Happy happy!

Hi eaters!

I know I’ve been an absentee ‘Baby for the last few days. But I was soaking up every single minute of time with Papa and Co while they were in town (and Papa doesn’t have internet at his house so blogging is extra time consuming).

I’m actually going to be soaking up every single minute that I can with everyone for the next couple of days because on Wednesday I leave for London.

Yes, in only 5 days I’ll be on a jet plane heading over the pond.

So while I know I haven’t talked about New Years resolutions (hint — I might not), and I know I haven’t done a year in review/favorite posts post (hint — I almost definitely won’t), and I know I’ve barely told you a damn think about my semester in London and what that’ll mean as far as blogging goes (hint — I have no fucking clue what it means), I’m not going to start tonight.

Instead, I’m going to drink a few glasses of champagne and hit the town with manly friend.

Happy happy!

So eaters, I wish you the happiest, most memorable (and safest!) NYE, and I’ll catch you in 2012.

WIAW: Whirlwind

‘Ello eaters!

It’s been a whirlwind day back in the Dirty Dirty. That, combined with the long day of traveling I had yesterday and my first day back in the gym, and I’m a little more than exhausted.

So today’s WIAW post is going to be word-lite. Hopefully you won’t mind too terribly much.


Vanilla yogurt with blueberries and slivered almonds, and banana walnut millet toast with pb.

Doesn’t that look like some kind of “complete, balanced breakfast” commercial?


Quinoa salad with mineral water.

I was at the airport so pickings were slim. And while at first I was pretty jazzed about finding quinoa, that excitement quickly wore half.

This quinoa was sub-par, and for some reason half way through even the smell of it made me gag.

Other smells/sights that have made me gag recently: cheese, soft pretzels, hummus.

I don’t know why I’ve been feeling queasy lately (my guess is because my diet has been heavily processed), but it’s pretty uncool.

I want to eat cheese.


Greens+ Chocolate Energy Bar

I didn’t take a picture because I ate this on the plane and didn’t have the leg room to whip out my big camera. But you should know that the inside was bright green.

You know that green powder that some people choke down while talking about how it’s got every vegetable known to man in it? Yeah, this bar has all those vegetables and is covered in chocolate.

Boom. Win. Done.


Swiss Colony petitfours.

Once Mother, Brother, and I got home we all needed a little pick-me-up.

Enter: petitfours. These really can’t be beat.


Crab cakes with spaghetti squash and steamed vegetables.

Papa and Co decided to order out for dinner. I certainly wasn’t complaining, especially when I saw the two servings of vegetables.

Give me produce, please!

Prosecco and mineral water.

Oh, and give me prosecco, too.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you, eaters. I don’t even have any questions for you because the only thing I can think to ask is about the best thing you ate today. And everyone else is probably asking that, too. So I’m just going to say…

G’night eaters!

City Experiences

Hiya eaters!

Is it safe to assume that all of you are back at work today?

Gahh, that must be a bummer. I would like to stay a student forever so I can always have the week between Christmas and New Years off.

Right now I’m on my way back to the Dirty Dirty after a week of NY-bliss.

So in light of leaving the big city behind, I think it’s high time I showed you what I did when I went into the city.

On Friday night, Mother, my aunt, and I ventured in for what promised to be a memorable evening. And believe me, it certainly did not disappoint.

We started the night at The Half King (W 23rd St and 10th Ave), where my aunt’s friend, Greg, is a partial owner and chef.

As soon as we walked in, I knew I would like this place. I absolutely heart with all my heart old oak tables and leather couches, so I was beyond excited.

And then…duh duh duh…I looked at the menu.

The first thing that caught my eye was their diverse beer list. So I started off with a Six Points Sweet Action.


This baby was drinkable, but not like whatever that crappy domestic is. No, this had flavor with a moderate amount of bitterness, but it finished clean.

For an appetizer we all split the Spicy Calamari Salad.

I’m a huge calamari fan and this did not disappoint.

Spicy calamari salad

Flash cooked and marinated with mango, chilis, cucumber, cilantro and key lime.

