Dissecting “Diet Busting”

G’evening eaters!
I’m currently holed up at Starfucks waiting for the rain to stop so I can walk home. So instead, I’m here to talk to you. Because I’d choose talking to you over running a mile with my laptop in pouring down rain any day!
Aren’t I romantic?
Yes, I sure think I am.
But since I’m thoroughly unprepared and thus don’t have the pictures off my camera, I’m going to ramble a bit about Claire Robinson.
Not owning a TV means I rarely watch it, which I think is pretty great. Even still, I do enjoy some Food Network. So whenever I use my friends’ washing machine for free, I also watch their TV. 
I’m a pretty great friend, huh?
Anywhoo, one night not too long ago I was watching “5 Ingredient Fix” when Claire was making three “diet busting” recipes — Mudslide Milkshake, Spinach Carbonara, Churros with Chocolate
And every time Claire said “diet busting” I got angry.
Ya see eaters, the phrase “diet busting” is wrong on so many levels. Let’s start with the wording.
It uses the word “diet” to mean a system to lose weight rather than what and how you eat. And it assumes that people are/should be on a diet constantly. And then it says that if you do eat these things than you have “busted,” or broken, ruined, yadda yadda-ed, your diet.
Can you see why I was angry?
And beyond that it categorizes those foods as “bad.” Granted, bacon and milk shakes and the like shouldn’t be consumed daily, but there are a lot of foods that shouldn’t be consumed daily that aren’t bad. Not to beat a dead horse (because that’s gross when you think about it), it really is all about moderation.
Maybe since I spend far more time in this little blogosphere of ours than I do with conventional media I’m out of touch with how people really talk. But after watching Claire go on and on about how sinful these foods were and how she tries to alleviate the guilt she feels free eating them by using spinach fettuccini, I really don’t think my disconnectedness is a bad thing. I think more people should get more disconnected.
Just my two cents. And my third cent is that you’re a champ for reading this far. Really.
G’night eaters. 


  1. ugh, welcome to my life. i love being disconnected. i don't read magazines (outside of yoga journal and vegetarian times) and rarely watch tv. it's funny how when that message of guilt (or thin = pretty) is removed from your every day how little you start to think about it. cake can be enjoyed because it SHOULD be. in michael pollan's in defense of food he talked about a researcher who asked people all over the world to think of the first word that came to mind when when he said chocolate cake. american's said guilt. the french said celebration. clearly we have something backwards over here. anyway, i could go on because i am super passionate about it and love to discuss but this comment is long enough :) thanks for bringing this up! no one ever seems to want to! (maybe because i post comments like this ;) )

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