Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas eaters!

It’s officially the big day, the day we’ve all been waiting and stressing for. And it feels pretty good so far. 
I spent the entire day with Papa’s loud and offensive family and it was great. And now I just wrapped Mother’s gifts (in recycled newspaper) and am chilling with Brother before bed. 
So, I wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope your days are filled with food (stollen for breakfast? yes please!), fun, family, and gifts.
And if for whatever reason you don’t find what you want under the tree, I suggest you check out
It’s a eco-friendly, vegan clothing and accessory store that an eater, Melissa, just opened. And in the spirit of the season she is offering 20% to all you awesome eaters. Simply enter “vegan20″ at checkout.
And if this…
happens to land in your cart (in an XS) and then somehow find it’s way to me, well I would just consider that the greatest Christmas miracle.
G’night eaters. Celebrate well, and eat lots.

PS-Allow me a quick holiday rant: Don’t get bent out of shape about people writing “Xmas,” claiming that people are “taking the Christ out of Christmas.” X is the symbol in the Greek alphabet for “chi,” which is obviously the beginning of “Christ.” Thus writing Xian and Xmas isn’t sacrilegious, but rather historically correct. And that’s the end of the rant. 


  1. Gabriela. says:

    Merry Christmas, girl!

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