Sunday Morning

Hellooooo eaters!

How the heck are you doing?

Because I’m doing oh so freaking wonderful! I’ve had a wonderful weekend, and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Well, I’m going to tell you all about my Sunday morning, because it was oh so freaking lovely.

I woke up not too terribly bright and early this morning and spent a little bit of time drinking water and browsing the interwebs.

Once I was well hydrated, I met up with m’lovely lady friend, Cate, and headed out to Marylebone Market. From what I’ve heard this is supposed to be one of the best farm markets in the city. And it’s open on Sundays, unlike the market that’s in my neighborhood.

This was a small-ish market, with the usual assortment of fruits and vegetables.

All organic.

And some things I haven’t seen, like purple sprouting broccoli.

Has anyone tried this? What does it taste like?

And organic farm-raised mushrooms.

There were plenty of cheese stands with all assortments of cheese.

Of course, Cate and I took full advantage of samples. Because when something is voted the best in Britain you don’t turn down a taste.

Oh, and there was bread.

I heart crusty bread.

So much glorious, crusty bread. You know the bread that has the perfect, beautiful almost hallow-sounding thump when you tap the bottom?

Yeah, there was nothing but that kind of bread.

Once Cate and I filled our bags we decided to fill our bellies at a cute little pastry shop.

First up was a couple of cappuccinos.

Since I’m not a huge fan of Americanos and plain filter coffee is rather hard to come by, I’ve been drinking cappuccinos.

My life is so hard.

With our coffee, we also split a couple of pastries.

Ya know all those scones we eat in the States? They're nothing compared to this.

A traditional fruit scone, which was warmed and then spread with a bit of butter and a schmear of raspberry jam.

And an apricot Danish.

I heart anything with apricot filling.

Both of these delicious delicacies were devoured in minutes. Because shopping gives me a fever and the only prescription is…pastry.

After breakfast (and a few rides on the Tube in the wrong direction) Cate and I eventually got home to our flat with our haul.


Organic free range pork belly, organic cauliflower, organic Brussels sprouts, handmade sage pesto, organic free range orange, apricot, and duck sausages, organic whole wheat crusty bread, organic pears, and handmade organic mild goat cheese with ginger.

All for less than £ 24

Yeah, the Marylebone market is fan-freaking-tastic.

I AM in love with food. Are you?

Your turn:

Did you hit up a local market this weekend?

Do you like to try specialty items — like fancy cheese and sausage — or do you like it make it fancy yourself?

Later eaters!


  1. Capps and the market — uhhhh I want to be in England. MORE PICTURES OF BRITISH PEOPLE // STUFF! <3

  2. I think samples are my favorite part of farmers markets ;) haha

    So many delicious foods!!! Oh my gosh! And I totally need to try purple broccoli

  3. VG... says:

    Purple/Blue fruits and veggies are incredibly healthy…phenomenal ORAC value…


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