Sauce, Sugar, and Spice

Howdy eaters!

Before I dive into what I’m been shoving into my mouth, I’ve got a question to ask you: How was your Valentines Day?
Are you a hopeless romantic that lives for the pink and red? Are you a little bitter on the day (much like my ‘mate)? Or do you not care?
I’m always curious about how people feel about the day and why. Does that make me a little nerdy? Intrusive?
(But to be fair, you can see all about my feelings in my Musings tab.)
Okay, enough questions. Time for real talk.
This week is crazy busy for me. Assignments keep popping up. Papers. Long readings. Tests to correct. Stories to edit.
With all of that in mind it’s easy to see that I need quick, healthy eats. You can relate, right?
So I turned to an old standby — tempeh.
Most people probably shy away from tempeh because it’s a little scary. Dark splotches. Weird smell. Funky taste. Yeah, I can see why it doesn’t seem eater friendly. But believe me it’s more than just eater friendly — it’s BUSY eater friendly! And tasty.
Look! I am worth reading.

Sugar and Spice Tempeh
1 ½ blocks tempeh (I use flax)
3 T maple syrup
3 T soy sauce
1 t minced garlic (about 2 cloves)
¾ t ground ginger
1 t sriracha
Slice tempeh into desired sizes. I prefer large and thin because it always for maximum marinate penetration and easy flipping. Heat a few cups of water in a pot to almost a simmer and put tempeh in. You want the water to cover the tempeh, but the actual amount doesn’t matter.
While tempeh is going, make the marinade by mixing everything except the oil in a Tupperware.
After the tempeh has cooked for about 10 minutes transfer the blocks to the container. Add in a tablespoon of the cooking water into the marinade, close the lid, and shake. Then toss it into the fridge and foggedaboutit.
Stop by a few hours later and flip the container over so that everything gets sauced.
Then (whenever you have time) heat a pan to medium heat, drizzle with oil, and add a few blocks in a single layer. Flip the blocks once they are brown, cook on the other side, and remove once brown. Continue this pattern until all the hunks are cooked.
Now you have a big plate of tasty tempeh. But we’re not quite done yet.
Lower the heat on the pan slightly and pour in the marinade.
Let this reduce for a few minutes and then pour over the tempeh.

Garnish with green onions if you’re feeling fancy. And volia!
Damn good tempeh.
Saucy goodness. 
Add a few blocks to a plate with some quick vegetables and you’ve got yourself a perfectly healthy, pretty balanced dinner.
Kid plate #1, with #2 below
But if you want perfect balance…
Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip, love
Follow dinner with a cookie. Because you need carbs and healthy fats, right?

And thus marks the end of a long, somewhat productive day. Catch you tomorrow, eaters. 


  1. Haha I love the kiddie plates! I use kiddie spoons all the time ;) I'm not a V-day hater, but I don't make a big deal out of it either. Me and my V-tine went to an Ethiopian Restaurant and it was delishhhh. Other than that, it was pretty chill :)

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