Dichotomous Day, 2

*This was written last night, but WordPress doesn’t like me or my pictures…yet.*

Hello eaters!

It’s Tuesday, but I keep thinking it’s Wednesday. But whatever day it is, it’s been a hell of one, so let’s skip the small talk and jump right in to…

Part 1: What’s up, Doc?

This morning I had a date with my second doctor in three days. You’d think I’d be close to scoring a huge rock and a prenup-free marriage by now, but alas, I am not. I am closer to finding out what the hell is wrong with my knee, though, so I’m happy.

First, there was the obligatory “please wait for the doctor in this cold room while you sit on this crunchy butcher paper.

Not good knee.

Then a trainer came in and took some notes. Then she told me they couldn’t find ANY of my x-rays and that they would have to do new ones. I thought they should do new x-rays anyway, because my symptoms are completely different and the x-rays are a few months old. After my x-rays there was the usual staring contest with the door until the doc came in.

And when he did…oh boy oh berto, eaters! He bent and poked me like the other doctor, but he was much gentler. And after he was done, he stayed and talked for a while.

Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

Oh eaters, it gets better!

He listened to what I had to say. He agreed that the other doctor was a cad (by which I mean that he was wrong and that I almost definitely don’t have tendonitis). And he listened when I said that the pills the other doctor gave me did nothing for the pain.

Better than flowers, if you ask me.

So I came away from this date with a nice little present. AND a second date on Thursday, by which I mean an appointment for an MRI on my knee.

This doctor loves second dates MRIs. And hopefully this will clear everything up and I’ll come away a happily married diagnosed ‘Baby!

With all of that squared away for the day, let’s move on to…

Part 2: Marinate and Massage

Mmm, salads. While I’m more than certain I haven’t been getting my daily 3-5 servings of vegetables a day lately, I do still adore salads. Specifically, I adore massaged kale salads. With dino kale. And yummy toppings, like marinated mushrooms. So that’s where I’ll start.

Mmmarinated Mushrooms

1 qt baby bella mushrooms, thickly sliced

2 T brown rice vinegar

1 T soy sauce/tamari

1 T oil (I used Mongolian fire oil)

sriracha, to taste

Note — I say thickly sliced because while the mushrooms do absorb tons of the liquid, they do also shrink and there’s nothing worse than starting off with thinly sliced mushrooms and ending up with nothing more than mushy mushroom essence on your salad. Unless you like that.

Is there anything prettier than sliced mushrooms?

Once the mushrooms are sliced, add everything to a Tupperware, toss and refrigerate. The longer you let them sit the better.

I think these sat about two days.

And today, I simply massaged up some of my beloved dino kale in a bit of olive oil, salt and spicy mustard, tossed on some green bell pepper and edemame, and volia!


I really wanted the mushrooms to do the talking here. And talk they did.


Tender and tangy, these mushrooms really held their ground against everything else.

This salad was a winner, despite the fact that I didn’t have my usual salad fork.

And with that, eaters, I’m off to bed. It’s been a long day and I’m ready for a hot date with my frozen peas and some bad TV.

G’night eaters.

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