The calamari was chewy, but not in the gross, rubbery way. And by marinating it with chilies rather than actually putting them in the dish, there was a gradual heat that lingered slightly, but nothing outrageous or overpowering.

I should have saved a couple of bites as a palette cleanser for after…

Apricot Chipotle Roasted Chicken on a Cheddar Maple Waffle.

Murray's all natural chicken roasted with apricot and chipotle, served with sauteed bok choy over a malted maple cheddar waffle.

O’m’gahh! O’m’gahh! O’m’gahh!

That baby was out of this world! The chicken was crazy moist and tender. The apricot and chipotle glaze wasn’t too sickly sweet or sticky and the chipotle played oh so well off of the charred bits of the chicken.

And the waffle…oh the waffle. It had the slightly coarse, crisp texture of a cornmeal waffle, but I don’t think it was. I couldn’t really detect much or any maple or cheddar over the flavors of everything else, but I have a feeling I would have noticed a lacking if it had just been a plain waffle.

Does that make any sense?

Bottom line — this was out of this world!

After dinner, the three of us plus Greg ventured down the block to the real reason for the outing — Sleep No More.

This is a play that’s been getting rave reviews (all the waiters at The Half King kept talking about it) so, of course, we had to see it.

And after experiencing it I have to say…definitely go see it if you get the chance, but don’t go in with expectations.

Ya see eaters, Sleep No More isn’t a regular play. You don’t sit down and watch people on a stage. It’s a four-story “hotel” where you get to walk freely and explore whatever and however you like. There are actors and scenes and a storyline (it’s loosely based off Macbeth), but what you see and the order you see it is all chance.

The four of us split up and none of us saw all the same things.

Oh, and did I mention that everyone has to wear a mask and there’s absolutely no talking, not even from the actors?

Yeah, it’s an experience. But now all of us are dying to go back to see what we missed.

So that was Friday. The next time I went into the city was Monday. Because I had a fever and the only prescription was…Peking duck.

fish market

Yes, this does count as scenery in Chinatown.

And after walking around Chinatown for a bit and enjoying the scenery, we were more than ready for lunch.

We went to the Peking Duck House (Mott St.). It’s one of the cleanest restaurants in Chinatown. And while there might not be many Chinese people eating there (which, as you know, is the mark of a good Chinese restaurant), we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

And if you’ve never had Peking duck before, you absolutely need to because…it’s an experience.

The waiter presents the whole cooked duck to you (head and all). Once you nod, he takes it over to the chef to be carved.

Watching the chef carve the duck is pretty cool. His knife is crazy sharp and it’s almost like he’s not even looking at the duck.

And about 5 minutes later you have a platter on delicious, crispy, juicy duck.

Mmmmpeking duck.

You then wrap these beautiful slices of duck up on a tortilla-esque pancake, top it with cucumber and scallions, then slather on some hoisen sauce.

It's like a duck taco.

It’s delicious. I ate three. I now want more.

With the duck we also split some cold peanut noodles and Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce.

Once I was full of delicious delicacies, I split off from my family and ventured off to meet…


She's just as awesomely sweet and bubbly in person as she seems on her blog. I want to hang out with her again.

We found out that both of us were going into the city yesterday so we decided to meet up. After a little running around (her family moves fast!) I found her. And then we needed coffee.

We talked blogging, external hard drives, roommates, and internships. And we got scolded by some dude with a stank face for accidentally cutting the line and a barista for sitting on a ledge.

Obviously, we’re troublemakers.

And that marks the end of my big city adventures. You deserve a medal for reading this long. But instead you get…


Are you a city person?

What did you do with your day off yesterday?

G’night eaters!

Christmas Traditions

Hiya eaters!

Did everyone have a very Happy Merry day yesterday?

I certainly did, and now you’re going to see all about it.

Christmas eve Brother and I met up with some of Papa’s side of the family for dinner. I didn’t snap any pictures, but we ate a classic, family-style Italian dinner. Everyone drank martinis (except Brother, who was driving), and I’m ever so grateful that the restaurant was loud because by round two of the martinis, our language was colorful.

