Guest Post: My Friend Will Being Slightly Less Offensive

Hi eaters,

As you know, I’m currently living drinking it up in Ireland with manly friend. I’ll post about our fun times soon, but for now I have another guest post from m’dear friend Will. This time there is decidedly less gore, but I don’t know if that makes it any less offensive. 

Consider yourself warned.


The Men Who Stare At Goats:

(Boston Tea Party Edition)

Whaddya say there readers? We’re taking the blog back over from Benedict Arnold over there in Jolly Ol’ England, in the name of all things American!

We’re talking BIG trucks, BIG guns, and even BIGGER violations of PETA’s sense of decency. Well, no guns actually but we did use a big truck and boy howdy, yeah PETA would have pooped their soy-fiber pampers if they saw what we did to that little cabrito. We’re cookin’ a goat!

Why goat you might ask? Well, though it is unpopular in America and the UK, for most of the world, goat is a staple food. They are hardy, can eat any thing, can birth without assistance (unlike cattle) are small enough to be portable, and can be butchered in portions that can be consumed before any of it goes bad. They are the animal kingdom’s snack packs if you will.

Since Ms. Thomas is expanding all y’all culinary horizons with “British Cuisine” *Rim-shot!* I figured we might as well do the same, especially since goat is becoming more popular all the time in the US.

Goat’s popularity in America is increasing as many of today’s burgeoning immigrant populations from Africa, Latin America and Arabia create an increase in demand for them as a food source. It’s kind of like the increase in alcoholism and potato eating brought about by the Irish immigrants in the 1800’s. Goats are especially popular in the Middle East, and while many Muslims like goats, as evidenced by this picture, goats also really like Muslims…

Offensive? Yes. Photoshopped? Of course!

… sorry.

So any ways, we thought it’d be worth a go while Kara’s being all worldly to go ahead and try something a bit different ourselves.

And after that delightfully jingoistic and bigoted introduction… Away we go.


1967 Chevrolet K-10

Petulant ass goat

Welder and torch

You mean not everyone has one of these?

Steel Cable and Collar (goats will literally eat anything that’s not metal)

2 bags of charcoal

Speaker box with token country music

Fire pit

Organic String and a bucket of water*


*It is important to use a string made from an organic material so that if it does start to get to hot it will just burn away instead of melting onto the meat.

**Use whatever you want. Olive oil is a good base, just make the marinade a few hours before and mix well so that the flavors can ameliorate into the oil because it is going directly from the bowl onto the meat which will immediately begin cooking.


  1. Buy a goat from your friendly neighborhood goat owner
  2. Put it in the back of your Chevy (at this step you can substitute a Chevy with, well nothing, there is no substitute for a late model Chevy truck, but you could also put the goat into any other truck bed or into a sack and then into your sedan trunk. Point is, put it somewhere that it can be transported and you won’t care that it’s covered in goat shit.
  3. Put a spool of organic rope into a bucket of water to soak up all the liquid. This will be used to tie the goat to the grill, it needs to be soaked in water for as long as possible so you might as well do it first.
  4. Get home, and tie goat out in a very nice pasture and try to befriend the goat, as you aren’t a sadist and want its last hours on earth to be relaxing.
  5. Get bit, kicked and horned by Goat who apparently wants nothing to do with you, then change goat’s name from Goat to Petulant-Ass Goat.
  6. Get out the welder and torches and a good and good looking metal fabricator and have him make you a damn good South American style spit roaster to size, over your fire-pit.
  7. Start coals now, lighting a half bag full, then pouring the remainder on in half-bag increments as the last round gets fully lit.
  8. Take the goat gently and calmly lead it towards a nice grassy area with a sturdy tree branch nearby.
  9. Get kicked and screamed at and rammed by the goat
  10. Feel last glimmer of reticence towards exsanguinating the little monster drift out of your body.
  11. Once it is near the tree, take a knife and just slice forcefully across up into its TV Magic and then lets just say there was this thing and then the goat didn’t need a pulse anymore.
  12. After that tie its two front feet to the tree and sprinkle some TV Magic dust on it and there you have a nice clean, ready to cook goat.

