Queen’s Arms Pub

G’day eaters!

I’m hoping you enjoyed the little blip of Paris yesterday, because today we’re going back over the Channel and back in time to talk about my absolute favourite London pub — Queens Arms.

First, let me preface this post by saying that I didn’t really immerse myself in the pub scene. I went to a large handful, mostly for drinks, but a few for food. So I am not an expert on London pubs in the least.

But since everyone has a favourite neighborhood pub, mine certainly deserves a mention.

The Queens Arms is lovely little pub in a mews off of Queens Gate Road. I only found it because it’s right across the street from one of my school buildings. But once I found it, it quickly became my go to pub.

Meantime's London Pale Ale.

I went there for quiet drinks. I went there to rub elbows with musicians after they finished practice at Royal Albert Hall. I went there to flirt with the cute bartender. I took visitors there, ranging from Papa & Co to Mother to my professor and his wife.

This was my all occasion pub and I already miss it.

So what makes this pub better than the rest?

Papa and Brother holding down the bar.

It is mismatched in a very nonchalant way, not like it’s trying to be “shabby chic.”

The chairs and tables don’t match. The wallpaper and chandeliers are elegant, but nothing else was. Everything is written on chalkboards on the wall or clipboards, but the door is a classic soft blue with big gold doorknobs.

The bar is simple, unpretentious wood and a good height.

They have all the classic British pub beers — Guinnes, Stella, Stella Black, Stella 4%, Strongbow cider, etc. — along with a few American brews — Sierra Nevada, Corona — a couple of lesser known beers — London Meantime, Sharp’s Doombar, a few ciders I never tried — and an ever-changing selection of really random, but enticing brews.

Oh, and the food is f’ing amazing.

It’s all pretty much classic British fare, but with a fun little twist. Sometimes that twist was upscale. Sometimes that twist was just different. But it was always a good twist.

A twist I would like to be able to inject into my food.

Hubba hubba.

Just about every time I went to Queens Arms to eat I got a pork and chorizo burger. It had some sort of tomato relish (think an upscale ketchup) and caramelized onions.

It came with crispy, lightly salted fries and the cutest little pickles.

It was juicy and thick and hearty and I needed extra napkins and loved every minute of it.

If you come in for lunch there’s also a pretty well stocked sandwich menu, all of which come with beet crisps.

Papa's lunch.

I also know for a fact that they have some pretty delicious fish and chips, and the one time I was in real need of red meat, their classic beef burger left me satiated in the best possible way.

And while I never got around to their dessert menu, I know it boasted sticky toffee pudding and a beet and chocolate brownie a la mode. So therefore, I know it was wonderful and that I really missed out.

It may not have always been easy to find a table or a place to perch. The bathrooms may have been confusing. And there may not have been as many odd little craft brews as I like. But this was my pub.

And I really do miss it.

So please, if you ever make your way to London (more specifically, to around the Gloucester Tube stop on the Circle, District, or Picadilly lines), you must go there for a pint and a snack.

You won’t be sorry and I’ll be happy knowing that my favourite little place is still going as brilliantly as when I left it.

What do you think, eaters:

Will you tell me if you go?

What’s something you especially love about your favourite watering hole?

G’night eaters!


  1. those are hands down the cutest pickles ever. HA. Love it.

    I have a favorite pub too!!! Come to Virginia so I can take you there ;)

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