After returning to Mother’s parents’ house (which is where we always stay in NY), we lazed around the living room and watched “A Christmas Story.”

It’s more than a tradition. It’s an obsession.

Other traditions include…

  • The Tour de Bethlehem.

I come from a family of cyclists so a handful of years ago we repurposed our cyclist ornaments.

I think this is a much better use of them, don’t you?

  • Big hair pictures.

Mother is the oldest of four and apparently there was a long time period where all of them were big fans of teasing and Aqua-Net.

  • Creative gifts.

When I was younger and in ceramics, people always got handmade gifts from me.

This year marked the return of Kara originals.

I absolutely love how the white and orange go together.

Tip — If you run out of gift tags (or are too cheap eco friendly to buy them), just write on the ribbon. It certainly works well enough.

  • Stupid gift-tastic pictures.

Note the pajama pants under the trench coat.

For some reason we always put on all our Christmas clothes and take pictures.

Some things definitely count as clothes, while others…ehh…not so much.

Brother in his wetsuit with a bath mat, Mother in her jegging jodhpurs.

Oh, and of course stupid poses run in the family.

My aunt modeling her jewels.

  • Feats of strength.

Festivus may be on the 23th, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating every Christmas.

Mother’s feat is always trying to get the dog to wear a ribbon.

This year mine was removing the security sensor that was accidentally left on Brother’s shirt.

The picture is blurry because I'm just so intense.

It took some plastic ripping and hammering.Security sensor

But eventually, I showed that sensor who was boss.

  • Poppers!

After dinner we always open those trinket-filled party poppers. They always have hats, which we immediately put on.

There’s also riddles and toys.

This time, some of them even had bubbles.

But considering these bubbles weren’t the most high end, there were some problems.

Now, while we do have a lot of traditions, there were a few things different this year.

  • Normally, we see Papa’s family on Christmas Eve, but this year we also saw them on Christmas.

Papa's papa.

  • We actually ate breakfast on Christmas.


Normally, we all spend the morning snacking on stullen and biscotti, but this time Gpa bellied up to the stove and made everyone eggs, while Gma dished up some fruit salad.

  • Mother’s sister, Christine, brought her new dog.

O’m’gosh! This is Coco, she’s a 4 month old pug and I love her.

She had a ball playing with the grandparents’ collie. Neither of them had a ball while we were setting off fireworks in the backyard, though.

  • Also unusual are pictures of me.

Normally, I’m quite happy to stay behind the camera, but for some reason after dinner Mother and Gpa were determined to get a good picture of me.

This one was the best. I say best because I didn’t look super blazed in it.

Why I always look high in pictures is beyond me, but it does make getting a sober-looking picture extra nice.

  • Even dinner was different this go-around.

Prosciutto-stuffed pork loin with plenty of brown sugar-free vegetables on the side.

Normally, we eat ham, brown-sugar glazed carrots, and extra-buttery green beans almandine.

Luckily, though, dessert was old favorites.

The grandparents always send each daughter a box of Swiss Colony petitefours before Christmas. They always send themselves a box so that we can get a second fix after our boxes are long gone.

Oh, and if you ever spend time with a German family around the holidays, expect to eat stullen.

Embrace it. Just because it looks like fruitcake doesn’t mean it’s only good as a doorstop.

Oh, and if you ever spend any time within a 5 mile radius of an Italian family any time of the year, expect to eat cannolis.

Embrace it, but only if they’re real. By real, I mean not filled with whipped cream.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for you. So now I’ll leave you with a picture of our tree and…


What silly traditions do you have? If you have stupid family photos, I’m going to have to ask you to pass those along to me.

What did you do differently this year?

G’night eaters!

Beggin’ For Bacon Biscuits

Greetings eaters!

I’m living it up here in NY. I don’t have much to report today because I fail at taking pictures.

I know, I’m a bad blogger.

Oh well. At least I have a recipe for you tonight.