    I told you there would be a bit of gore.

  13. Tie it to the metal spit roaster spread eagle, threading the rope through small holes you cut in the shoulder and haunch cuts. Also tie around the midsection just to support the weight.
  14. Once it’s tied on, spread the marinade all over the meat and place the whole apparatus over a nice coal bed ideally just a bit longer and wider than goat itself.
  15. Get out the beer and speakerbox because here comes the easy part: Sit around drinking, listening to music and shooting the shit for about two hours or until the bottom looks done.
  16. Flip it over until that side looks pretty cooked (about an hour).
  17. Flip to the original side for another 45 minutes.
  18. Cut off the torso at the shoulders and hips, bring the torso inside.
  19. Allow the leg meat to cook longer by putting the coal bed into two pyramidal shapes and letting the legs hang down closer to the ground getting heated on the sides.
  20. After 45 minutes, cut holes in the bottoms of them and tie a string through the bottoms and invert them.
  21. Cook for another 30-45 minutes and take them off the spit.
  22. Enjoy with just plain salt and pepper.

    "Goat, salad, and Bushmills is what's for dinner tonight." -manly friend


I’m actually pretty jealous that I missed the goat. So jealous, in fact, that I’m definitely going to try to get these men to cook another goat when I get back to the States. 

What do you think, eaters:

Have you ever or would you ever cook a whole animal?

Do you like goat?

Later eaters!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Greetings eaters!

Manly friend and I leave Belfast tomorrow to go to Limerick, so I guess it’s high time I tell you about all the Northern Ireland fun while it’s still fresh in my head.

But first, two very important lessons:

When you live in a city with more than one airport you should ALWAYS know how to get between the two, with and without a car.

If you ever have to change your flight at the very last minute, don’t assume that just changing your original flight time will be cheaper. Sometimes (especially in the case of flying throughout Europe), it might just be cheaper to scrap the original tickets and start new.

I’m not even going to explain that.

Here are the highlights:

1) We’re staying in a lovely B&B (I’m planning on doing a post about the places we’re staying so I’ll save picture for then), so on Sunday morning we were served this gorgeous breakfast.

There were breads and jams (some homemade).

I had my first ever homemade yogurt experience (it was awesome!) with homemade granola and fruit (which got added to my museli).Sleepy Cedars B&B; Belfast, Northern Ireland

Manly friend had a pot of tea that he’s still raving about and I had some pretty delicious French press coffee.Sleepy Cedars B&B; Belfast, Northern Ireland

The company wasn’t half bed either.

2) You can see a lot of a city after four hours of walking.

St. Albert's clock. Belfast, Northern Ireland

St. Albert's clock.

That’s what we did on Sunday.

Thanksgiving statue. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Thanksgiving statue.

In the middle of walking, we checked out the St. George’s market, which was nice, but didn’t live up to the hype.

St. George's market, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Local mussels at the market.

3) Also on Sunday we learned that just about everything closes, except “Chinese & European take-away,” which was our dinner.

4) While I’m not really one for tours (especially when the guide holds up a giant flower or umbrella or something else for you to follow when you get lost), in Belfast they have black taxi tours. So you ride around in a taxi for an hour while a tour guide tells you about The Troubles (how the violence between Protestants and Catholics is generally referred to). Manly friend and I were both super jazzed about this idea.

And oh boy oh berto! Our tour guide was a little crazy. I so wish I had gotten a picture of him because his hair was glorious!

It was a mullet and the top half was spiked up. Really, though, words don’t describe it.

And beyond just the ah-maze-ing hair, he had some of the best one liners I’ve ever heard. My favorites include:

  • “I’m so mad I might just have to go home and have sex with the wife. And she might just thank you for that.” This was in reference to him finding out that I was from the state Georgia, not the country.
  • “The smell of Cinnabon is like Viagra. You know what I mean, dontcha Leon?”
  • “Don’t ever let anyone talk down about America, because without you we would all be speaking German right now.”
  • “Oh boy, I love Subway. I would change my name to Subway. Well, I already changed my name to Walmart. I love Walmart. It’s the only store in the world where you have to drive a golf buggy around the store.”

