A Weekend Without a Camera

Hi eaters!

So I abandoned you last night. I realize this. I actually realized this right as I was heading out for some fun times last night.

And I was going to post after I got home, but I was tired and I didn’t have my camera.

Actually, not having my camera means you won’t see a lot of my weekend.

Like, you won’t get to see the delicious dinner of mussels in a white wine butter sauce over linguine that manly friend made me for dinner last night.

It was my first time eating mussels. Verdict: I think I still have sand in my teeth.

You won’t get to see the lovely walk manly friend and I took on the back trails of my favorite park.

You won’t get to see my seriously rawesome Cosby sweater that I wore to my friends and my going away/birthday party on Saturday. You also won’t get to see how I could fit my entire body into it.

You won’t get to see any shots from the show I went to last night, where my friend’s band was playing. That means you won’t get to see the hardcore kids doing ballet-style spin kicks (seriously, when did hardcore kids stop two-stepping and start spinning?) and the faux fight that almost took place in the parking lot.

But, I did have my camera for Friday night, so I’ll show you that.

Manly friend and I went out for dinner as Kiosco, a Mexican restaurant on Spring Garden St (for any of you cool Triad/Greensboro eaters who want to check it out).

I wanted to try Kiosco for a hot minute because it looked significantly better then Mexico Restaurant, which is where we normally get Mexican food.

Yes eaters, a Mexican restaurant called Mexico Restaurant. The creative flare is not lost on me.

Overall, Kiosco lived up to my expectation of being better then what I was used to.

Granted, the chips and salsa were bland.

And the service wasn’t too hot either. There were too many people who’s sole job was to either refill water or refill chips and salsa, and they kept pushing a bus boy/garbage cart through the dinning room.

But the food was delicious!

Chunks of beef prepared in red chile sauce.

I ordered Chile Colorado and swapped the refried beans for black beans.

For days I’d had a serious craving for red meat and this satisfied it.

The intersection of awesomeness.

And the Colorado sauce on the rice was super tasty. The beans were so-so, but I didn’t mind.

M’handsome date ordered Bistec a la Mexicana.

It was a steak covered in sizzling peppers and onions. But this wasn’t fajitas by any stretch.

A sizzling skillet of beef steak cooked with banana peppers, green peppers and onions.

It was down right ah-maze-ing!

Granted, I only ate the peppers and onions, but it was still pretty fantastic.

In the future, though, I think we’ll order take-out from Kiosco rather then being pestered about our not quite full water glasses.

So that’s all I’ve got for you.

Yes eaters, I realize this was probably a let down. But considered I forgot at least a dozen times that today was Monday, I think I’m doing pretty good.

Your turn:

What did you do this weekend?

Did you eat anything noteworthy?

G’night eaters!

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