I Am A BodyRocker!

Hiya eaters!

I’m super freaking jazzed to write this post because it’s been a month in the making.

Today’s the day when I get to talk about the BodyRock challenge!

In case you’re just now tuning in, here’s where it all started: Challenge Accepted!

So I finished the challenge on Sunday and couldn’t be happier. I honestly never thought I was the type of person to do fitness challenges, especially not “let’s jump around and do lots of weird push-ups”-type challenges, but honestly, this challenge was so awesome.

How awesome?

This awesome:

In case you can’t tell, I’m definitely as jazzed about the challenge as I was when I shot that video.

Okay, so to touch on a few points that I made in the vlog.

First, it is entirely possible to get a great workout in 12 minutes. A lot of times I would add another round to my workout (ie — if the workout was a circuit of 4 moves repeated 3 times than I’m repeat it 4 times to make 16 minutes instead of 12), but that’s just because I had time. If you actually push yourself then you can get an awesome workout in 12 minutes, plus whatever Sean throws at you.

Second, I am still shocked as shit about how my shitty shins and not good knees handled these workouts. I really thought that I would be stuck doing the beginner modifications of most of the workouts. But with the exception of the switch lunges and some squat jumps, I was able to do EVERYTHING.

I did get a lot of pain in the arches of my feet, though. This isn’t something new (shall we call them my effed up feet to keep up the alliteration?), but it was a bit of a hindrance when each interval is 50 seconds I had to sit down and stretch my feet for 15 seconds.

Third, let’s talk results. I mentioned in the video how my cardio strength jumped by leaps and bounds. And here’s further proof of that.

The first and last workout of this challenge was the fit test.

First workout

Last workout

Squat jumps



Push ups






High knees



Switch lunges



Tuck jumps



Straight abs



In just 20 workouts I was able to up my scores in everything except squat jumps (which was because of my not good knees). That’s ridiculously awesome, right?

Also ridiculously awesome are the physical results.

Before on the left. After on the right.

Once again, I remind you that these results happened after 20 workouts. And they happened without me really watching my diet.

Yes eaters, I only did half the battle by working out without cleaning up my diet. I know that diet causes like 70% of body changes. But that makes the results I saw even better.

Muscles are so sexy!

I could have gotten so much leaner and more ripped if I’d watched my diet!

And that’s why when I do the February challenge I’m going to actually watch my diet.

"Clean diet" just means food you didn't drop on the floor, right?

Yup, the BodyRock team is doing another 30 day challenge. They intended it to be for February, but I started the January challenge late and I’m going on holiday starting on Saturday, so I’ll start the challenge when I get back in March.

That last part was a super long-winded and irrelevant way of saying that I’m going to be back at it in a couple of weeks. And I can’t wait!

Excited about more muscles.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you always amp up your fitness and clean up your diet at the same time or tackle one at a time?

Are you going to do the February/March challenge with me? I definitely think you should.

Later eaters!


  1. Christine says:

    Congratulations! Awesome results. The eating/nutrition of a lean diet isn't an easy one for me. Especially with the carb loaders I have in my family. lol. But I try to do my best in the clean eating area. Best of luck on the Feb/March Challenge. Love bodyrock!

  2. zoe says:

    yay! awesome job, lady!

    i tried out bodyrock a few months ago. and by tried, i mean did one once and got too intimidated to keep trying. i have a hard time understanding the moves and the interval system (i am reaaaaally bad with numbers. i get really confused). that being said though, it was a flippin' blast! i definitely might try the challenge with you! we'll see.

    did you buy an interval timer? i downloaded one on my phone all those months ago but it was all weird and eh. again, i got really confused and frustrated.

    • Kara_Hadley says:

      I've just been using a free one on my phone. I'm cheap and I heard mixed reviews about the Gymboss, so my phone will do for now.

  3. Angie says:

    Congrats on your success. I have seen a few bodyrock workouts and they are definitely intimidating. I'm a plus size and so I can hardly do a floor push up well but maybe one day I'll try it out. I do other exercises that I'm good at (namely spinning and boxing) but the changes that come from those who do bodyrock are amazing so it's on my to do list down the road.

    I struggle with eating clean so that is where I need the most work.

    • Kara_Hadley says:

      You should check out the February challenge if you're ever looking to mix things up/impress the heck out of yourself. I haven't looked much at it, but they are doing specific beginner, intermediate, and advanced modifications, so I bet there are things you can definitely do.

  4. You look amazing! And I loved your vlog! It's fun to actually hear your voice! :)

    (And I totally want to feel like a super beast ;) haha)

  5. I think you look great in both the before AND after pics. so there.

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