It was pretty great.

On a more serious note, though, the stuff he showed us was incredible.

gate; belfast, northern ireland

There are still walls between the Protestant and Catholic villages, which get locked by British soldiers every night at 6.

peace wall; belfast, northern ireland

The longest wall in Belfast.

The next time the walls are even up for consideration is 2028.

wall, belfast, ireland

It extends further than you can see in both directions.

The IRA and Sinn Fein (the IRA’s political party) still hold press conferences in front of this mural of Bobby Sands, who was the first Irish prisoner to die in the hunger strike over their refusal to wear British prison uniforms.

Bobby sands mural; belfast, northern ireland

All those little white circles are from bullet holes.

In one Protestant neighborhood, people still leave flowers at the mural of this one soldier who killed 12 innocent Catholics. But it was okay, because Catholics aren’t people.Protestant mural, belfast, northern ireland

And possibly the most amazing thing was that all of these murals and walls and gates are right in the middle of neighborhoods. People pass them everyday and get reminded of all of this violence.

protestant mural, belfast, northern ireland

Notice the two little girls coming home from school.

5) Once the tour ended we hit up one of the most famous pubs in Belfast — the Crown Saloon.

They claim to serve the perfect pint of Guinness, so of course manly friend and I had to try it.

I don’t know if it was perfect, but it was pretty damn delicious, as were my smoked haddock fishcakes.

Smoked haddock fishcakes with boiled potatoes and mixed greens.

I’d never had haddock before, but I wasn’t feeling the usual fish and chips so this was a welcome change.

Manly friend’s beef and Guinness pie was also pretty delicious.beef and guinness pie, crown saloon, belfast, northern ireland

I mean, anytime there’s that much flaky puff pastry above slow-cooked meat, it’s going to be good.

And while I’m not usually a restaurant dessert person (and because I really didn’t need to eat anymore), the sticky toffee pudding was calling to me.sticky toffee pudding, crown saloon, belfast, northern ireland

It was manly friend’s first experience and I think I have made a lover out of him.

Alright, I think I’ve babbled long enough. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of murals and manly friend as much as I have.


Well thanks for reading anyway.

Your turn, eaters:

Are you interested in the history of the places you visit?

What’s the one thing you always have to order when you see it on a menu?

Later eaters!

Gentle Nutrition: Salads

Hiya eaters!

You’ll be happy to know (will you actually be happy to know this? I shouldn’t assume you care.) that manly friend arrived safe and sound on Saturday. After a quick kiss, we ran across the airport to make our flight to Belfast.

Yup, we’re in Belfast right now. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow. Right now I’m here to talk about salads.

But not just any salads. Gentle nutrition-type salads.

Salads are (usually) really healthy. And healthy people like to eat salads, right?


I’ve never been a salad person. Sometimes I try to convince myself that I like salads, but that’s usually short lived. When I do try to convince myself that I like salads it’s because they’re full of kale and spinach and raw vegetables and healthy fats and vegetable protein and all the other things that I know I should eat more of because they’re healthy.

And then I get really sick of gnawing on grass and end up eating too much of the bread and schmear that I usually eat with a salad.

So for the past handful of months I’ve given up trying to get myself to eat salads. And that means that for a few months I haven’t really eaten any salads. Maybe the occasional side salad or mixed green garnish, but nothing note worthy. And also, nothing that I actually liked.

Until Valentine’s Day when I ordered a salad purely to fill me up so I didn’t gorge on pasta.

And ya know what, eaters?

I liked it. Like, I really liked it. It was the most amazing thing.

A couple of days later I got another craving for a salad. Originally, I planned on just hitting up the Whole Foods salad bar. But the thought of my usual spinach base made me gag. But not wanting to let me once-in-a-blue moon salad craving go to waste, I did what any slightly lazy and not too terribly frugal ‘Baby would do:

Box o'toppings.

