I’ll Meet You in the Middle

‘Ello eaters!

Another Monday is drawing to a close. How does that make you feel?

Did you get back into your daily routine of healthy eats and productivity? Or are you suffering from a weekend hangover?

I’m happy to say that I bounced back surprisingly well, considering.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about tonight. No, eaters, I want to talk about relationships.

As you longtime eaters may have noticed, manly friend is making a lot more appearances around here lately. And that’s because…well…he’s making a lot more appearances around my life.

I’m not going to give you the full rundown (because this ‘Baby certainly doesn’t kiss and tell), but I will say that I’m happy. And that I’ve never been in a relationship like this before.

Actually, I’ve never been in a romantic relationship unless you count that one in high school, which consisted of me driving him around and buying him food.

Oh you don’t think that counts?

Yeah, me either.

Anywhoo, the more manly friend pops up in my life the more I’m realizing that relationships are complicated. I don’t want to say hard, because I tend to believe that nothing you actually enjoy is hard (working out is challenging, not hard, if you ask me). And I don’t just mean romantic or personal relationships.

In this case, I’m also talking about your relationship with food and exercise.

It’s taken me quite a while to get to where I have a happy relationship with food and exercise. I’ve read a lot of things that have helped me (Intuitive Eating) and things that haven’t (Naturally Thin). And I’ve encountered quite a few roadblocks in my efforts to get in shape. But just like in my romantic relationship, I’m happy.

But here’s where things get tricky — manly friend and I are kind of complete opposites on when it comes to food and exercise.

He doesn’t exercise. I love to.

He eats meat regularly, but doesn’t eat often. I really only eat meat around him, but I eat four or five times a day.

We agree a good bit on food ethics, but he’s more willing to bend whereas I’m more willing to go without when things don’t fit into our ideals.

I could go on, but that would be boring.

Moral of the story: I’ve having to learn to adapt in my eating and exercising, along with other things.

And while this has been a wonderful challenge, I think I have learned more about manly friend and about our relationship while food shopping and cooking together than almost all the other times we’ve spent together.

With that learning comes compromise. And from that compromise came last night’s dinner.

“I’ll Meet You in the Middle” Meal

5-6 red potatoes, cut into bite-sized pieces

~3/4 T cumin

1 head broccoli, chopped

~ 1 T smoked paprika

1-2 T olive oil

6 eggs

~¼ c gouda cheese, thinly sliced/grated

salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Add the broccoli, smoked paprika, and enough oil to coat to a bowl. Toss until everything is evenly coated in that beautiful fragrant red stuff, and then spread in a single layer on half an ungreased baking sheet.

Add the potatoes, cumin, salt, pepper, and oil to the bowl, and toss to coat. Then spread those on the other half of the baking sheet.

Cooked broccoli. Half cooked potatoes.

Put the baking sheet in the oven and bake for roughly 10 minutes, until the broccoli is soft.

How did I ever go without fancy cheese?

While the broccoli is cooking, whisk the eggs together and add the cheese. Once the broccoli is ready add that, too. Pour the mixture into a 10-12” oven safe skillet and put both the skillet and the potatoes into the oven.

Allow both to cook until the eggs have set and the potatoes are fork-tender, roughly 10-15 minutes.

Serve up a big slice of frittata and a handful of roasted potatoes.

This goes best with a dark, delicious beer and hot sauce.

Sometimes he laughs at me for photographing everything.

Yes eaters, this counts as a compromise. There wasn’t any meat, but there were potatoes, beer, and cheese. And both of us were happy.

Happy, clean plates.

So now it’s your turn:

Are you good at compromising?

And do you have any relationship tips you’d like to share?

G’night eaters!


  1. actorsdiet says:

    my hubby runs a site: http://www.themansguidetolove.com chock FULL of great relationship advice!

  2. survivingcandyland says:

    I seriously love you. Relationships are a B. You see all the movies and are just like WTF relationships are not like this. Maybe that is why I'm still single? I am lazy. Nah. It's more like I'm 6'0 and it is impossible to find a guy taller than me that is single and not a stalker. Girl problems. I should write a book.

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