Super Bowl Snacks

Hiya eaters!

So who watched the Super Bowl last night?

I really wasn’t planning on it because of the time difference and I didn’t think we would get it on the TV in our flat, and thus I didn’t feel like hanging out at a cheesy sports bar all night.

But then one thing led to another and suddenly we were having a little Super Bowl party. And by one thing led to another, I really mean that my British friend Sam was talking about how we all need to go to the college union down the street to watch the game.

Of course, m’mates and I couldn’t have this poor British bloke thinking that whatever was happening at the BRITISH college union was anything like how the Super Bowl is supposed to be watched.

So we took it upon ourselves to host him. By which I mean, I cooked a lot of junk food and we taught him American drinking games.

Now I know all the other prepared bloggers have already posted about their favorite Super Bowl recipes or how to health-ify the typical junk food or adorable DIY decorations, but I’m not that prepared. So you’re getting these recipes today.

Some may say this is a day late and a dollar short, but I say everyday is a good day for snacks.

First up…

Chicken Wings

Thanks to years of constantly watching Food Network and a year and a half working in a fast food chicken restaurant, I was able to completely wing this recipe. (Oh puns.)

~2 ¼ lbs chicken wings

½ lemon, juiced*

~2 c (soy) milk*

~1 c (whole wheat) flour

1 T paprika

½ T chili powder

1 t salt

1 t pepper


~1 ½ c desired sauce

*You can use buttermilk instead of these two, but this was all I had on hand so I made my own buttermilk-type substance.

In a bowl or large Ziplock bag, mix the lemon and milk, then add the chicken. Give everything a thorough dunk. Let this sit in your fridge for a few hours, making sure to massage or move everything around occasionally to insure even marinating.

When it comes time to cook them (which will be about a half hour before it’s time to eat), preheat the oven to 400F.pre-baked chicken wings

In another bowl mix the dry ingredients. Then dredge each wing in the flour mixture before placing it on a greased baking sheet. Once all the wings are floured, bake for 25-30 minutes, until the wings are cooked through and the skin is crispy.

Once the wings come out of the oven pour your sauce (which for me was a tangy BBQ sauce to which I added lots of hot sauce) into a bowl, dunk each wing, and serve.

BBQ baked chicken wings

So saucy.

While these wings were not as crispy as the wings we always served at Zaxby’s (yes, that is were I worked in high school), they were much healthier and equally delicious.

BBQ baked chicken wings

So delicious.

Next comes…

Gentle Nutrition Guacamole

Yeah, remember my Gentle Nutrition series where I talk about painless ways to increase the nutrition of your food. Think of this as another installment.

Aren’t avocados sexy?

2 avocados, scooped

1 can chickpeas, drained

1 – ½ lemon, juiced

salt, pepper, hot sauce, and cumin, to taste

Add everything to a food processor or high powered blender and whirl away until it’s creamy.

If you, like me, enjoy a little texture in your guacamole, reserve half an avocado and pulse it in after everything else is already combined.

chickpea avocado guacamole

Sorry for the bad picture, but can guacamole ever really look unappealing?

Just so we’re clear about this recipe, I didn’t come up with it. Just like the wings, it’s something I’ve seen a handful of times around the blogosphere, but I can’t remember where all I’ve seen it so I can’t properly attribute it.

If you have this recipe on your blog (by which I mean, if you have a real, not by-the-seat-of-your-trousers version), please do feel free to leave me a comment with a link and I’ll pass it along.

In addition to these two delicacies, we also gorged ourselves on dips, chips, and (English) muffin pizzas.

Except in England, they’re just called muffins.

I know eaters, it blew my mind, too.

What about you:

What did you snack on for the Super Bowl?

Who were you rooting for?

G’night eaters!


  1. Marisa says:

    Your London Super Bowl night sounds more exciting than mine! We made nachos and ordered pizza hut. I haven't had pizza since before I left. We didn't watch the game though just wanted an excuse to eat junk food. We watched Boy Meets World instead.

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