I filled up a box of salad toppings.

And then I bought the one type of green that I was really craving — red oak lettuce.

A beautiful vegetable vortex.

Something about the slightly curly, tender leaves sounded so appealing.

I topped it all with a squirt of Bragg’s amino acids, a drizzle of olive oil, and plenty of pepper. And then I, once again, actually really enjoyed a salad.

All shook up.

It’s like suddenly salads are reborn for me. I’ve had this ridiculous d’oh realization that every salad doesn’t have to be the healthiest salad in the world. Every salad doesn’t have to only have the darkest greens and the most colorful vegetables and the leanest form of plant protein.

As long as a salad has vegetables and not too many crumbled potato chips (or whatever else weird thing people are putting in salads now), it’s healthier than not eating a salad.

So when I was grocery shopping last week I actually put lettuce (not just kale to eat with my eggs) and salad veg (not just vegetables to cook into recipes) on my list.

Aren't vegetables pretty?

And when I got home from the grocery store, rather than lament how late it was and how I didn’t have the energy to cook so I should just go out to dinner, I made a salad.

A beautiful salad with red oak lettuce — even though it’s not the healthiest — and red peppers and steamed broccoli — because I’m done trying to force myself to like raw broccoli — and a handful of pre-fab cole slaw mix — because I really didn’t need a whole cabbage — and a fried egg — because it was easier than tofu.

And I topped it with a squirt of Bragg’s amino acids and a drizzle of olive oil and plenty of pepper— because I’m too cheap to buy real salad dressing.

It may not have been the healthiest salad in the world, but it was way healthier than not eating a salad. And for once, I actually enjoyed a salad.

What about you, eaters:

Do you ever eat things you don’t really like because they’re healthy?

Do you eat salads regularly?

Later eaters!

My 5 Favorite Push Ups

‘Ello eaters!

It is a bright, sunny day and I couldn’t be happier. I’m almost done with my international trade paper, I get to see manly friend in two days, and I just ate a whole bunch of produce. So really, I’m feeling pretty grand.

Let’s keep this lovely feeling going by talking about something good.

And by good, I mean fun.

And by fun, I mean empowering.

What am I talking about, you ask?

This is my intense face.


Oh yes, today we’re going to get our beast on and bust out my 5 favorite push-ups.

This is my intense face from a different angle.

And yes eaters, it is entirely possible to have favorite push-ups. I mean, when you have one move that’s so customizable and works so many different parts of your body and requires no equipment, how can it not be your favorite?


One leg push-up.

This is such an easy variation that just takes your push-up to the next notch by causing you to engage your core and butt a little bit more.

Just be sure to keep yourself parallel to the floor.

Reptile push-up.reptile pushup

This is a fun one that I got from BodyRock. As you go down, bring your knee out to the side toward your elbow.

If this doesn’t sound hard enough as is, you also have to make sure to keep your body parallel to the floor. That’s kind of the trick with all push-ups.

Crossover push-up.

cross over push up

No excuses, eaters.

This one may require a bit of “equipment,” but really, all I used were a couple of books so don’t try to use that as an excuse.

Your legs are going to be wide in this one, about a foot or two apart. Line up the books (or actual equipment, if you’re fancy) with the middle of your legs and then pivot on your toes to put one hand on the stack.

Do a push-up and the without dropping your knees, switch the hand that’s on the stack.

Do another push-up. And then switch back to the other hand.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Leg jump star push-up.

Note the hand position.

These are also known as diamond push-ups. Whatever you call them they’re certainly harder than a regular push-up. Don’t let that deter you, though, because they’re also a lot more fun when you get your lower body involved.

Start with your thumbs and pointer fingers together in a diamond shape and your feet together. Jump your feet out about a foot or two and go down into a push-up.

Come up and jump your feet back together and then back out again.

This just adds a little glute and ab work on top of the killer arm and shoulder work you’re already getting.

Pike push-up.

