A World of Perfection

‘Ello eaters!

Thank-you so much for not abandoning me after two days of being a sour bitch. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was. No need to sugar coat it.

But today I’m feeling much better.

I took charge a little last night, talked to manly friend a little today, and feel less like a crazy crybaby. It’s amazing what some encouragement and empathy from a good friend can do.

Anywhoo, enough dwelling in the past. Let’s talk about today, which was wonderful!

First, a haircut.

Aren't awkward Myspacers the best?

I didn’t do anything drastic, because I never do anything drastic with my hair. But I did just enough to make it look healthy and a wee bit flirty again.

With my new ‘do bouncing and behaving I met up with some friends for thrifting.

Frankly, I kind of hate thrifting at large stores. There are so many racks and I have so little patience that I’m almost instantly exhausted. Luckily, though, I was able to find a nice ceramic reusable coffee mug for 99 cents before my eyes glazed over.

Speaking of glaze…

On a whim I convinced my crew to help me fulfill a craving.

On West Market, near Guilford College Rd.

Have I ever told you how much I love donuts? Because I think they’re pretty much a perfect food. I won’t get into the details of my theory (oh yes, it’s a theory where I site both the Bible and Chinese myths), but just trust me that it’s nearly a fact: donuts are perfect.

And a whole world of perfect little donuts just waiting to give me a dose of their perfection?

Sign me up!

First up, Maddie ordered an old fashioned.

This was pretty fantastic.

And then somehow forgot that I have to take pictures of everyone else’s food, too.

Next, David got a plain glazed.

Better than Krispy Kreme.

And somehow I forgot to explain to him that I have a food blog, so he just thought I was creepy.

"Do I look at the camera or the donut? I'm going to look at the donut."

Next came Josh and my bag o’do.

Josh went with a big Bavarian cream.

Puffy with goodness.

Watching him sink his teeth into it was an amazing site to behold.

Big mouth Josh.

Not a drop of the golden cream fell out, which was a feat considering how much cream there was.


And now…drum roll…my donutS.

Yup, multiple. I love donuts, stay with me here, eaters.

I went with a strawberry frosted French cruller.

Isn't she gorgeous?

This was not in any way like the Dunkin’ Donuts French crullers I’ve had before. Those are cakey, where are this one was light and oh so airy with a hard outer crust.

It was like a breath of fresh air. (Though the strawberry frosting didn’t quite match. I think a simple glaze would work better).

Next, came a chocolate frosted cake donut with sprinkles.

You knew there were going to be sprinkles.

I’m a huge fan of cake donuts. And sprinkles. While this was not the most stellar cake donut I’ve ever had (I am used to Dunkin’ Donuts after all), it was nothing to kick out of bed.

Hubba hubba, I love you.

Neither of my picks disappointed me. And I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed when I go back for the jelly donut and the maple yeast donut and the cinnamon crunch donut. And maybe an old fashioned.

Mmm, I love donuts!

Where do you fall on the donut spectrum — cake, yeast, or fancy pastry? Or the often forgotten donut hole?

G’night eaters!


  1. I'm not normally a big fan of doughnuts but those look really good!!

  2. guest says:

    Luv the "do"….


  3. anna says:

    i love doughnuts too- but the unglazed unsugared ones. So basically- I like the doughnuts without the sugary toppings. Either I go for a plain old fashion doughnut or sugared doughbuts (the sugar on top isn't too overwhelmingly sweet).

  4. Coco says:

    my mouth is watering. so jelly

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