But before this recipe, here’s a little background.

You guys know I have a dog named Rocky, right?

Jack Russell terrier

I love him so freaking much.

Well, Rocky is kind of weird. He loves carrots, but spits out beans and broccoli. He prefers to sleep with his nose buried.

And he barely eats when he’s in the kennel. This is something he’s done for as long as I can remember. So for the few days before we put him in the kennel we always give him a little extra food in hopes that he won’t come back to us looking like a neglect victim.

This year was extra important because in his old age (he’s 15.5!) he’s having trouble keeping weight on as is. So rather then just load him up on kibble, I decided to give him something special; something he would want to eat.

Something with bacon.

Beggin’ For Bacon Biscuits

Yields about 2 dozen.

½ c rolled oats

½ c crumbled cooked bacon (~5 slices)

1 T bacon fat

¾ c hot water

1 egg

1/3 c cornmeal

~1 1/2 c (whole wheat) flour

Mix the oats, bacon, and fat in a large bowl and then pour on the hot water. Stir the mixture until most of the water is absorbed and the fat is evenly distributed.


Next, whisk in the egg and cornmeal. Then begin adding the flour, about a half cup at a time, until a firm dough forms.

Scoop the dough into balls with a large tablespoon* and place each ball on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Using your fingers, flatten each ball into a biscuit shape. The biscuits won’t spread or rise in the baking, so whatever shape you press them into is the shape you’ll get.

Bake the biscuits in a 325 degree oven for about 20 minutes, until the biscuits are firm, but with a bit of give in the center.

When they are completely cool, serve.

*The size varies depending on the size of your dog’s mouth. These biscuits can get stuck to the roof of a dog’s mouth, so either make the biscuit size accordingly or break them up before giving them to your dog.

These biscuits are designed to be softer than typical dog treats so that older dogs, with their more sensitive teeth, can fully enjoy them.

But that doesn’t mean this is old people dog food.

On the contrary. With big chunks of real bacon and enough bacon fat to flavor the whole thing, this will be a biscuit that any pooch will love. (They’ll also love you if you put the leftover bacon fat on their kibble, which is what I did.)

See those real bacon bits?

And, you can feel good because unlike store-bought dog treats — which are often made with byproducts, “artificial flavors,” and pig skin — these are made with real, whole foods.

Because if your dog is as much a part of your family as mine is, then you know they deserve healthy food, too.

Have I mentioned how much I love this dog?

What about you, eaters:

Would you ever make your own pet treats?

And do you know what’s in the food you feed your pets?

G’night eaters! 

WIAW: I’ve Got Questions

Hi eaters!

It’s Wednesday, which is usually the day I go out to celebrate being halfway through the week. But not this week.

This week I’m in NY!

For all you new eaters, all my family is from NY so we go up every year. We stay with Mother’s parents. All the aunts come in. We visit Papa’s family. My family is a hoot and a half so it’s one of my absolute favorite times of the year.

So all my posts will be from NY until Tuesday. With that in mind:

Do you want me to post recipes and whatnot per usual?

Or do you want to see some of my NY fun times?

It’s up to you. And if you don’t tell me either way then it’ll be a bit of a well-written crap shoot.

Anywhoo, let’s get down to business, shall we?


Hot lemon water.

I had a couple of beers on Monday night, so I wanted to make sure that I avoided a hangover.


2 eggs scrambled with baby kale, and topped with salsa and parmesan.

Just because I’m home did you really think my breakfast would change?

I wasn’t going to bother posting another picture of this breakfast, but I wanted to show off a bit.

Ya see that bowl?

I love that glaze change.

I made it!

This was probably one of my absolute favorite pieces of pottery from my ceramics class.

It fits perfectly in my small hands.


I took a Cain class today. We did a lot of jump ropes and ball slams. Then we ended class with a few rounds of stairs in a parking garage down the block.

The stairs weren’t bad because with the cool weather the staircase didn’t reek of piss. The jumping rope, though, kind of sucked. Lots of jumping was not good on my shins after lots of treadmill intervals on Monday.