Okay, so this one requires a bit of equipment, too. And by equipment, I mean a long room or hallway.

I know eaters, I’m so demanding.

pike pushup

Walk your hands out.

Start by standing up and touching your toes. Walk your hands out until you’re in a plank and then do a push-up.

Walk your feet up to your hands and then start again.

Walk your feet back in.

See eaters, I told you push-ups were fun.

And if you do 10 or so of each kind with a few (by which I mean 100) high knees thrown in between, then you’ve got yourself a killer workout.

I know because I did it. And I was plenty sweaty afterward.

Let me know WHEN you do these push-ups. And then thank me the next day when your arms and shoulders are so brilliantly sore.

Your turn, eaters:

Do you like push-ups?

What’s your favorite no-equipment workout?

Later nights. 

WIAW: The Intern

‘Ello eaters!

I’m happy to report that my computer seems to be in fine working order. I turned it on this morning and while there are a couple of weird things, everything else is fine.

I still have an Apple Genius bar appointment for tomorrow, so I’m not declaring it a miracle yet.

Getting a whole new computer and transferring everything would have been a huge hassle.

Anyway, now that things are back on track it’s time to talk about all the awesomeness that was yesterday…in the form of WIAW.

Ready… Set…


Fried eggs and sauteed kale on seedy spelt toast with spicy mustard and hot sauce.

I would just completely skip even taking pictures of my breakfast anymore because it’s been pretty much the same thing for at least six months, but 1) I love morning light, and 2) I added a schmear of spicy mustard to the toast and it really took my same old eggs to a new and delicious level.

And then this happened.

My laptop, post-spill, drying in rice.

Believe me when I say I was freaking the eff out. And it took me more than a few minutes of pacing before I was able to breathe normally. But once I could breathe normally, it was time to get fancy.

All from Anthropologie. All on super freaking sale.

I put on makeup, which I never do unless I’m going out at night. I put on heels, another thing I never do. I put on a ring to cover my finger tattoo, which I never really intentionally do.

What tattoo?

(Sorry mom, I forgot to take off my ratty nail polish. I know you’re probably cringing right now.)

And I got to put on my interview outfit, which I’ve had since December.

Game face.

It was game time.

After a quick little interview I was told that my first day of work as…drum roll…a marketing intern for Hale & Hearty, an organic, gluten-free food company (wheeee!!!!!) would be the Wednesday after break.

Consider this my signing bonus.

Let me repeat that: I will be a marketing intern for an organic, gluten-free food company. Based on my interview today, in addition to basic administrative stuff, I think I’m going to be working a good bit with blogging for the company, working with local bloggers, and social media.

Do I even need to say how absolutely freaking jazzed I am?!?!

I celebrated with a delicious fresh juice from the coffee shop a few blocks away.

Super red juice: beets, carrots, red apples, and ginger.

These juices will be the downfall of my budget, but the joy of my body.


Falafel sandwich and a white chocolate, orange cookie.

Unfortunately, everything took longer than expected this morning so I had to run to meet my friend at Pret for a working lunch. We had an exam yesterday, so this sandwich and cookie were scarfed as we went over the differences between the House of Commons and the House of Lords, and debated the role of the monarchy in today’s Britain.


I spent the entire exam trying (and kind of failing) to not fall asleep. Needless to say, this grade won’t make the fridge. After that (and my stressful morning) all I wanted was a snack. And to not leave my flat in fear of possibly something else going wonky. So I ate an apple and watched TV.


I was completely uninspired about what to make for dinner until I saw something somewhere about potato pancakes. And then I was off to the races.

Eggs poached in tomato sauce with sauteed kale.

In no time flat I had whipped up a surprisingly comforting, balanced, and delicious dinner.

The worst picture ever of potato pancakes.

My completely fly by the seat of my pants potato pancakes weren’t the greatest (too much flour and egg, I think), but they still did the trick. And now I have a new recipe to work on.


A few squares of dark chocolate.

