WIAW: Wine Hangover

Hi eaters!

The night is quickly getting away from me and I am determined to go to bed early to make up for last night.

Yeah…last night.

It was my friend’s 21st birthday yesterday and while that’s not really a big deal here, we decided to get a little American with it and go out drinking.

Since most of us had work today, we decided to drink civilly by going to a wine bar. I bought a half bottle of red and nursed that for a while.

And despite not drinking much and having eaten and drank plenty of water, I was still pretty hungover this morning.

Why, oh why does red wine kill me like this?

Oh well, it was a lovely night and it gave me a theme for WIAW so it was worth it.


Scrambled eggs with kale and seedy bread. 1 veg serving.

My stomach didn’t feel queasy until I started eating this. I choked it all down, though, because my appetite has been ravenous in the morning lately.


Coffee and Hale & Hearty Salt & Vinegar Rice & Corn Snacks.

We were out of coffee filters and today was definitely a coffee day.


Red leaf lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, yellow bell pepper, steamed purple sprouting broccoli, smoke tofu. 3 veg servings.

This got topped with some diluted BBQ sauce and I was quite happy. Though I’m quickly realizing that I need to cut my cabbage smaller in the future.


The shells of 2 clementines.

By this point I was falling asleep at my desk, so I devoured these little cuties hoping the smell of citrus would wake me up. (I read somewhere a long time ago that citrus scents are energizing.)

I didn’t work so I resorted to Plan B.

Coffee and Hale & Hearty's Choco Jungle and Honey Bee Pops mixed together.

I don’t like how much caffeine I’m drinking, but I’m pretty sure my boss wouldn’t like me sleeping on my keyboard even more.

Gym fuel:

FAGE, muesli, and Linwood ground goodness.

I was probably more thirsty than hungry, but I didn’t want to risk getting hungry at the gym.


20 minutes of treadmill intervals (does anyone know was a speed of 10 on a kilometer treadmill equates to for a miles treadmill?) plus 10 minutes on the stair master plus 10 minutes of stretching.

I just realized today that my gym has foam rollers, so if you have any links to how to use those things, pleasepleasePLEASE post them in the comments. I want to understand the hype.


Baked potato, bean mixture, and smoked gouda. 1.5 veg servings.

Yes eaters, that is a purple baked potato. What can I say, I really like purple.

The end.

Your turn, eaters:

Is there one drink that always gives you a hangover even when you don’t have that much?

Do you use a foam roller? Do you like it?

G’night eaters!


  1. Julie says:

    I don’t get hangovers from alcohol or beer but champagne! Is that crazy? Maybe it’s the sugar? I don’t even know if they’re sugar in it, but it tastes sugarier.

    I love the foam roller! Totally great on my back. It’s like a massage.

  2. I absolutely cannot drink whisky… because the one time I did… lets just say it did not end well. (22nd birthday… whew, it was a heck of a birthday.) So just smelling that makes my stomach turn!

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