Good News Only

Hiya eaters!

How in the heck is it already November?

I’m in denial. So in the spirit of denial, let’s talk about yesterday when two great things happened.

First, it was Halloween.

I have known what I was going to be for Halloween since last year. I started assembling my costume on St. Patrick’s Day.

Yes, I am intense about costumes.

So finally, after a year of working and waiting I debuted as…


Apparently Chipotle was on the same produce-loving page as me because last night if you came dressed as something farm-related you got an entrée for $2.

The Chipotle employees (burrito artists?) were pretty lenient with what they considered farm-related. Ninja turtles became farm turtles. Flintstones became pumpkins.

One scoop of rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, all the salsas, guacamole, and lettuce.

But that didn’t affect the awesomeness of my burrito bowl one single bit.

See that giant mound? It's all guacamole.

And once my belly was fully of cilanto-line rice and orgasmically creamy guacamole, I headed off to my friend’s Halloween party.

There were slutty freshman. There were a few freshman. And there was a giraffe and an ostrich racer.

It was a hoot and a half.

But before I donned my broccoli suit, I had an appointment with my orthopedist.

This appointment was one that I was crazy excited for. Because I was pretty sure I would be graduating from PT.

After he read my PT progress report, felt me bend and straighten my knee a couple of times, compared the size of both my quads, and evaluated my pain using a super sophisticated pain assessment system (“On a scale of 1 to 10…”), he said I was clear to stop formal PT and continue the exercises on my own at home.

I was ecstatic!

I got even more ecstatic when he granted my other wish:

A prescription for a gym membership.

I don’t know if my insurance will actually honor this prescription, but it’s a shot. And the more active I am (to a degree and in certain ways) the better my knee feels. And a (free) gym membership would make that considerably easier.

And then my doctor told me I should spend my co-pay money on something fun, like a night out or good beer.

Yes, my doctor suggested I go buy beer instead of going to PT.

He’s pretty awesome. And so is this news!

I’m really thrilled to death about graduating, and not just because I get the roughly three hours and $40 a week that I was spending on PT appointments back.

I’m thrilled because it means I’m improving. Because it means that a problem, hopefully the problem, has been identified. And because with that knowledge I can continue to improve.

I’m not cured. My not good knee isn’t suddenly good. I’m not able to go brace-less for workouts. But I’m getting there.

And that’s still pretty damn exciting to me.

What about you:

Have you gotten any really good news lately?

Or are you expecting any soon?

I surely hope you are.

G’night eaters!

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