WIAW: A Day Early

Hi eaters.

So I’m going to cut to the chase — I’ve had a shitty day.

I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear, especially after my less than stellar post last night. I’m trying really hard to get my things together and be normal again. And I was for the first half of the day. But now I’m not.

Rather than being vague, how about I just pretend to skip a day ahead (even though I would really like to skip a lot more days than just one) and pretend it’s Wednesday.

Let’s do this thing.


I went grocery shopping yesterday and didn’t realize until I was already leaving the parking lot that I had forgotten eggs. So I swung by Harris Teeter on my way home. Of course, they didn’t have my usual eggs, but I found something that seemed similar.

While I’m not crazy about the ridiculous amount of packaging, I am crazy about this:

And they were 50 cents cheaper than my usual ones.

A clean dozen.

They cooked up just the same (am I the only one that can tell a difference in the whites of farm fresh eggs and factory eggs?), even though I majorly failed at flipping them. Luckily, I didn’t break a yolk. Until it was time.

The usual.

And it was delicious.


I’ll give you the (borderline not a) recipe for the pita sandwich tomorrow. But can you tell by the random midday beer that my day turned to shit right before this meal?

Yeah…I don’t really feel like going into it. It’s about when manly friend is going to be back in my neck of the woods. It looks like it’s going to be a good bit later than I originally expected. And I’ve been emotioning all over myself all afternoon.

Okay, I guess I did go into it.

After this lunch I ate an apple while running to class across campus in a downpour. I sat in soaking wet jeans for 75 minutes. That didn’t help.

Then I immediately came back to my humble abode and emotioned all over myself some more.

When did I turn into such a crybaby? I have no clue, but I’m not liking it one little bit.

I wasn’t feeling much for dinner. The vegetables I had planned just didn’t sounding appealing, so I made something else.


I made Katie’s pizzert. Well, I customized a pizzert per her suggestion.

I added 1 t vanilla, plenty of sprinkles and coconut to the batter. Then I topped it with plain Greek yogurt, plenty of sprinkles and coconut.

Coconuty comfort.

Of course, I didn’t wait long enough for it to cool before cutting it. So it ended up being more of pilert (pile of dessert) than a pizza, but I really didn’t care.

And I hope you don’t care too much about me skipping a day. I know you probably care about me being a Debby Downer (because I reallyreallyREALLY hope you had a much better day than I), so I’ll try to shake off my funk.

I’ll be better tomorrow. I’ve got some Teen Mom and time with one of m’loveliest lady friends on deck, which will definitely help.

G’night eaters.


  1. Shannon says:

    Mhmm, that pizzert looks so good! :)

  2. mindrunningwild says:

    I need to try that pizzart. I don't think I'd mind if it turned into a pizaster either.
    and can we talk about all the excess packaging on eggs? seriously!

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