Oh well.

1 scoop GNC Amp Performance protein with a tall iced coffee with soy, and a slice of Ezekiel bread with Crofters' jam.

Before class I drank half a protein shake. I finished the other half after class with my usual post-workout fuel.

Note — Toast with jam is now so unappealing to me. Can anyone suggest some good post-workout snacks that have a good balance of simple and complex carbs, no fat or dairy, and not much protein?

Great, thanks!


Black bean patty with salsa and parmesan with two carrots.

Yup, a random meal at its finest.

But it had everything I wanted: vegetables, protein, cheese, and minimal carbs.

I wanted to go light on the carbs because I knew that after lunch I was going to need a little dessert.

Ginger Lemon Donut x2.

Yup, these donuts are damn delicious.


Chips and salsa.

After I started dinner I needed a little something to tide me over. And chips and salsa are a staple at home.


O’m’gah! I loveloveLOVE pizza.

Mushroom, pepper, and onion pizza on homemade whole wheat crust.

This is my newest dough recipe (which I’ll post soon) and I was quite happy with it. Sure, the dough could have been a bit thinner and the sauce could have been richer, but this was still a killer pie.

I finished up my night with another little donut and a couple of Sweet Water IPAs.

It was a damn good night.

So, to review:

Do you want me to post recipes and whatnot per usual this week?

Or do you want to see some of my NY fun times?

Can anyone suggest some good post-workout snacks that have a good balance of simple and complex carbs, no fat or dairy, and not much protein?

What was the best thing you ate yesterday/today?

G’night eaters!

Little Baby Donuts

Hiya eaters!

So I’ve spent another day running around, but it was all to get ready for my trip to New York, so I’m pretty jazzed. I’m also pretty jazzed that I powered through a Cain class, despite being super sore from two days of hard works.

Luckily, a day in airports means a forced rest/active recovery day, so a break is in sight.

But you didn’t come to hear me talk about my muscle aches, so let’s get down to business.

Because for once it really and truly is…time to make the donuts!

So you know how I told you that you should go ahead and make that candied ginger from yesterday?

Well, it’s for these donuts. And trust me when I say that the candied ginger really puts these cute little babies over the top.


Ginger Donuts

Yields ~2.5 dozen mini donuts

1 c whole wheat pastry flour

¼ c sugar

1 t baking powder

1 T fresh ginger, minced*

¾ t cinnamon

3 dashes nutmeg

¼ t black pepper

pinch salt

1 egg

1/3 c milk

3 T blackstrap molasses

1 T melted butter

½ T vanilla extract

Don't be afraid to spend some quality time with your knife here.

*Be sure to really mince your ginger. This is raw ginger that won’t mellow much in cooking, so the last thing you want is to get a big spicy hunk of ginger.

Mix the dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix the wet ingredients in another bowl. Then mix the two together.

Then spoon the batter into a pastry bag, or a plastic sandwich bag and cut the tip off, and pipe the batter into your donut pan. You can spoon the batter in, too, but you tend to get big air pockets when you do that.

Bake the donuts in a 425 degree oven for 3-5 minutes.

Once the donuts have cooled enough to touch, pop them out and bake another batch.

When all the donuts are baked and cooled, it’s time to frost them.

Lemon Frosting

1 ½ T melted butter

1 T lemon juice

½ c powdered sugar

chopped candied ginger for garnish

Stir the butter, lemon, and sugar together until there are no lumps. Spread it on each donut and top with a couple of pieces of chopped candied ginger.

Hello, lovelies.

First, don’t try to tell me that these little donut babies don’t look absolutely adorable and delicious.

Second, don’t try to tell me that this is too time or labor intensive for you to make.

Making the donuts take as long as it takes your oven to preheat. The frosting takes barely longer than it takes to melt the butter.

The only possible hang up would be candying your own ginger. And if for some reason your idea of fun isn’t spending hours in the kitchen and peeling ginger until your hand hurts, then you can just buy it.

Moral of story — make these babies soon.

