Dirty Dirty Life

Greetings from the Dirty Dirty, eaters!

I’ve been home since dinner on Friday and it feels pretty good. But as Brother has always said, “it takes the beast out of you.” The couches are comfortable, the TVs are plentiful and the kitchen always has fun things to eat and cook, so it’s easy to just want to be a bum all day. That always gets old after a few days, but for now I’m just letting it be.

And speaking of the kitchen being full of fun, Mother and I went grocery shopping yesterday. She is going out of town tomorrow and wanted me to have plenty to eat and entertain with. Well, I don’t know if she knows I’ll be doing the latter, but you get the idea. So with Mother’s money in hand, off we went to Kroger (a far inferior grocery store compared to EF).


Lot o’food.

Bag o’mini peppers, Morning Star grillers chik’n, organic cage-free eggs, Nasoya Super Hummus, zucchini, strawberries, raspberries, Santitas tortilla chips, Silk soy milk, Genesis bread, sharp cheddar cheese, tempeh, organic spinach, balsamic vinairgrette, tortillas, okra, Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat beer.

It’s interesting to me how different my shopping and eating is at home versus when I’m by myself.

First, I buy so much less organic when I’m home. Granted, Kroger has a laughable organic selection, but I didn’t even really push for getting organic when I could have. I also didn’t push to buy my beloved Ezekiel tortillas, but instead went with the brand Mother usually buys.

This is so much more food! Mother won’t be here too for long, but yet this haul is about twice as big as what I normally buy. I guess this goes to show you exactly how home “takes the beast out.”

But speaking of home and beasts, here’s some cute pictures of my pup.

I love him.

I took these after watching “Ice Loves Coco” where their dog was in a photoshoot.

He's 15 years old!

Mother said that Rocky could never be a model because he sulks whenever anyone gets near him with a camera.

He's calls this look "blue steel."

But I think he looks perfectly modelesque here, don’t you?

Okay, enough for now. I’ll get back at you eaters tomorrow with something yummy. Or something sweaty. Which would you rather have?

I’d love your input. But until then…

G’night eaters. 

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