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Hi eaters! (as Ms. Kara would say).

While she is away having tons of fun with the one who is manly, I am very happy to be filling in today and sharing with all of you Food Baby Blog readers.

Isn't she pretty?

I’m Laura from Scribbles and Sass – where I share my adventures, life, fitness, and dating mishaps. I’d call them tips, but most should probably be avoided. Don’t try these at home.

I’m sorry to say there will be no recipes shared today from me. I’m not a food blogger as much as I attempt sometimes (if you want a kickass GF vegan pancake recipe click here).

After reading about Kara’s diagnosis, I was reminded about my journey for answers and rehab after a bad ankle injury last year.

I was on stage dancing, my ultimate passion, when a fellow performer knocked into me by accident and down I went. Full of adrenaline and a little rage I got up and continued (for two hours) thinking it was just a bad twist. After the show was done, I removed my tights and my ankle exploded. A balloon, right there between my calf and my foot. It resembled nothing with bone structure, but a grapefruit.

I passed up the Emergency room for sleep; it had been a long day and I was convinced with some elevation and Advil the balloon would pop. Sadly, when I woke up the next day, the only thing deflated was my optimism. My first stop was to get crutches, my second was the hospital for x-rays. “Too swollen to see much,” one tech said to me, “but I’m sure it’s not broken.” After a doctor suggested physio and acupuncture as my next step I was quick to find my healer. ..and a good brace.

Many hours of my day looked like this:

Which is really unfortunate when all you want to do is run. I was in a really good place with my fitness, I loved being back on the stage performing, and yoga and running were my yin and yang. What was I to do now? Nothing. Even walking was a chore most of the time. After about two weeks I hobbled with appreciation that I was back on two feet. My downfall was acting like nothing happened. Went to the cottage thinking I’d be able to run down the dock or get into the boat with ease. What a mistake – I realized I needed to commit time to my recovery.

And so it came, my diagnosis day: chipped cartilage, a ligament tear, a compressed bursa.

Like Kara, I also immersed myself in research. I wanted to know everything about my injury and how I could go about fixing it.

There were diagrams.

And lots of photos of recovery.

With acupuncture, physio and rehab in my life on a daily basis the ankle was coming along strong. My fitness, on the other hand, was not. I still couldn’t run since the pain was so intense. Yoga just didn’t spark the same fire in me. I had to try something new, something fun that would take me over heart and soul again.

I tried Zumba since it incorporated fun Latin music, dance and getting sweaty.

I get to take a Zumba class this fall for credit.


I tried Jukari, because who doesn’t dream of running away to join the circus?

Holy amazing!


I tried BodyPump, and BodyStep, and BodyFlow, and every other “Body” class my gym offered.

The "Bodies" are pretty intense classes.


After a while I didn’t need to consciously try anything, because I just started to DO.

Injuries are really sucky things. I still feel pain in my ankle daily, and sharp stabbing, blinding pains weekly. I still can’t really run.

I can have fun with my fitness though, and that is the best part!



Isn’t Laura freaking amazing?! I sure think so.

And I lovelovelove how committed to not only exercising, but to finding an exercise that she loved. 

Anywhoo, I’ll try to get at you tomorrow, eaters, with a post from Vermont, but I’m not sure if manly friend’s “camp” has internet, so no promises.

Later eaters!


  1. OWW oh my gosh, those pictures of your foot gave my sympathy pains! I'm sorry to hear about the injury :(

    Great guest post!! :)

  2. scribbles and sass says:

    Thanks, Liz! Loved checking out your blog. I also loooove vegetables


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