Resourceful Like a Boy Scout

Hiya eaters!

Hooray for Friday! For all of you who’ve had grueling weeks I hope today was a wonderful sigh of relief. I, though, have not had a terribly killer week, work-wise, so today isn’t as exciting as it could be, but I’m happy all the same.

You know what else I am?

Very resourceful.

What do I mean by that?

Well, why dirty a bowl when you can eat straight from the jar:

OIAJ with oats, quinoa, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla protein, banana and peaches.

Please don’t look back and figure out just how quickly I went through this jar. It’s a bit embarrassing. But this peanut butter is just so good I’m almost okay with my speedy eating. And I’m almost okay with this nutrition label.

I prefer just peanuts, though.

Why dirty a shirt for the gym when you can just wear yesterday’s?

I actually do this almost everyday. Whenever I wear a v-neck one day I’ll wear it to the gym the next. This also saves me money on workout clothes.

Why buy food when you can steal it?

I swung by the dining hall today with containers in hand to swipe a few necessities:

Steamed cauliflower with stewed okra and tomatoes (because I’m out of veggies, gasp!), soymilk, slivered almonds and raisins (for an upcoming recipe), and a pear (why not!).

I resourced my way into a pretty great lunch, too:

Leftover max-packed taco with my free pear.

Messy tacos are the best tacos.

For dessert:

Possibly the most amazing vegan chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever eater! I got this from Simple Kneads, a lovely little bakery down a lovely little alley downtown.

And then I continued my resourcefulness at dinnertime by bulking up my little scoop of cauliflower, okra and tomatoes:

Marinara sauce, a bit of constantly cooked quinoa, and the last of my white beans, with a slice of bread schmeared with hummus.

It created a very filling dinner.

And now, eaters, I’m about to resourcefully use by stainless steel water bottle to carry my vodka tonic.

What can I say, resourcefulness is important to me.

Have a good Friday, eaters.

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