlie.

And that’s all she wrote, eaters.

Puppy says what?

Your turn, eaters:

Do you like grilled food or does it make you feel like you’re eating ash?

Got any tips for house training a dog?

G’night eaters!

Scones in America

G’day eaters!

I’m rushing off to class soon, so this post is going to be a quicky. Forgive me.

Saturday morning, before I started drinking juice (with too much broccoli — eck!) and cleaning like crazy in preparation for Mother’s visit, Leon and I ate scones.

I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I fell madly, head over heels in love with scones in London.

A real scone is nothing like the overly-sugared, iced triangle you get at Starbucks. A real scone is barely sweet besides from the currants, if sweetened at all. A real scone doesn’t have icing or glaze, but is served with clotted cream (which is something like a mix of whipped cream and whipped butter) and jam. A real scone is dry and crumbly.

After being so spoiled on scones, I haven’t even tried to recreate them. I think I need some space to forget the vivid memory of my afternoon treats before I try to make them myself, so as not to be too embarrassed when I do.

But just because I’m not ready to belly up to the pastry cutter quite yet, doesn’t mean I’m not ready to eat more scones.

So of course when I happened to be right across the parking lot from a bakery claiming to be “European-style” after an “early” morning job interview, I had to peak in to see if they had scones.

And donchaknowit, they had two varieties — the classic scone studded with dried fruit and a savory spinach and cheddar scone.


Before I knew it, I was walking out of the bakery with one of each scone and a cappuccino (unfortunately, sans the usually dusting of cocoa).

Being the nice girlfriend that I am, I waited until I was lying in bed with Leon before sampling the (hopefully) crumbly little biscuits.

But once settled in bed with my man, my cappuccino, and an episode of “The Unit,” all bets were off.

First up was savory — spinach and cheddar.

Except that this scone was just over flowing with spinach and cheddar. No, there was a generous smattering of scallions through, giving the otherwise well-known, and possibly monotone, flavor and bite that woke up my taste buds better than the coffee.

Once I had enough of the cheese (there was a lot of cheese!), I turned my gaze to the sugar-dusted treat to my right.

I broke off a hunk and was ever so pleased to see big crumbs fall onto the paper bag. The insides looked just fluffy enough and were studded with little wrinkly raisins.

Or so I thought. One bite proved that the fruit jewels I saw were not raisins, but dried cranberries. And while I do enjoy dried cranberries, their dramatic tartness has no place in a well-rounded, even-keeled scone.

So I picked them out, letting Leon grab them and the more cranberry-saturated hunks, while I happily ate a deliciously dry, deliciously icing-and-fruit-free scone.

And then we cleaned frantically, fueled wonderfully by excessive amounts of cheese and white flour.

It was awesome.

Your turn, eaters:

What’s your go-to pastry?

Do you like sweet or savory breakfasts?

Later eaters!

Meet Charlie

Hiya eaters!!

There’s two exclamation points to make up for the missing one yesterday.

Oh, and because it has been that great of a day.

First thing this afternoon, Leon and I paid our pet deposit and then headed over to the Guilford County Animal Shelter (on Wendover Ave right next to Biscuitville) to pick up our dog. And after quite a bit of paperwork, he was finally ours!

So, I would like to officially introduce Charlie!

We named him after Charlie from the TV show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

He’s a boxer-hound mix and will be a year old in June.

He has total crazy eyes when he gets excited. It’s pretty great.

He looks like such a puppy!

At first I was a little worried about how he would adjust to domestic life because the shelter said he had been a stray, but he got the hang of the car nicely enough and has only peed in the house once (knock on wood).

And it took him no time at all to decide that our giant bean bag was going to be his bed.

Don't tell me he's not handsome.

He then spent the next hour jumping from the bean bag to his bed and back again.

Neither Leon nor I realized just how much of a spaz-y puppy he was when we visited him in the shelter (I think he was a bit depressed), but now that he’s free and well-fed, his full spaz is coming out.

He's licking Leon's feet, which is pretty gross.

He’s pretty good on the leash, until he sees a butterfly and then all bets are off.

He tolerates baths as well as can be expected, though his toes are pretty webbed, so maybe he’s a water dog.

I think he sees a bug.

He loved going on walks to the park down the street and then around campus. Hopefully he’ll learn his own name soon and we can get him well trained enough to be able to take him to the dog park.

Lindley Park, Greensboro.

Until then, it’s lots of walks and bean bag jumping.

And now he’s sprawled out at my feet, looking extra cute. Hopefully one more walk after dinner will tire him out enough that he’ll sleep his first night home.

