Not Hooked on Red Hook

Hi eaters!

This is going to be a quickly because I’m quickly losing steam. That’s not surprisingly since I did almost nothing today.

Do you ever find that the days where you are the laziest are also the ones where you’re most tired at the end of the day?

Because that’s where I am right now.

Anywhoo, let’s talk beer. Brews. Ale. Adult beverage.

As I mentioned on IPA Day, I’ve been slowly developing a taste for that carbonated and fermented beverage usually reserved for frat boys and construction workers.

Just call me Al.

And since I know a lot of people don’t know much about beer beyond Miller and Bud, I thought I would share my thoughts. Granted, I’ve read no books on the subject. Nor have I done much research.

My thoughts come from simply drinking the beer.

Because no matter what anyone else says, as long as you can taste you can have opinions about beer, wine, scotch, or whatever else is your drink of choice.

So here goes: a little rundown of Red Hook beers.

First, from lightest to darkest, the Pilsner.

Tasting notes: Watery initial taste. Bitter, not quite hoppy after taste with no strong tongue feeling anywhere. Adapts more of the watery taste as it warms.

To me, this one was a little to reminiscent of Miller ad Bud and anything else you would find on tap at a minor league baseball game. So it just wasn’t my cup of tea beer.

Second, Copper Hook

Tasting notes: Even tongued initial taste. Bright, citrusy after taste with the possibility of a hint of metallic.

They all had these funny little sayings.

For me, this would be an everyday beer. I would drink this beer if I was trying to get social. I would drink this beer if I was in the mood for beer without a specific kind of beer in mind. I probably wouldn’t choose this one on purpose, though.

Third, ESB.

Tasting notes: Mildly bright initial taste. Even tongued. Malty, complex after taste, which mellows as it warms.

I think this one was my favorite out of the bunch. This beer had flavor and body, but it wasn’t overpowering or unpleasant. It was just a solid beer.

Finally, IPA.

Tasting notes: Fully hoppy, malty initial taste. Slight back of the tongue hit. Clean after taste. Hoppiness intensifies as it warms.

This is a beginner IPA. Yes, it has the IPA flavor when you first sip it, but it doesn’t hit you hard anywhere on the tongue and it doesn’t leave a bitter, malty after taste, meaning you’ll want to drink more of it.

Overall, I wasn’t thrilled with Red Hook. For four traditionally very different types of beer, they had too many similarities.

Yes, I would certainly choose it again over almost anything in a can (I’m trying not to drink beer out of cans anymore because it leaves a weird after taste), but I probably wouldn’t buy it myself.

But if you like your beers with a bit more “drinkability,” than this might just be the brewery for you.

I hope this helps at least a wee bit next time you find yourself cluelessly scouring the beer aisle.

Your turn:

What kind of beer do you like, if you like beer?

And what beer should I try next?

G’night eaters!


  1. stephanieohdee says:

    Red Hook makes a really tasty Wit that I STRONGLY recommend (it even has notes of GINGER in it, which is my absolute favorite) but it's harder to find. I am a big fan of Stone Brewing Co. and a lot of their beers…Arrogant Bastard is great. I'm from the midwest and love Summit, Surly, and New Glarus – but you can't find these everywhere so you may have to hunt for them!

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