WW: Someone is Watching You

Hiya eaters!
I’m still trying my best to look on the bright side. It’s working mildly well, though I’m still having a little bit of a pity party for myself over here. So in order to cheer myself up, and to easy you smilingly over the Hump of today, here’s a FoodBaby first:

A guest post! 

Never once has someone else written to you guys. And frankly, it is a bit tough to introduce you to someone else. I’m worried you’ll like her better. I’m worried you’ll think I’m abandoning you.
Is this how parents feel on the first day of kindergarten?
Well, just like kindergarten, you know I’m not abandoning you. And you know that while it’ll be a little strange at first, you’ll quickly start having fun.
Because honestly, how could you not have fun with my favorite gingery friend Marisa?!

Remember her from my Big Apple-ventures last fall? Well, she’s here to tell you all about her job.


Greetings “eaters.”

Kara has asked me to write a guest post on her blog for you all. A sort of “celeb shot”, if you are familiar with beer pong terminology. The reason for my requested presence here is stemmed from my current job occupation. I work in our school gym. And my job description is basically to sit behind a desk and stare at people.
Easy money right? During this exhilarating time, I am the witness to quite a few amusing occurrences.
Every shift I work, there are always at least a few people that almost fall off the treadmill. I’m sure many have you have done this, and if you haven’t, you probably will at some point. And when you do, just remember that I will be laughing at you in spirit. Feel that comfort and/or humiliation. Bask in it.
For those of you that already have done this – whether you want to admit it or not – I’m sure you’re familiar with the overpowering urge to try and cover up your obvious lack of coordination. We all do it. Try and play it off as if no one else saw how ridiculously awkward we were, and consequently end up looking even MORE awkward in the attempts to smoothly get back in the rhythm of our previously interrupted running.
Whenever I’m not having a laugh at the expense of some poor treadmiller, I focus my attention towards the weight lifting area.
I don’t know if any of you have ever notice this, but whenever people lift weights in the gym, they are usually in front of a wall sized mirror. In said mirror, they tend to make a variety of faces at themselves when they are lifting weights of whatever size. Let’s call them, motivational faces. These motivational faces often represent the kinds one would make when experiencing a heavy duty bowel movement, or very aggressive intercourse.

My point of all this is to basically say, everyone looks stupid at the gym. Everyone. This is coming from someone who does nothing but stare at those people when she works. So I know what I’m talking about. And by making the point that everyone looks stupid in the gym, no matter the activity, is to emphasize that you shouldn’t let the fear of looking silly inhibit you from going. Go work out! Get healthy! I promise you, you’ll look just as stupid as everyone else, but if everyone else looks stupid, no one’s going to notice if you do too.
So there you have it, eaters, absolute proof that you will almost definitely do something to make you look like an idiot at the gym. Isn’t it comforting?
I think so. Now I won’t be afraid to try all those weird looking exercises the magazines always tell me will help me lose my baby weight, get a butt like a 10 year old boy, and increase my breast size to FF, or whatever else it is they promise will happen in just 3 set of 2.5 reps per week. 
But I won’t get to the gym until tomorrow. So until then, I sleep. 
G’night eaters.

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