With that, eaters, I’m done for the night. I’m still more than a little on cloud 9 over my internship. I’m also on cloud 9 over the fact that I get to see manly friend on Saturday. And because by Friday at noon I’ll be done with my classes.

Yeah, I have a ton to be happy about. And I couldn’t be happier.

What about you, eaters:

What do you have to be happy about right now?

Do you have a power outfit? Tell me about it!

Later eaters!


Hi eaters!

This isn’t really a post.

I was planning on posting about my awesome internship interview and the awesome work I’m going to be doing with an awesome company. But this morning before I left something not so awesome happened.

M’mate Cate accidentally spilled coffee all over the keyboard of my laptop.

I acted quickly and within about 5 seconds I had the computer upside down and the battery out. Now it’s sitting in a roasting pan of rice.

I’m really really reaaaaaaally hopeful that tomorrow morning, after no less than 24 hours of hanging out in rice, it will magically turn on with absolutely nothing wrong with it. If not, it looks like someone is getting a new computer.

At least if I do it means I don’t actually have to buy new screen cleaner, right?


Whatever happens, though, I’ll be back tomorrow with a real post. A real post about my awesome internship.

G’night eaters!

I Am A BodyRocker!

Hiya eaters!

I’m super freaking jazzed to write this post because it’s been a month in the making.

Today’s the day when I get to talk about the BodyRock challenge!

In case you’re just now tuning in, here’s where it all started: Challenge Accepted!

So I finished the challenge on Sunday and couldn’t be happier. I honestly never thought I was the type of person to do fitness challenges, especially not “let’s jump around and do lots of weird push-ups”-type challenges, but honestly, this challenge was so awesome.

How awesome?

This awesome:

In case you can’t tell, I’m definitely as jazzed about the challenge as I was when I shot that video.

Okay, so to touch on a few points that I made in the vlog.

First, it is entirely possible to get a great workout in 12 minutes. A lot of times I would add another round to my workout (ie — if the workout was a circuit of 4 moves repeated 3 times than I’m repeat it 4 times to make 16 minutes instead of 12), but that’s just because I had time. If you actually push yourself then you can get an awesome workout in 12 minutes, plus whatever Sean throws at you.

Second, I am still shocked as shit about how my shitty shins and not good knees handled these workouts. I really thought that I would be stuck doing the beginner modifications of most of the workouts. But with the exception of the switch lunges and some squat jumps, I was able to do EVERYTHING.

I did get a lot of pain in the arches of my feet, though. This isn’t something new (shall we call them my effed up feet to keep up the alliteration?), but it was a bit of a hindrance when each interval is 50 seconds I had to sit down and stretch my feet for 15 seconds.

Third, let’s talk results. I mentioned in the video how my cardio strength jumped by leaps and bounds. And here’s further proof of that.

The first and last workout of this challenge was the fit test.

First workout

Last workout

Squat jumps



Push ups






High knees



Switch lunges



Tuck jumps



Straight abs



In just 20 workouts I was able to up my scores in everything except squat jumps (which was because of my not good knees). That’s ridiculously awesome, right?

Also ridiculously awesome are the physical results.

Before on the left. After on the right.

Once again, I remind you that these results happened after 20 workouts. And they happened without me really watching my diet.

Yes eaters, I only did half the battle by working out without cleaning up my diet. I know that diet causes like 70% of body changes. But that makes the results I saw even better.

Muscles are so sexy!

I could have gotten so much leaner and more ripped if I’d watched my diet!

And that’s why when I do the February challenge I’m going to actually watch my diet.

"Clean diet" just means food you didn't drop on the floor, right?

Yup, the BodyRock team is doing another 30 day challenge. They intended it to be for February, but I started the January challenge late and I’m going on holiday starting on Saturday, so I’ll start the challenge when I get back in March.

That last part was a super long-winded and irrelevant way of saying that I’m going to be back at it in a couple of weeks. And I can’t wait!

Excited about more muscles.

What do you think, eaters:

Do you always amp up your fitness and clean up your diet at the same time or tackle one at a time?

