Teach Me How to WF

Hiya eaters!

It’s been another wonderful day in lovely London, even though I had three hours of international trade class and missed Body Pump.

Yup eaters, not even that can spoil my city fun.

But enough chit chat. Let’s get down to business.

Did you know that I’ve never lived in a town with a WFs? Actually, I’ve never lived in a town with any of my favorite stores (TJs, Urban Outfitters, H&M, etc), but those are neither here nor there.

So now that I do live just a Tube stop away from WFs (which I think might be the first location in the UK), I can actually shop there. For groceries.

Hello lover.

Yes eaters, this is big. No longer do I have to beg my friends so stop into WFs so that I can run through, grabbing anything that looks interesting plus a salad, in all under 15 minutes. Now I can slowly peruse the aisles, looking at prices and comparing nutritional info.

Have I mentioned that this is big?

Since WFs is now going to be a regular occurrence rather than a special occasion, I need to learn how to shop WFs right!

By right, I mean I need to learn how to get good deals on high quality food. I need to learn how to splurge wisely. I need to learn how to feed a family flat of four on mostly WFs (because I hate going to multiple grocery stores) without really breaking the bank.

Because frankly, when it comes to comparison shopping between multiple stores I pretty much fail.

So, I know about bulk bins. I love bulk bins. I would get almost anything out of a bulk bin if I had the option.

Heck, each of these spices from the bulk section were 80pence (about $1.20) each.

I know about taking their classes, because you often end up with a meal (or a buzz) for very cheap, plus whatever knowledge you gain.

But that’s about it.

So, wise wonderful eaters, teach me your intelligent WFs shopping ways.

Thanks eaters!


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