Beer Loving ‘Baby

‘Ello eaters!

I’m going to be honest with you: I’m a little tipsy.

BUT it’s because I care so much about you.

And rather than accumulate my stout beer tasting notes over a few days, I did it all tonight. That was entirely because I’m not on the ball, and just found out that today is #NationalStoutDay.

So rather then be a day late and a dollar short (non-shitty beer is expensive), I beasted through a few too many sips of stout. All for you.

Have I mentioned that I like you?

Because I do.

Alright, so let’s get started. (In order that I drank them.)

Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

This beer has a very dark color with a thin head. A dark wheat, buttery aroma, similar to that of the warm bread and butter you get from Outback restaurants. And the flavor is even tongued, malty with just a hint of bitterness.

Overall, though, this stout doesn’t have a strong flavor. But I liked it.

It has the good beer equivalent of “drinkability.”

Rogue Chocolate Stout

This boats a cool, slightly bitter, slightly citrusy aroma, similar to the chocolate oranges you get at Christmas. The pour is dark with a caramel-colored thin head. And the flavor is very much like chocolate milk initially that hits slightly on the back of the tongue, with rich, dark chocolate notes evenly throughout.

Not only did I love this beer, but I loveloveLOVE the bottle. I’m a sucker for good graphics.

Black Hawk Select Stout

There is a malty, almost sour aroma with slight hints of chocolate. The head, like most stouts I’ve encountered, is thin and golden (which is a bit lighter than most stouts). The flavor is even tongued with a heavy, slight back of the tongue finish, and a malty, sweet, borderline lightness on the roof of your mouth, with constant hints of coffee.

So with my tasting notes in mind, here’s my rating.

First place goes to…o’m’gosh Rouge Chocolate Stout.

This is the first chocolate stout that actually tastes like chocolate. I might be in love.

Second place goes to…Black Hawk Select.

This is manly friend’s favorite beer and I certainly see why. It’s not heavy like a meal. It’s not too sweet or bitter to make me done after one. But it has enough flavor so that I don’t forget I’m drinking good beer.

Third place goes to…(Do I even have to do the implied drumroll?)…Oatmeal.

This beer is good. I enjoyed it. But would I necessarily drink it again? Ehh, probably not.

So there you have it eaters, my take on the three stouts I could find at EF.

Hopefully, these very amateur tasting notes gives you an idea of beers you would like, and gives you the confidence to have an opinion on beer.

I have no formal training or knowledge when it comes to beer. I simply sniffed and sipped slowly and then I trusted my palette.

Doesn’t that make it seem less intimidating?

I surely do hope so.

Your turn:

Did you celebrate #NationalStoutDay?

Do you even like beer?

Please do let me know either way, because if I’m the only person reading this that likes beer I’m lay off the reviews.


G’night eaters.

PS- Today I’m thankful for m’lovely lady friend Liz, who sacrificed a few hours to sip stouts and dole out very valuable life and love advice to me tonight. I wouldn’t drink nearly as much beer or laugh nearly as much on the paper without her.

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