Are you going to do the February/March challenge with me? I definitely think you should.

Later eaters!

Many Markets

‘Ello eaters!

The weekend is drawing to a close. Did yours have a theme?

Lazy? Jam-packed? Traveling? Productive?

The theme of mine was undoubtedly markets. So many markets. (By “so many,” I mean two.)

I have no clue why there are lions all over the Lock Market.

It all started on Saturday when a couple ladies and I headed off to the Camden Lock Market to accomplish some goals.

Of course, the first goal was food.

The market has a ton of food stands of varying cuisines and degrees of authenticity. I let my cravings lead me straight to what was possibly the least authentic booth.

What made this so unauthentic?

I don't spy a Hispanic.

None of these people were Hispanic.

And this was by far the least authentic fajita I’ve ever had. But it was spicy and cumin-y and juicy, so I went with it.

Once we had all eaten, we ventured into the heart of the market.

I was a ‘Baby on a mission and after getting mildly lost only a couple of times I found what I was looking for.

After making my purchase, we headed off to accomplish the second goal on our list. But first, a brief pit stop for donuts.

When we were eating lunch we saw a booth selling freshly fried and topped donuts. It’s not often that you find fresh donuts, and for 6 for £2.50 you definitely can’t say no.

I think I love you, donut man.

Six donuts dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles and nuts were in our hands before we knew it. And believe me when I tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a better donut. Ever.


No really. Ever.

And then it was off to accomplish goal number two: get Cate’s nose pierced.

Doesn't she look terrified?

I don’t have an after picture, but it looks really good. And unlike back at school, not many people here have their noses pierced so it’s actually cool.

The next market came on Sunday. And of course, it was the Marylebone market.

The market felt less hopping than usual, with less vendors and patrons, but I still saw some pretty produce.

Those are the biggest Brussels stalks I've ever seen.

And some delicious food, which I never think to buy.

Free range, organic, local sausage and onion sandwich. 'Nuff said.

Oh, and then there was this car that I saw on the way home.

At first glance, does anyone else think this looks like the Nazi car from "Rat Race"?

Per usual, I ended up with a wonderful, and wonderfully cheap, haul.


Sorry for the bad lighting. It was extra sunny in my kitchen today.

Organic apples, dino kale, organic Brussels sprouts, seedy spelt bread, organic leeks, and organic red onions.

I also picked up a little treat for later.

A bite of this most delicious and fudgy brownie powered me through D5W4 of the Body Rock challenge.

Yes eaters, I finished the challenge! I’ll post a full write up tomorrow (I think), but until then I’ll leave you with this.

Your turn eaters:

What was the theme of your weekend?

Do you have any piercings/tattoos?

G’night eaters!

Bad Blood Sugar

Hiya eaters!

I’m going to skip the chitchat today because I want to get down to real talk.

Today’s real talk topic: blood sugar

If you follow my twit twats, then you may have read about some recent blood sugar issues I’ve been having. And considering I like FBB to be a place of mutual learning and whatnot, I decided it was worth a blog post.

So here’s the gist of it: For the last handful of years I’ve had issues on and off with my blood sugar getting too low. It happens at random times, but when it does I generally go from feeling fine to all of a sudden feeling really hot and sweaty and like I’m either going to pass out or throw up.

Obviously, this is less than ideal.

It is even more less than ideal because recently I’ve been having this problem after a workout. Add on top of that the fact that it takes about 15 minutes of walking, standing, riding the Tube, walking, and stairs for me to get home from the gym and this becomes far worse than less than ideal.

Twice in the last week I’ve almost passed out on the way home from the gym. And I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s causing the drastic drop in my blood sugar.

The first time this week that I crashed was after a morning workout. It was an average day of BodyRocking, for which I had fueled with ~1 c Greek yogurt with an orange, sunflower seeds, and vanilla bean paste mixed in, with some pb toast on the side.

That meal was a pretty equal balance of protein, fat, and carbs. And I ate it about an hour before I worked out.

