Hot Mess Cocoa

As winter re-affirms its presence and I get re-acquainted with the feeling of snow in my pants, I crave a hot beverage to melt the ice that’s surely forming on my face. I also want something that will make me forget how cold it is and how numb my fingers and toes are. All my wildest winter dreams came true in the form of…

…Hot Mess Cocoa…

…a delicious blend of coffee and cocoa with enough of a kick to keep you warm well into the night.


1 package hot cocoa mix without marshmallows (I prefer the no sugar added kind)

½ serving instant coffee (I used Starbucks Via Columbia blend)

10 ounces hot water

Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum, to taste (I think I put in about 2-3 shots, or 3-4.5 ounces)

Mini marshmallows

Mix the cocoa powder and instant coffee, add hot water and stir. Once everything is blended top with as much rum was desired and some mini marshmallows.

Then enjoy. You’ve got yourself a scrumptious hot beverage that packs a hidden punch and will keep you well warmed even after the last drop is gone.

I enjoyed two yesterday.

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