“I Love You” Pizza

Oh eaters!

It’s Friday and I’m feeling positively glorious. Despite having a handful of down days (or maybe because of them) I’m feeling so very loved lately.

Ya see eaters, this semester has been kind of hard. And all because of one thing — manly friend isn’t here. This is the first time that I’ve been at school without him.

Did I ever mention that we met my third night of college? And that I started pursuing him immediately?

With the exception of the odd weekend when one of us was out of town, we were always together.

Coming into this year I was nervous. It almost felt like I was a freshman all over again, except that everybody else already had friends. Yes, I do have a lovely circle of friends, but it was still different. Weird.

That’s another thing — I’m not living with my friends this year.

Housing got more than a little screwy and I ended with in an apartment with three girls I didn’t know.

So not only was my main squeeze not around, but I wouldn’t be coming home to my friends everyday. At first I felt alone. Really alone.

As the weeks and weekend nights have passed, though, I realized that just because one of m’lovely ladies isn’t there for me to talk to as we fall asleep, and just because every time I fall asleep I’m by myself in a cold bed, I’m not alone.

On the contrary, I’m finding more and more people that make me not feel alone. I’m realizing just how amazing my friends and the ladies I live with are, while at the same time realizing just how independent I am.

Manly friend and I joke about gaining independence from our time apart, but I think I might really be. Now I feel independent in the way that I don’t feel dependent on anyone for my happiness, but not in the way where I feel like I’ve got no one to lean on and laugh with when the times come.

So today, after a week where I worked too hard, laughed too little, and missed manly friend too much, I decided there was nothing that I wanted to do more than spend some time in my kitchen. My very messy kitchen.

With happy, loving music blasting, I dirtied a lot of dishes and my hands and my counter and my pants making perfect pizza crust.

Except few things were perfect about it.

My not-so-Magic Bullet made a lumpy puree.

The wax paper that I kneaded my dough on ripped.

And my apartment was a little too cool for proper dough rising.

I managed, though.

I picked out the whole chickpeas and little bits of paper. And the underside of my laptop was plenty warm.

My dough is in a bowl under that towel.

So eventually, my dough rose. And I topped it with all the vegetables in my crisper that weren’t that crisp anymore. And I baked it as best as I could without a pizza stone.

In the end, sitting at my kitchen table with a glass of wine and one of m’loveliest ladies, I realized that everything turned out perfectly.

And I felt loved.

She doesn't like squash.

Now I know that even though I’m counting down the days until manly friend is here, I’m in no way alone. That’s a pretty glorious feeling, if you ask me.

And a pretty glorious face.

So eaters, this weekend go break bread with the people that make you feel not alone and know that you are loved. By them and me.

G’night eaters!


  1. Shannon says:

    Homemade pizza is the best! :)

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