The second time I had fueled for another average BodyRock workout with an apple, pb, a slice of seedy bread, and a couple of pieces of baked tofu.

Once again, I was pretty good about balancing carbs, fat, and protein.

So why the crash?

No effing idea!

Obviously, I took to Google and searched my little heart out. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Low blood sugar generally is anything below 70mg/dL.

Hypoglycemia (the technical term for chronic low blood sugar) is rarely found outside of people without diabetes, but when it is it’s believed to be mostly genetic. (Thanks Papa!)

A blood sugar crash can usually be reversed within ten minutes of eating something with ~15g sugar.

Hypoglycemia has similar symptoms and dangers as diabetes.

Fun times, right?


I’m still unsure as to what exactly is causing my crashes. And I absolutely HATE the idea of having to eat a sugary snack after a workout. That kind of defeats the whole calorie burn.

So now I guess I’m on another journey of trial and error. I’m not excited about it, but it’s better than running to a corner store to grab a candy bar after a workout, so I’ll do it.

What about you, eaters:

Do you ever have issues with your blood sugar, either too high or too low?

Do you have any tips on how to maintain it? Really, I’ll all ears!

G’night eaters!

WIAW: Rushin’ Like a Russian

‘Ello most lovely eaters!

While some people may have chocolate and champagne hangovers from yesterday, I am still happily love drunk.

Because I love love, I love being in love.

Oh and I love vegetables, though you still can’t totally tell from what I ate yesterday.


Seedy WFs bread, kale sauteed with Bragg's amino acids, two fried eggs, and plenty of hot sauce.

Does this count as variety? Please say yes, because this is about as much variety as I’m capable of.

And on the side I had a cup of coffee x2 (this whole me owning a coffee maker is dangerous) and vitamins x2.

I finally found soymilk that doesn't get funky in coffee. It's pretty rawesome.

M’mate Cate has been sick for a couple of weeks now. I’m starting to feel a little under the weather. At home in the states I have a whole arsenal of vitamins to take when I start feeling a little cruddy (all thanks to VG), but for some reason when packing my suitcases I decided that another pair of Toms was more important than vitamins. So I’m slamming vitamin C with rose hips like it’s cool.

FYI — Vitamins aren’t really cool, but sometimes they’re helpful.

Veg servings: 1


I didn’t know I was living in Russia, but it seems I am because I’m always rushin’.

Get it? Get it? Yeah, Cate and I aren’t funny.

What I’m trying to say is that I was too rushed to take a picture of my vegetable soup, seedy bread from WFs, and an apple.

Veg servings: 2


PB, seedy WFs bread, and a spoon.

Speed walking to class, running up to the fourth floor, and speed walking home worked up an appetite. Or maybe my lunch was just lacking satiating fats.

Either way, this was necessary.


Cate and I decided to get all fancy and go out for dinner. We ended up in a little Italian restaurant in Camden. And when in RomeCamden drink lots of wine, right?

There's only two sizes of wine here — small and large.

Knowing that pasta was on the agenda, I decided to start my meal off on the right foot.

A simple salad with greens, fennel, bell pepper, cucumbers, and artichokes.

And then followed it up with a giant plate of pasta.

This wasn’t the best parpadelle I’ve ever had (it wasn’t made that day), but the sauce-y, vegetable-y parts were so freaking delicious that it totally made up for day-old pasta.

Parppadelle with broccoli, tomatoes, anchovies, and buttery bread crumbs.

And it just so happens that the restaurant was pretty well known in the neighborhood for having extraordinary gelato, so of course Cate and I had to be all romantic and split a couple of scoops.

Pistachio and tiramisu gelato.

Veg servings: 2 ½

The day ended with some really wonderful Skype time with my everyday Valentine, manly friend, and a couple of bites of cheese. And it couldn’t have been better.

Oh, and my veg servings for the day came out to about 5 1/2, which isn’t half bad for me.

Your turn:

When going out for Italian do you order pasta or something meaty?

What are your go-to gelato/ice cream/fro yo/sorbet flavors?

Later eaters!