Climbing Paris

‘Ello eaters!

To say my life has been hectic these past few days would be an understatement.

I’ve flown across 6 time zones (including a nice little 2 hour stay on the tarmac — thanks for that, British Airways), partied like the college kid I forget I am, and eaten and drank more than I care to remember.

FYI — Champagne goes down easy, and so does a mini bottle of peach Smirnoff when you’re pissed at the flight attendant.

But now I’m back in the good ole US of A, recovering, and counting down the days until I’m back in my favorite ‘Boro (with a certain someone).

It feels weird. Really weird. But since I’m still digesting everything, I’ll spare you my awkward attempts at waxing poetic just yet. I’ll also spare you my waxing poetic about my relationship with Paris.

Instead, let’s talk about something real and tangible.

And what’s more “real and tangible” than the Eiffel Tower?!

Now, let’s get a couple of things straight. First, when the Eiffel Tower was built, the French hated it. They thought it was gaudy and unnecessarily tall. Which brings me to point number two — the Eiffel Tower is not that tall. It’s 312 meters tall (without the antenna). That’s roughly 80 stories.

Sure, that’s big. But it’s not that big.

And considering there are three observation levels that let you decided just how much Eiffel you want to Tour (that’s a pun because in French it’s “La Tour Eiffel”), it’s even more manageable.

So manageable, in fact, that my aunt, Mother, and I climbed it!

Now before you go envisioning my in a Spider(wo)man suit, there are stairs, so I wasn’t swinging from the side. And we didn’t climb the 1671 stairs to the top.

Instead, in just about 11 minutes we climbed the 669 steps to the second observation level.

And it would have been a lot faster, but it seems every toddler and old man decided to take the stairs that day, too. I’m just going to call it an interval workout, though.

Once the three of us got to the top, we paused briefly for pictures.



And then I continued my workout.

How's my form?

20 tricep dips on a bench next to some German tourists. 10 push-ups on the gum-stained floor.

A few more pictures followed where Mother and I advertised our exercise attire.

This epic feat was brought to you by The Sports Factory and Clemson Triathlon team.

And then we finished our workout with some reverse push-ups.

These were done in front of the restaurant window. We were watching. We didn’t much care.

This was Mother’s first time at reverse push-ups and while it took her a minute, she got it in the end.

And this is the woman who says she can’t even do a regular push-up!

So in about an hour the three of us walked the mile to and from the Tower, walked up and down, oohed and ahhed over the view, and did all of these body weight workouts.

How about that for a workout?!

And since a strenuous workout needs refueling, we then made our way over to the Jewish neighborhood, Maris, for falafel (from the restaurant that just happened to be recommended by Lenny Kravitz).

There was a sign in the window that said this was Lenny Kravitz's recommended falafel restaurant.

These baby was packed with tons of falafel balls, three kinds of slaw, tons of eggplant, hummus, and two kinds of sauce. And I ate every bite.


And this (plus plenty of packing) was my last day in Paris. I really couldn’t have asked for more.

Your turn, eaters:

Have you ever done a destination workout like this?

Do you like falafel?

Later eaters!


  1. Welcome back to the states!!!! :) Hopefully the transition isn't too bad ;)

    Those are some AWESOME Eiffel tower reverse pushups! haha

  2. I walked up the Eiffel Tower, too! It was awesome! :D


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