And if you need just one more incentive — these baked cake donuts have a texture almost exactly like fried yeast donuts.

Yup, I went there. Now get to your kitchen and start cooking.

Your turn:

Do you have a donut pan? Or do you have a donut pan on your Christmas list?

And do you prefer cute little two-bite desserts or bigger, single serving ones?

G’night eaters! 


Hello eaters!

Aren’t breaks supposed to be relaxing and lazy?

Yeah, I thought so, too. But mine has been busy. I’ve been running around since 11am. BUT, with the exception of a dentist appointment, I’ve been doing all things I like, so I really can’t complain.

And now I’m here chatting it up with you before sharing a fun little recipe, so really, break couldn’t be better so far.

Well, I could have gotten time for a nap this afternoon, but there’ll be time for that tomorrow.

But tomorrow is far away. So let’s talk about today. Or rather, let’s talk about what I made yesterday.

I realize that I haven’t posted much in the way of holiday recipes. Frankly, until I got home to the Dirty Dirty I haven’t felt much in the way of holiday spirit. But now I’m home and kicking off some holiday fun with one of my new favorite flavors — ginger!

Oh how I love ginger. Ginger chews. That ginger dressing you get a hibachi restaurants. Ginger snaps. Ginger-y oats. Ginger in stir-fry.


So yesterday I forked over the money for almost 1 ½ pounds of fresh ginger root and got to work smelling up the house.

(Believe me, Mother was thrilled.)

Candied Ginger

~2 c fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced

~4 c water

1 ¼ c sugar, plus more for coating

¼ c honey

You want to slice the ginger pretty thin, but not paper thin. Does this help?

Yeah, about that thin.

Put the ginger in a pot and add enough water to just cover it, about 2 c.

Bring the water to a boil, and then boil it for 7-8 minutes before draining off the water.

Then add 2 c water, sugar, and honey to the same pot and bring this to a boil, uncovered. After it has boiled for about 10 minutes take a piece out and bite it. You want the ginger tender and a little on the sweet side, but the exact consistency is entirely subjective.

I ended up boiling mine for about 12-14 minutes.

Once the boiling is done, drain off this liquid. I would suggest saving this liquid, though, because it’s pretty much a ginger simple syrup. And you know what you make with ginger simple syrup?

Banging holiday cocktails. But that’s a recipe for another day.

Once the ginger is drained, spread it out between some paper towels and pat it dry. Leave it to dry for a few hours before sugar-coating it. If the ginger isn’t dry enough you’ll end up with a sticky mess.

To sugar coat the ginger simply pour some sugar into a shallow dish and dredge each ginger slice in it.

Now you’re probably asking what in the hell are you going to do with about half a pound of candied ginger?

Well eaters, there’s plenty of things you can do with it.

I’m planning on giving some away as gifts. Because nothing says “I love you” like a treat that aids in digestion for after those huge holiday feasts.

But because I don’t have that many competitive eater friends, I’m also using some in a recipe.

Hint hint — You should make this because it’ll come in handy for Tuesday’s post.

Your turn:

Do you ever dabble in candy making?

How do you feel about ginger?

G’night eaters!

In the Dirty Dirty

Hi eaters!

I’m home in the Dirty Dirty (which is Georgia, for all you new eaters).

After I left you on Thursday, I went out and lived it up a little.

The night started with some champagne and girl time.

Well, Janet drinks Natty Fatties. Because she’s classy.

Once we were feeling social, we headed over to da bar, where we met up with some other people.

We laughed.

No one cried.

This is my favorite bartender. He makes good drinks.

And a guy who strongly doubts  that the Nazis could have possible rounded up 6 million Jews fast enough bought me a beer.

Don’t worry eaters, I gave the beer away.

On Friday, Mother and I were packing maniacs and had my entire life boxed up and in storage by 1pm.

Then we broke for lunch and shopping. Let me tell you, Anthropology was practically giving the clothes away.

Eventually, it was time for my last meal in the ‘Boro. Of course, I chose Natty Greene’s.

