Whole Foods’ Thirsty Thursday

Hiya eaters!

It’s been a long day.

Mother came in today, which meant I was up extra early to meet her at Heathrow. Then we walked to Harrods in the rain, walked around some more, and then I went to work (where I wrote three press releases and packed a handful of boxes in three hours).

I can only imagine how exhausted Mother is with jet lag added into the mix.

So when it came time for dinner, we wanted something easy and cheap.

Enter: Thirsty Thursday at Whole Foods.

This means you get 5 wine/beer and food pairings for £5. The menu theme changes every week and I’m yet to be disappointed.

I’ve done this a handful of times, including the first time with Marisa, a fellow college bloggirl, and it’s always a good, cheap evening out.

So after I got off work, Mother and I met up at Whole Foods to quench our thirst.

The theme for tonight was classic British, which I thought was wonderful for Mother’s first night.

The servers were friendly. Mother was very out going (which I’m realizing is a very American trait).

Mother took this picture. I think she's trying to steal my job.

And overall, the pairings were pretty spot on.

Tonight there was a nice mix of white wine, beer, cider, and a rose.


While I’m normally only a fan of beer out of that mix, I did find the others far more enjoyable than I remember them being (except the cider, which Mother rightfully said tasted like cardboard).

Oh, and…

Tuna salad with sweet corn on a jacket potato.

I don’t like tuna salad. I do like oak-free, citrusy white wine (the name of which I don’t remember at all! sorry) with rosemary and thyme.

Roasted potatoes and asparagus with a rosemary, thyme, butter sauce.

Free samples are awesome. Free samples of fancy schmancy balsamic vinegar are extra awesome.

The balsamic vinegar bar at Whole Foods is my new favorite place.

After Mother and I finished our samples, we were still a bit hungry, but not hungry enough for a real meal. So we did the next best thing.

We grabbed a bottle of cheap (but oh so delicious) wine and headed back to her hotel.

There we nabbed a couple of forks and plates, and ate some fried food. While watching TV.

A scotch egg and some baked goat cheese.

And then I drank more wine while laying on her plush bed.

It was so absolutely wonderful. And it almost completely made up for getting hailed on AGAIN today and getting splashed by a bus.

What do you think, eaters:

What’s your drink of choice: wine, beer, cider, or spirits?

What’s your idea of an indulgent night?

G’night eaters!


  1. Yummm! That sounds like a tasty day at Whole Foods! I love samples because you get to try so many new things!

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