Otherwise, it’ll be more bean bag jumping.

Whatever makes him happy.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you have a dog?

What’s something totally spaz-y your dog does?

G’night eaters!

PS — He’s totally mesmerized by the sound my camera makes, so expect a lot more pictures of him.

PPS — I know I sounded critical of the Guilford County Animal Shelter yesterday, but really, they do a wonderful job. I can’t fault them for being extra thorough when it comes to adopting out animals. If you’re in the area and are looking for a pet, pleasepleasePLEASE go to them (rather than a breeder or a puppy mill). They have so many animals waiting to be adopted.

Best Way’s Beer

Hi eaters.

Can you tell from my lack of exclamation point that I’m a little down in the dumps?

(Do you even notice that I usually greet you with an exclamation point?)

Yeah. This weekend was glorious in almost every way.

Leon grilled some amazing chicken on Friday night, then friends came over (and our neighbor!), which was lovely. Saturday we drank juice and cleaned before Mother came into town with a car-load of furniture.

Mother and our friend, Slater, were over for dinner. I made pizza dough and cooked it on my brand new pizza stone. We laughed. We drank.

It was wonderful.

This morning I took Mother out to a belated Mother’s Day brunch at Iron Hen. I had the blueberry pancakes, which were dang good.

All seems wonderful, right?

Well, after brunch Leon and I were supposed to go to the animal shelter to adopt the dog we’ve fallen in love with.

And we did go to the shelter. Unfortunately, because our landlord’s office was closed today they couldn’t verify when we had to pay our pet deposit (not IF we could have a pet), so we had to put him back in his cage.

Both of us got really really sad about that.

I mean, we were totally set for his arrival.

But after a little bit of time moping, we decided to get over. We’ll get the dog tomorrow (which is my way of saying to expect a dog-tastic post tomorrow) and it was a beautiful day.

Tree-lined streets are a beautiful thing.

So we decided to explore our neighborhood a bit (which we still haven’t done much).

The thing I love about our neighborhood is that it’s an actual neighborhood. There are lovely houses and trees and sidewalks and people out in their yards doing things.

Ya know, all the things that make a neighborhood perfect for dogs.

But I digress.

So we explored and admired the beautiful houses around us while we slowly made our way to the area known as Four Corners.

This is a random blip in our neighborhood, which is four or five bars/restaurants grouped around one intersection, hence the Four Corners name.

Of course, we want to frequent all of these places because they look good and because we’re fans of anywhere that doesn’t require one of us to be a DD (i.e. — anywhere we can walk).

But thanks to a recommendation from a friend, this exploration brought us to the BEST place in all of Greensboro (that I’ve seen, at least) to buy beer — Best Way.

It may just look like an overgrown convenience store from the outside, but inside there is a MASSIVE beer selection.

All the craft beer.

And not just 6-packs and bottles. No, they also have a case for growlers, too.

All the growlers.

Yeah, Leon and I were in heaven. And after much consideration we made our selections.

A growler of Nantahala IPA, because Leon has toured the brewery and loved it.

A bottle of Best Way brand IPA because one of the clerks was talking it up and it was cheap.

And a 6-pack of 21st Amendment’s American Bitter seasonal ale, because I think I heard good things about it on Aubrey’s blog a long while back.

All the beers where strong and wonderful, though the Best Way is something I’d probably only buy again if I was strapped for cash.

So these beers paired with grilling burgers with our friend really helped cheer Leon and I up about the dog situation.

BUT you better believe we’ll be waiting at the door for the shelter to open tomorrow.

Your turn, eaters:

Was there one thorn in your weekend? What was it?

What’s the one thing that always cheers you up?

Later eaters!

Sensible Carrot Pulp Pudding

‘Ello eaters!

We’re almost to the weekend and I couldn’t be happier. Mother is coming up with a carload of furniture and other things I forgot, so we’re having a belated Mother’s Day celebration.

That means brunch out on Sunday and pizza on Saturday.

But before I get caught up in weekend festivities, let’s talk about sensibility.

More important: British sensibility.

Sensibility seems to be so under-appreciated these days. Sure, whimsy and frivolity are all fun and games, but sometimes you have to wonder where sensibility, practicality, and utility went.

Well, in England, sensibility was alive and well. And I loved it.

Example: pasties! Sheppard’s pie! Crumbles!

A beef and vegetable pasty from Borough market.

All of these things are brilliant examples of how the British took leftovers and with very little money or effort, turned them into completely different and equally delicious dishes.

Waste not, want not, increase your grocery bill not.

I love it!

So this past week, when I found myself with a juicer full of carrot-pear pulp and a longing for London, I decided to be sensible.