I ordered a Colonial IPA to start. Generally, I think their stronger beers lack flavor, but this one was pretty spot on.

And for dinner I ordered something I so rarely eat. Something I always see on menus, but for some reason convince myself it’s not healthy enough.

This time, though, I was all in.

Backyard burger topped with chipotle barbecue sauce, applewood smoked bacon, sauteed onions, and cheddar cheese.

It was so good. I would have liked a bit more spice from the BBQ sauce, but besides that there was nothing I was left wanting for.

I saved about a quarter of it for the pup, who was (hopefully) waiting quietly in the hotel room.

On Saturday morning we packed up bright and early to hit the road. After a handful of stops to let the pup walk around and a stop in Aiken, SC for lunch, we made it home by 5:30.

And now I’m enjoying the perks of home.

I’m taking tons of pictures of my dog.

Sometimes he tolerates it.

He's giving me the stink eye.

Most of the time he doesn’t.

I’m enjoying the smell of our gorgeous tree and the lovely decorations Mother put up.

And after a quick breakfast, I headed out to do some necessary shopping.

Let me tell you, Kroger is nothing like EF. At Kroger, organic is a foreign word, pastry flour hasn’t been invented yet, and you can get berries in December but no pomegranates or parsnips.

Oh well, I still got some good things.


Lay’s salt and pepper chips, green bell pepper, yellow onion, baby ‘bella mushrooms, blackstrap molasses, cage free grain fed eggs, Simply Orange juice, West Soy soy milk, thick-cut bacon, Fage fat free Greek yogurt, rolled oats, ginger, lemons, carrots, King Arthur whole wheat flour, and organic diced tomatoes.

Now, my house smells intoxicatingly like ginger and I love it.

And yes, that is a hint about tomorrow’s post.

What about you, eaters:

What did you do this weekend?

And do you always order what you want at a restaurant or do you compromise with yourself?

G’night eaters!

Schlepping My Way Home

Hello eaters!

Today I finished my finals. I’m done with work for this semester. It feels pretty damn great. Even greater then just finishing my semester, though, was this:

1) Yes, History of Rock and Roll is a real class. And it’s taught by a really cool ex-Rolling Stone writer.

2) I really don’t like Justin Bieber. So much so that I don’t spell his name right. And I really love the Ramones and the Clash.

But once the glow of my wordsmith abilities wore off, it was time to get down to business.

Ya see eaters, I get kicked out of my dorm tomorrow for the end of the semester, which means I have to pack everything up and move it to storage.

How much could I possibly own?

Well, here’s my room.

It's almost cute how small it is.

But that picture doesn’t do it justice. So here’s my desk…

All those drawers are full.

And here’s the area in and around my closet.

There’s also some stuff in an extra closet, a 6ft beanbag, and all my kitchenware.

Oh, and don’t forget the food.

Please don't judge the number of jams I have.

But while packing is certainly not my favorite activity, it won’t be too bad this time around. Mother is coming up to help and she’s bringing the pup.

I may or may not did buy him a treat.

Look! They're made from grass-fed beef.

And once all the packing and schlepping and stacking is done, I’ll be going home.

Home, where I can watch bad awesome Bravo reruns.

Home, where I have my own bathroom.

Home, where I will finally be able to make the pomegranate carob chip cookies that I’ve been wanting to make for weeks. (I will also probably make biscotti, work on my pizza dough recipe, try to make some seedy bread, and cover things in chocolate.)

Home, where there is a lot more Christmas spirit then $8 can buy at Target.

Home, where I can get trained by Cain. (And use my home gym to do Smith machine throws,)

Home, where I can relax and sleep and do laundry without having to go outside.

Home, where I can hang out with m’lovely friends from high school.

Yup, a shit ton of schlepping will all be worth it. But I may need one or two of these at the end.


Your turn:

What do you love most about going back to the home you grew up in?

And what recipes do you want to see from while I’m home? I’ll only have a few days to cook/bake up a storm before I’m on the road again, so hit me with your requests.

The next time I post I’ll be knee deep in home life.

Later eaters!