Please note — When I say “pudding” I don’t mean the kind you find in a Snack Pack. Think of the texture of a really gooey, warm brownie. And then think of that in flavours other than chocolate. That’s about what a proper pudding should be like.

Carrot Pulp Pudding

1 c (whole wheat pastry) flour

¼ c sugar

2 t cinnamon

3 dashes nutmeg

1 ¾ c (soy) milk

1 ½ T chia seeds

½ carrot juicer pulp*

3 T plain (dairy-free) yoghurt

1 T vanilla extract

*The pulp I used had a bit of pear in it, which may have affected the sweetness. If you’re just using carrot pulp you may want to add 1 T sugar extra (making the total amount of sugar 1/3 c). That depends entirely on your taste.

In a mixing bowl, mix the flour, sugar, and spices.

In another bowl (or a mixing cup) mix the milk, chia seeds, pulp, vanilla, and yoghurt. Leave this to sit for about 5 minutes to give the chia seeds a chance to gel up.

Mix the wet with the dry and then spoon the mixture into 4 jars/ramekins*. Place the containers on a high-sided baking dish (like a loaf pan) and fill the dish with water about as high up as the batter.

Bake at 350F for about an hour, until the top feels firm and a toothpick comes out almost clean.

Fresh from the oven.

*This depends entirely on what you have on hand. I filled 4 12-ounce jars up a little less than halfway. I do suggest using something big enough so you have some space at the top to keep water from splashing in.

Serve hot or cold. Serve with ice cream, yoghurt, whipped cream, or plain. Serve for dessert, breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

The only requirement is that you serve this with a long spoon.

This doesn’t taste exactly like carrot cake. It doesn’t feel like a muffin or a cupcake. It’s…pudding, in every sense of the word.

And it’s sensible in every sense of the word — cheap, easy, HEALTHY, and suitable for almost every dietary need (sorry GF people!).


Who ever said sensibility was out of fashion?

Your turn, eaters:

Do you favour sensibility or whimsy? Or something in the middle?

Have you ever had this kind of pudding? How would you describe the texture?

Later eaters!

WIAW: Grilled

Hiya eaters!

Today has been full of more house-y stuff with a bit of school work and job hunting thrown in.

That will be my life until further notice.


Leftover broccoli and green bean frittata, strawberries, and a peach with nutmeg.

I wish I could eat like this everyday. And I have decided without a shadow of a doubt that summer produce is the best.

Too much coffee.

Oh, and French press coffee isn’t so bad. I’m warming up to it. I’m not warming up to the bit of grounds that are ALWAYS at the bottom of my cup.


Leftover sausage, green pepper, and onion pizza, strawberries, and a carrot.

More leftovers were in order because I have a weird tick about having leftover food in the fridge after I go grocery shopping. Or rather, leftover cooked food. Because I have about two heads of broccoli and half a package of bacon leftover, but somehow that didn’t make it onto my plate.


An awesome 70s dresser in need of a little TLC.

I finally got to try my hand at furniture painting! Yes eaters, after tirelessly pinterest-ing cool furniture and craigslist upcycle ideas for months, it was finally time to put paint brush to unappealing wood.

If you’re interested, I’ll post a picture of the final project. Let me know.


Does anyone know where I can get these in the States?

While the first coat was drying, I snacked on (too many) self-imported wine gums and did computer work.

Then I went to class.


Sam Adams Noble Pils.

As soon as I got home Leon told me to have a beer because I was completely done with work.

Then we ate a delicious grilled dinner on the new grill Leon bought.

Soy-ginger GRILLED salmon, GRILLED zucchini, and quinoa with an Eye of the Hawk Ale.

I love grilled food so much.


To be revealed dessert. Hint: It contains juicer pulp!

I rarely eat dessert after dinner (it’s usually more of a lunch dessert/afternoon snack-type thing), but I took a bite while photographing this recipe yesterday afternoon, so I had a hankering.

Don’t worry, the recipe is going up tomorrow. Trust me, you’ll want to check back for it.

Things you didn’t see:

A handful of free samples while I was grocery shopping (Earth Fare ALWAYS has ah-maze-ing cheese samples) and 2.5 liters of water.

And that’s it.

Looking back on it, I’m really quite happy with how I ate yesterday. Sure, I should have been more mindful while eating the wine gums and I didn’t need to eat cheese samples, but that doesn’t bother me. That’s my fun wiggle room and I’m not willing to give that up.

Your turn, eaters:

What could you have improved about your eating today?

What things about your diet don’t you care to improve?

Later eaters!